12 Best Pedal Straps for Kid’s Bike

Pedal straps are one of the many accessories that help provide a nice bike ride for many people.

Some might not deem it necessary to have one. It is your choice to make. But I think it helps a lot and getting one is a better choice.

Good pedal straps help make riding easier for kids after transitioning to a pedal bike from a tricycle or balance bike.

They help the kids have their feet steady on the bike pedals and prevent them from slipping.

Does Your Kid Need Bike Pedal Straps?

The answer to this question can go both ways. It eventually depends upon your choice.

Some might think that Pedal straps are unnecessary and quite risky, but some might find them comfortable and steady.

Honestly, you have to get some practice to get used to using bike pedal straps.

In a moment of urgency, inexperienced riders, especially little kids, may get their feet tangled and may get into an accident.

So, it might be risky to get on the road with pedal straps on right off the bat.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should never try a pedal strap.

It is better to have one once you get used to the straps.

The straps keep your foot on the pedal and hold it there tightly. They prevent the feet from slipping off the pedals any potential accident during long rides and mountain rides.

Also, foot straps are a lot helpful in performing bike tricks.

Many people prefer to ride without pedal straps. But once you use them, you find them to be a staple part of your riding journey.

I, personally, feel that it is good to introduce kids to pedal straps from the start.

What to Look for in a Bike Pedal Strap?

There are different kinds of pedal straps on the market.

Also, several riders have different needs. But there are some things you cannot miss no matter what while buying pedal straps.

1. Quality of the Material

Pedal straps go through pretty rough and rigorous treatment during their lifetime.

Therefore, they must be of high quality. I mostly recommend Nylon for straps.

Nylon is a sturdy material with waterproofing. It can withstand harsh weather and lasts a very long time.

2. Easy to Install

Bike pedal straps must not have buckles or shackles. They have to be easy to install so that riders can put them on and take off within seconds.

It is a hassle to install and remove complex straps, especially for kids.

Almost all the straps on this list only take a few steps to install without any extra tool.

3. Adjustability

Adjustability is an essential feature that you cannot ignore, no matter what.

Everybody has a different foot size and shoe size. The strap should be adjustable enough to fit all sizes.

Also, kids’ foot size grows with their height. You will not want to buy a new strap every few months.

Make sure to buy an adjustable and flexible strap to accommodate your kid’s growing feet.

4. Comfort and Safety

It is essential that the pedal straps feel comfortable on your feet.

An uncomfortable fit can be disturbing and distracting during the rides. So, make sure to get a lightweight pedal strap that is easy to use.

It is safer for beginners if the pedal straps are easy to put on and take off.

The straps should be a snug fit- enough to prevent the feet from sliding off the pedals while riding. But, make sure they are not too tight, making it impossible to take off fast during an emergency.

5. Design

The design of pedal straps is also an important detail that many people pay attention to.

I see many people matching the color of their pedal straps to their bikes.

Some use colors that complement their bikes perfectly. Some people go with basic black pedal straps every time.

Everybody has a unique style. It is entirely up to you to make your bike aesthetic- whatever color or design you prefer.

You can even get similar straps to twin with your kids and go on fun rides.

12 Best Bike Pedal Straps for Kids

There are a plethora of pedal straps brands out there. It is hard to find the one most suitable for you.

If you are looking to buy quality pedal straps for your kid’s bike, you can review the following 12 best pedal straps that we find online.

Pedal Straps for Kid’s BikeHighlightsPrice
1. Outgeek Bike Pedal Strapshigh-quality, durable, best for the kids$9.98
2. fregthf 2 Pieces Bike Pedal Strapsadjustable, easy to install, powerful Velcro stick$9.99
3. Boao 3 Pair Bike Pedal Strapseasy to use, comfortable, flexible$10.49
4. Onipax Outdoor Bike Pedal Strap high-quality polyester, cool design, best for beginners$9.99
5. SBYURE Bicycle Pedal Straps double-sided adhesive, good grip, easy to useN/A
6. Sumind Universal Cycling Pedal Strapsbest for toddlers, quality and quantityN/A
7. Pomeat Bike Pedal Strapslightweight, long-lasting, comfortableN/A
8. Pure Fix Bike Pro Foot Strapbest for skidding, slowing, laid back ridingN/A
9. Fyxation Gates Pedal Straps2″ wide belt, extra-long strap, many colors$39.95
10. B bangcool Bike Pedal Strapssimple design, super wear-resistantN/A
11. Willbond Bicycle Pedal Strapsaffordable, durable, best for daily commuting$9.99
12. Origin8 Pro-Grip II Bike Pedal Strapsvelcro polyester cover, cool design, anti-slip$35.68
12 Best Bike Pedal Straps For Kids

If you need more information on the pedal straps, check out more features, methods to install them, sizes, and more below.

