5 Best 20 Inch Bikes For Your 6 to 8 Year Old (2022)

Kid Biking

Keeping your 6 to 10-year-old kids engaged in a productive activity can be quite challenging. A great solution to this challenge for you as a parent can be letting your kid engage in bike riding.

Furthermore, one might have an idea of the benefits of bike riding. But, with busy lives, choosing a particular bike for your kid can be challenging.

But, if you, too, are a proud parent looking for a reliable bike for your kid, you’ve visited the right website. Here, we have extremely useful kid biking tips and suggestions for parents such as yourself.

If your kids started riding their bikes when they were 3 or 4 years old, they might want to indulge in biking habits further. However, when they turn six or seven, their mind might be more attracted to a higher level of bike riding.

In such case, a mere tricycle or a balance bike, or even bikes with 12, 14, or 16-inch tires would be insufficient.

However, from our years of understanding, 6 to 8 year-olds prefer a 20-inch bike. Furthermore, even if you decide to purchase a 20-inch bike for your kid, choosing the right one can be difficult.

So, today via some personal experience and some friendly assistance, I’ve accumulated a list of five of the best 20-inch bike for your 6 to 8-year-olds.

I, too, faced difficulty deciding a bike for my 6-year-old when he outgrew his balance bike. And, I hope you do not face similar difficulties after going through this article.

Since you clicked on this article, you must be looking for a reliable 20-inch bike.

But, if you are on the fence about whether a 20-inch bike would be necessary for your kid, here is my answer.

Why choose 20 inch bike?

With the mental growth kids go through after the age of 6 to 9, you need to keep up as a parent. One day they’ll have difficulty balancing their bike, and next thing you know, they’re having a biking race with their friends.

So, in order to match the growing competitiveness and restlessness of these kids, the 20-inch tires with their large tire surface are essential.

In addition, these 20-inch bikes provide easier control even on oily, icy, or damp roads.

Height, Age and Tire Size

Just a moment ago, we discussed why the 20-inch bike would be suitable for a 6 to 8-year-old. But, if you have multiple kids and are confused about the perfect bike size for them, do not worry.

I’ve compiled a table of the tire size suitable for kids of different age groups. Sometimes, a kid might be taller or shorter than other kids their same age. Therefore, the table contains convenient height for said wheel size, just in case.

Size of the TiresAge (Years)Suitable Height Suitable Height
12 Inch3 to 598 cm to 112 cm3 feet 3 inches to 3 feet 8 inch
14 Inch4 to 6105 cm to 117 cm3 feet 5 inches to 3 feet 10 inch
16 Inch or 18 Inch5 to 7112 cm to 127 cm3 feet 8 inches to 4 feet 2 inch
20 Inch6 to 9117 cm to 136 cm 3 feet 10 inches to 4 feet 6 inch
24 Inch8 to 11127 cm to 145 cm4 feet 2 inches to 4 feet 9 inch
26 Inch9 to 12138 cm to 154 cm4 feet 6 inches to 5 feet
A table containing the perfect height and age compared to tire size

Can Adults Ride a 20 inch Bike?

When it comes to 20inch bikes, they’re smaller in size than any regular bikes. But, adults can certainly ride a 20-inch bike if the frame and suspension of the bike are top-notch in quality.

Although 20-inch bikes are not convenient for adults, 20 inch BMX bikes can work fine as well. BMX bikes are made with strong frames for freestyle hops and jumps in mind.

So, if you buy a BMX bike for your kid, you too, as a parent, can ride it easily if you want to, with proper safety, of course. But, anyhow, this does not mean that any bike your kid has would be perfect for you.

So, now you know about the proper tire size compared to your kid’s age or height. Then, let’s get on with the best bikes for your kids.

20 inch Girls Bikes

If you’re a parent of a lovely daughter who is into bike riding, here are 5 of the best 20-inch bikes for your daughter.

