Are Foldable Bike Helmets Safe?

My very first bicycle helmet was this big orangey clunky thing. I was forced to wear it because my parents had bought it and well, they wanted me to be safe.

Let me tell you something on top of being sweaty and uncomfortable. It gave me that awful helmet hair effect.

Fast forward to 30 years, the helmet is gone, and I had the chance to get my very own helmet for my brand new bike. I did a little digging and thought of getting those cool foldable helmets.

While the helmet did tick most of the boxes, I was still reluctant to buy it. I thought, how can a helmet so flexible be able to protect my head?

It turned out, the foldable bike helmets can protect your head during a fall or a crash. But you need to find the proper foldable helmet that has met the standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

After a long, long time on the internet, I finally was able to get the proper foldable helmet.

I didn’t want my long hours of sitting on a chair to go waste. So, I thought about saving all those confused helmet buyers from their dilemma.

Foldable Bike Helmets Safety

If I had heard of a foldable helmet a few years back, I’d instantly think of the paper helmets that my kids make.

The feature of being lightweight and bendable does make you question its safety.

Foldable bike helmets have been able to offer cyclists the same protection with half the weight. But you must look for a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) sticker inside the helmet before investing in it.

Consumer Product Safety Commission sets (CPSC) standards for bike helmets are designed for protection against multiple head impacts.

But if you still have doubts in your mind, try and answer these questions, and you’ll find out if the helmet is safe to use.

  • Does the helmet provide an excellent all-around vision?
  • Does the helmet fit perfectly?
  • Is the helmet adequately ventilated?
  • Does the helmet meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standard?

I have covered about Types of Bike Helmets and their Safety Quality in my other article. You can have a look for more detail information.

Are Foldable Helmets Safe for Kids?

Having kids who constantly watch what you do isn’t as pleasing as you might think. With me having an air-like cool helmet on my head, my boys had constantly been nagging for getting one of their own.

Like before, I did my research because I wanted the best for my kids.

Let me tell you; I am glad that I invested in getting those helmets. Not only do they provide protection, but they are also extremely light to carry.

I suggest you let them pick out their favorite with the CPSC sticker, of course. I got my foldable children’s helmet from Closca. But, you’re free to get it from wherever you think is the best for you.

I have written another article on best kids’ bike helmets where I have listed all helmets that are suitable for kids and you should have a look at it once.

Which Foldable Bike Helmets are CPSC Approved?

The market has been flooded with foldable helmets these days. Every corner store that I vist has a wide range of collapsable bike helmets.

While it does seem satisfactory to find such varieties available, there aren’t many who has got the sticker patched to them.

Here are a few foldable bike helmets that are CPSC-approved.

1. Brooks Foldable Helmet

The Carrera foldable helmets from Brooks are one of the very first of their kind to hit the market. It was initially dubbed as the “Accordion” model.

I like this helmet because it is made of elastic frames that provide vents between the strips.

The Carrera helmet, unlike Closca, compresses horizontally. They have even teamed up with Brooks England, providing a special series of foldable helmets.

Due to its folding construction, the fit of this helmet is perfect. You can easily find the CPSC models of this helmet on the internet.

Brooks Foldable Helmet (Source:

2. Closca Helmet Loop

Coming down to my favorite, Closca has introduced their new Loop model, The Stack or The 174 Hudson Stack.

While the concept is the same as the old model, the telescoping rings have reduced their volume.

Even during the vent of collision, this helmet remains intact. With its adjustable design, Closca helmet can reduce its volume by 45 percent.

On top of that, it only weighs about 340g and 375g at large. There are multiple color combinations that can help you personalize your helmet.

But these might be a bit on the expensive side, so you might want to find the best price.

Closca Helmet Loop (Source:

3. Fend Foldable Bike Helmet

Being one of the much more affordable foldable helmets, Fend is also known for being highly ventilated.

The helmet is made up of materials as identical to that of an ordinary helmet. Wearing a FEND helmet sure does make you stand out from the crowd.

While it has been approved, people still question its safety because of its weave-like structure. But maybe it’s time to not judge a book by its cover.

Fend Foldable Bike Helmet (Source:

4. Overade Plixi Fit Foldable Bike Helmet

Meeting the CPSC standards, Overade Plixi isn’t quite like any other foldable helmets. The helmet happens to fold in chunks instead of flattening like most helmets.

Even if you are a mountain biker or a regular cyclist, this helmet has got you covered. Being able to reduce up to 66 percent, Overade Plixi can easily fit inside your bag.

While I did hear that Overade was challenging to adjust, their Plixi Fit seems to be doing just fine. It may, however, be on the pricey side.

Overade Plixi Helmet (Source:

Why choose Foldable Bike Helmets?

While foldable helmets are more on the costly side, you must remember that we cannot compromise on safety.

I get why some might still consider using helmets that are the rigid shell type. They feel sturdy and somehow make you feel a bit safer.

But let me remind you, plenty of the foldable bike helmets have proven to protect your regular helmet.

In addition to that, it also gives you the comfort and quality that might be lacking in the tougher helmets.

On top of having a list of foldable bikes with the CPSC stickers stamped, they have also been approved by the majority of cyclists.

Before you Leave

While foldable bike helmets are as safe as any other helmet, the choice of purchasing them depends upon you.

Compressible or not, we all are looking for safety. Unless you are renting a bike, you might consider investing in getting one of the foldable helmets for yourself.

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