1. Outgeek Bike Pedal Straps

The brand Outgeek produces the best pedal straps for fixed gear bikes. They are perfect for kid’s bikes and what’s more- even adults can use them.

It fits well with bikes other than fixed gear, like BMX bikes, mountain bikes, or road bikes.

They are comfortable and easy to use so that your kid will have no problem starting on them at all. They will get used to it in no time.

The straps will help them keep their feet steady on the pedal and even learn new tricks.

They’re easy to install. You need to pull the strap through the bike’s foot treadle and stick the straps together.

They come in several vibrant colors that manage to attract the kids.

Why I recommend Outgeek Pedal Straps-

  • Easy to install
  • Made from highly durable Nylon fabric, so it lasts a long time
  • Adjustable to any size and reusable
  • Help kids while learning to ride
  • Comfortable for children with disability
  • Affordable price with premium quality
Outgeek Bike Pedal Straps For Kids

Price- $9.98

2. fregthf 2 Pieces Bike Pedal Straps

These are some of the best pedal straps.

The pedal straps are Black which, is not too flashy. I like their simple yet elegant design.

They have incredible strength and durability but are way comfortable.

These straps are compatible with all kinds of bikes but work best with fixed-gear bikes. They do not have shackles or buckles, which helps keep your child’s feet safe from abrasion between the buckles.

They are easy to install- in the same way as Outgeek bike pedal straps.

In fact, they are very similar to Outgeek’s pedal straps in many ways. So you know they are of the best quality.

Features to look forward to-

  • High-quality nylon material
  • The adjustable size that goes with any foot size
  • Easy to install and perfect fit for every bike
  • Powerful Velcro stick that keeps the straps working for a long time
  • Best for beginners and children
fregthf bike pedal straps for kids

Price- $9.99

3. Boao 3 Pairs Bike Pedal Straps

One thing I love the most about them is that they have double-layered tape.

The double layers will work even better to keep your kid’s feet securely on the pedal.

The straps come in 3 pairs in a package with three different colors- Red, Blue, and Black.

All of the colors are amazing, and the straps are pretty lightweight. With three pairs of straps, you can use them for a long time.

Like the others on the list, these bike pedal straps are a perfect fit for all kinds of bikes and help smoothly guide beginners in their riding journey.

Also, you will find them pretty easy to install too.

What I Love About Boao Pedal Straps-

  • Easy to use and comfortable
  • Adjustable to all kinds of bike pedals and foot sizes
  • Wear-resistant nylon material
  • High-quality in affordable price
  • Impressive durability and flexibility
Boao Store’s Bike Pedal Straps

Price- $10.49

4. Onipax Outdoor Bike Pedal Straps

They have some fantastic designs in pedal straps- Black straps with other color linings. They are very eye-catching and would pair well with any bike.

In the case of functioning, they will not disappoint you in any way.

Onipax Pedal Straps are long-lasting, adjustable, and very comfortable. Basically, they are the best product for their price range.

The straps are triple-layered that makes them stronger and steadier.

Therefore, they make the best straps for beginners.

Some Things to Look Forward to in Onipax Pedal Straps-

  • Unique design with cool colors
  • Best for beginners
  • High-quality polyester material
  • Ideal for all bikes and all types of shoes
Onipax Outdoor Bike Pedal Strap

Price- $9.99

5. SBYURE Double Adhesive Bike Pedal Straps

You will not have to worry about quality or comfort with SBYURE pedal straps. They are almost perfect in all essential aspects.

After all, they are one of the best ones in the game.

They have double-sided adhesive straps to wrap around your foot and pedal tightly. The strong adhesive keeps the straps taped and will not let them come off during rides.

They come in only one color- Black. The design is simple.

SBYURE recommends that the riders should tie only one strap firstly, helping beginners in their learning process.

What to Look Forward to in Sybure Pedal Straps-

  • Strong and safe due to double-sided adhesive
  • Sturdy Nylon material that gives maximum durability
  • High-quality and good grip
  • Adjustable to any bike and any foot size
  • Easy to install
SBYURE Bike Pedal Straps for Kids

6. Sumind Universal Cycling Pedal Straps

They are amazing for toddlers and, basically for kids of all ages. I had them brought for my kids some time ago, and they have been working fine since then.

Inside the package, you will get six pairs of pedal straps. All the pedal straps are Black and in good condition.

With six pairs of straps, you will have enough to last for many kids for a long time.

They recommend using one strap at first for BMX freestyle beginners for more safety and practice.

All in all, these are among the finest pedal straps out there.

Some Additional Things that I love About Sumind Straps-

  • Adjustable for all ages
  • Usable for all purposes- from daily commuting to adventures
  • 6 pieces at an affordable price
  • Great gift set for bike lovers
Sumind Bike Pedal Straps

7. Pomeat Bike Pedal Straps

The straps are lightweight and do not add any weight to the foot. They provide strong stickiness with double-sided tape and keep the feet bound to the pedal tightly.