BikeWhat should we expect?Price of the BikeBrand of the Bike
Schwinn Elm Girls BikeBasket attachment is optional
Made with steel frame
$130.99 to $ 377.89Schwinn
Coewske Princess Style Kid’s BikeFront basket attached
Contains rear and front suspension
$120.99 to $169.99Coewske
Royalbaby Jenny Girls Kids BikeContains Rigid Suspension
Pink in color
$139.99 to $354.77Royalbaby
Schwinn Hazel Kids BikeContains Rigid Suspension
Includes front basket
$199.99 to $344.76Schwinn
Pacific Cavern Girls Mountain BikeContains front suspension
Available with seven-speed
$107.99 to $129.99Pacific
List of 5 of the best 20-inch bike for girls

Just from the names of these bikes, you might not be able to decide the perfect one for your daughter. So, let’s discuss them a bit more in detail down below.

Schwinn Elm Girls Bike

Schwinn Elm Girls Bike is as simple as it is efficient. If you prefer great qualities in an affordable and simple girls’ bike, Schwinn provides what you’re looking for in multiple tire sizes.

More preferably, this bike with 20-inch tires is durable and would last your kids for many years.

Furthermore, they’re really easy to assemble together.

Schwinn Elm Girls Bike For Kids (Image Source: Amazon.com)

These 20-inch tires can withstand high speed and contain exceptional grip. Thus, you would not have to worry about your daughter falling off her bike while riding on a muddy path.

Dimension of the Product: 34 inches X 18 inches X 8 inches

Price Range: $130.99 to $ 377.89

The Schwimm Elm girls bikes are appreciated by their former users as well; it has four and a half stars rating on Amazon.

Additionally, you too can easily purchase this bike for your daughter right now via Amazon.

Coewske Princess Style Kid’s Bike

If your little princess is older than six years, her creative brain starts developing at a much faster pace. So, she might want a colorful bike or a bike with attractive patterns.

Coewske kid’s little princess style bike (Image Source: Amazon.com)

In such a case, the 20-inch Coewske Kid’s Bike would be perfect for her.

Furthermore, your daughter can adjust her seat as per her wish. In addition, this bike is available with training wheels, just in case, your daughter can’t balance a bicycle.

Dimension of the Package: 46 inches X 24 inches X 7 inches

Price Range: $120.99 to $169.99

The Coewske princess-style bike also consists of a rear toy seat despite the awesome suspension or handling features. So, your daughter can bring along her favorite toy with her wherever she goes.

Furthermore, if you are interested in this bike for your daughter, you can easily purchase it from Amazon.

Royalbaby Jenny Girls Kids Bike

Royalbaby Jenny Girls bike is a bike that’s ready to be your daughter’s best friend for years to come. If you buy one of these bikes for your daughter during the age of six, it’ll last her as long as she outgrows the bike.

Royalbaby bikes provide exceptional durability due to their strong steel frame.

Additionally, the soft handle grips, soft cushion seats, and easy to pedal chains make for a comfortable riding experience for your daughter.

Royalbaby Jenny Girls Kids Bike (Image Source: Amazon.com)

Royalbaby provides a great-looking bike with amazing style for your daughter in the 20-inch size.

Although, they do have a variety of sizes available from 12-inch tires onwards. So, if you have another younger little princess, you might want to check them out too.

Dimension of the Package: 35 inches X 19 inches X 25 inches

Price Range: $139.99 to $354.77

You can purchase a royal baby bike for your little princess right now through Amazon. I hope she enjoys it as much as all the previous satisfied customers.

Schwinn Hazel Kids Bike

Schwinn Hazel Kids Bike is a highly recommended 20-inch girls’ bike. As a favorite bike of Jessica, daughter of a close friend, I can see why he recommended this to me.

She brings her bike along with her everywhere she goes. Also, her bike has lasted for more than two years without any problem. So, I can vouch for its amazing durability as well.

Schwinn Hazel Kids Bike (Image Source: Amazon.com)

If it’s safety you’re worried about in this Schwinn Hazel bike, don’t be. The top-quality double drum brakes connected to the 20-inch tires are always there for your little princess.

Dimension of the Product: 46 inches X 24 inches X 7 inches

Price Range: $199.99 to $344.76

When you buy the Schwinn Hazel bike, you can sit back and watch your daughter enjoy her day. You can also purchase them easily from Amazon as well.

Pacific Cavern Girls Mountain Bike

Some kids seek out for thrill even at the at of 6 or 7. Furthermore, if your daughter is more of a wanderer by heart, getting a 20-inch mountain bike can be a great way to develop her personality and excitement.

If you are a mountain biker as well, you’d be happy to ride alongside your little princess.

Pacific Cavern Girls Mountain Bike (Image Source: Amazon.com)

Furthermore, with a Pacific Cavern bike, you can rely on your daughter’s full safety. The hard grip tires, along with quick-shift gears and sturdy double V-brakes, can provide you with that assurance.

Dimension of the Product: 48.6 inch X 25.3 inch X 9.1 inches

Price Range: $107.99 to $129.99

Additionally, with the use of Pacific Tavern mountain bikes, you can rely on their exceptional durability.

In addition, though this bike is suitable for six-year-olds, even a 12-year-old would have no problem riding it.

So, if you wish for your daughter to enjoy riding the pacific cavern bike, purchase it right now. You can easily find it on Amazon.

All of the 20-inch bikes mentioned above are some of the best available in the market. Some are better looking while some have attractive features.

With them, your daughter can learn a lot about bikes and navigate through a crowd. Furthermore, these skills and experiences will always stick with her.

Now, you know about 20-inch girls’ bikes. So, why don’t we discuss 20-inch bikes for your little guy?

20 inch Boys Bike

Generally, boys can be more aggressive than girls. My seven-year-old nephew, for instance, is quite the trouble maker compared to his 11-year-old sister.

And, at that age, boys need a 20-inch bike to match their biking energy.

So, here are 5 of the best 20-inch bike for boys.

BikeWhat should we expect? How much would the bike cost?Bike Brand
Joystar Pluto Kids BikeTraining wheels available
Contains front suspension
$109.88 to $189.99Joystar
Air Zone Aftershock Youth BMX BikeContains dual suspension
Six-speed bike
Available in black color pattern
$179.99 to $185.99Air Zone
Huffy Valcon 20 inch bike for BoysWith multi suspension
Contains 6-speed gears
$239.94 to $300Huffy Valcon
Guardian Kids Bikes EthosWith rigid suspension
one-speed bike
$279 to $379Guardian
Hiland 20 inch BMX Freestyle Bike for BoysMade from a durable steel frame
Contains dual U-brakes
$174.99 to $179.99HH Hiland
Five of the best 20-inch bike for boys (2021)

Just from the names of these bikes, you might not be able to decide the perfect one for your son. So, let’s discuss them a bit more in detail down below.

Joystar Pluto Kids Bike

Initially, Joystar Pluto Kids’ bike might seem like a simple bike. But, despite the obvious outlook, it provides your son with a much better experience with time.

The lightweight steel frame of the bike provides easy control even for a skinny kid. At the same time, it is durable and will last your son as long as he outgrows the bike.

Joystar Pluto Kids Bike with Training Wheel (Image Source: Amazon.com)

This bike is also available with training wheels in case your son can’t balance the bike. Furthermore, the 20-inch tires available with the bike and the extra grip provide good assistance for the balancing process.

Dimension of the Package: 46 inches X 24 inches X 7 inches

Price Range: $109.88 to $189.99

Their former users appreciate the Joystar Pluto Kids bikes as it has four and a half stars rating on Amazon.

You, too, can easily purchase this bike for your son right now via Amazon. Furthermore, they’re really easy to assemble together.