Pomeat provides two pairs of straps in a package- one Black and one Red. The straps are good-quality Nylon material.

They are very suitable for kids’ bikes. You can use these straps first and then opt for a higher-quality one when the kids get comfortable with pedal straps.

What to Look Forward to in Pomeat Pedal Straps-

  • Suitable for all types of kid’s bikes
  • Adjustable and reusable with 18.5 inches in length
  • Wear and tear-resistant
  • Easy to install
Pomeat Bike Pedal Straps for Kids

8. Pure Fix Bike Pro Pedal Straps

The straps are just perfection down to every detail you may be concerned about.

The quality and the design are rather eye-catching. I’m sure most kids and adults will like it the same.

Like most high-quality straps, they have a Velcro closure tape for a stronger hold and better stability during rides. They come in 9 different cool colors to pick from.

The price is quite affordable for a pedal strap that lasts for years without much wear.

You can use them for commuting every day without any concern about having to change them for at least 2 to 3 years.

Why I Recommend Pure Fix Bike Pro Foot Straps-

  • Best for skidding, stopping, and slowing down the bike
  • Ideal for trick bike and laid back riding
  • Long-lasting Velcro closure
  • Affordable, durable, and adjustable
Pure Fix Bike Pro Pedal Straps

9. Fyxation Gates Bike Pedal Straps

They have a great variety of colors for the straps. You will have no problem matching them with the color of your bike. It’s just so aesthetically pleasing.

The straps are incomparable in strength and sturdiness.

You will not have to worry about them breaking off while performing bike tricks. They can withstand some very rough treatment.

They are compatible with all kinds of bikes and all ages of riders.

Fyxation boasts of great comfort on all your rides.

They are a little pricey than other straps on the list, but the quality and features make up for it big time.

Things to Look Forward to in Fyxation Pedal Straps-

  • 2″ wide Nylon belt with webbing
  • Easy to use and easy to install
  • Wide range of colors and unique design
  • Extra-long strap for more adjustment space
  • Suitable for all age group riders
Fyxation Gates Bike Pedal Straps

Price- $39.95

10. B bangcool Bike Pedal Straps

They are great pedal straps with a simple and elegant design. They provide incredible support to feet and pedals.

The straps are 22 inches long and fit all sizes of feet, from kids to adults.

You will have two pairs of straps in a package. There is only one color- Black so, they do not have much variety in terms of colors.

They are great for toddlers- 12 months and up.

The straps are pretty lightweight so, you will not feel any extra burden on your feet while riding.

Why I Love B bangcool Bike Pedal Straps-

  • High-density Nylon material
  • Reusable and adjustable
  • Highly durable and super wear-resistant
  • Best for safety while performing bike tricks on your pixie
  • Reasonable price
B bangcool Bike Pedal Straps

11. Willbond Bicycle Pedal Straps

The straps provide good stability and support to the rider. Their packages come with two pairs of straps.

You will find them in only two colors- Black and a very vibrant Blue.

Like others on the list, the straps fit well with any bike pedal. They are also suitable for all ages so you and your kid can twin by getting the same pair.

They have a pretty long life. You can expect minimal wear and tear even after repeated usage for years.

They also have double-sided stick tape for strong stickiness and steadiness.

Why I Recommend Willbond Straps-

  • Maximum adjustibility
  • Good support and safe
  • High-quality durable nylon material
  • No buckles and shackles: reduces abrasion
  • Affordable and best for daily use
Willbond Bicycle Pedal Straps

Price- $9.99

12. Origin8 Pro-Grip II Bike Pedal Straps

The Origin8 Pro-Grip II is on the list because I think it is absolutely the best for road bikes.

The brand has consistently produced quality products, and the pedal straps are no different.

These pedal straps are strong and more durable- strong enough for skidding in a fixed gear bike. They work the best with platform pedals.

They have a few colors and designs- Black, White, and Camo jungle. I don’t care about White, since you know, they get dirty fast. But I love the Camo jungle design.

Why Do you Need to have Origin8 Pro-Grip II Straps-

  • Anti-slip design
  • Superior quality
  • Velcro polyester covers maximize durability
  • Super cool design
  • Easy to install
Origin8 Pro-Grip II Bike Pedal Straps

Price- $35.68

These were some of my top picks for bike pedal straps. All of them are the best in quality at a reasonable price.

Unlike streamers or license plates, which are just for decoration, pedal straps may become a staple part of a kid’s bike riding journey. Pedal straps are a big help for beginners.

I have tried to make this post as informative as possible.

I hope reviewing this guide can help you with a valuable and profitable purchase of foot straps.

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