Air Zone Aftershock Youth BMX Bike

The joy star plutos 20-inch bike with a training wheel is a bike for casual riding. But, even at an early age, if your son is much mature in terms of biking skills, Air Zone Aftershock is the bike for him.

With this particular bike, your son can develop his outdoor personality. In addition, this youth BMX bike with 20-inch tires is sturdy and strong.

Air Zone Aftershock 20 inch Youth BMX bike (Image Source: Amazon.com)

Additionally, all the brakes, suspension handling, and seat features are top-notch for your son’s comfortable and safe riding experience. With this, your son can enjoy much more than with a casual non-gear bike.

Dimension of the Package: 35 inches X 19 inches X 25 inches

Price Range: $179.99 to $185.99

A slick headlight is available with the bike to add to the safety features available in the Joystar kid’s bike. With these powerful LED lights, evening rides can be equally joyful for your son.

Huffy Valcon 20-inch bike for Boys

Huffy Valcon, a 20-inch bike, was a bike that a colleague of mine gifted her son for his 7th birthday. Initially, she was under the mindset that a 20-inch bike would be a bit oversized for her son. But, it was perfect.

After a year of use, she feels that the bike is well made and is pretty sturdy. Apparently, it was really easy for her to assemble the bike within half an hour. Furthermore, it felt factory assembled right out of the bat.

Huffy Valcon 20 inch Mountain Bike for Boys (Image Source: Amazon.com)

Additionally, her son has been using the bike to its full potential. He uses the six-speed gears effectively on straight roads. And, on hilly roads, the double suspension makes it easy for him to ride through.

Furthermore, similar to the 20-inch tires, the bike is as cool as it could get.

Price Range: $239.94 to $300

Suitable Age Range: 5 to 9

So, if you feel that this 20-inch bike would be perfect for your son, order it right now. They’re highly rated by the customers as well.

Furthermore, they are easily available on Amazon.

Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos

Not everybody wants top speed or out-of-the-world features in their bike. If you wish for a simple yet reliable 20-inch bike for your son, the guardian kids’ bike is the one for you.

This bike does not have multi-speed gears or tacky suspensions. But, the strong yet lightweight steel construction of the bike allows your little kid to enjoy his biking.

Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos (Image Source: Amazon.com)

Furthermore, the bike is easy to assemble and favors riding on a smooth road. Additionally, you do not need to worry about your kid’s comfort or safety with this Guardian bike.

With the SureStop Technology that Guardian provides, your son can easily control both the wheels and prevent head-over-handlebar accidents.

Dimension of the product: 52.5 inches X 28 inches X 5.5 inches

Price Range: $279 to $379

The Guardian Bikes are available in multiple color patterns, including blue, red, green, black, or mixed color. So, if you feel that this bike is suitable for your son, you can easily order it from Amazon.

Hiland 20 inch BMX Freestyle Bike for Boys

If you want a cool yet safe and reliable bike for your son, this bike is for you. The unique look of the Hiland 20 inch BMX bike, impressive brakes, and rigid suspension are suitable for freestyle riding.

The thick 20-inch Hiland tires can withstand a smooth and rough trail. At the same time, you do not need to worry about replacing the durable tires anytime soon.

Hiland 20 inch BMX Freestyle Bike (Image Source: Amazon.com)

Furthermore, the bike is easy to assemble and favors freestyle riding. Additionally, you will not need to worry much about your kid’s comfort or safety with this bike.

Riding in the evening with this bike would be perfect with the front and rear light reflector.

Price Range: $174.99 to $179.99

So, if you feel that the 20-inch bike would be perfect for your son, order it right now. They’re highly rated by the customers as well. They are also easily available on Amazon.

So, all the bikes mentioned above are some of the best 20-inch tires you can find out there. But, let’s hope you find out the suitable one for your kid. And, when you do, I hope your kid enjoys their bike and learns to ride safely and responsibly.

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