11 Best Brands for Kids’ Bicycles [2021 Update]

Bicycling is a joyous and relaxing recreational activity. You can get on your bike, unwind, and relax as the cool breeze passes through your body.

Ever since I discovered bicycling as a child, I have been immensely attached to two-wheelers. I still use my bicycle for commuting and recreational purposes.

As a kid, I was very explorative and explored different bicycle brands. By the time I was 13 years old, I had bicycles from 4 different brands. It took me a while to find the perfect brand for me.

Over the course of time, a lot of kids’ bicycle brands have appeared and disappeared. So, finding the best can be a bit tricky.

There are a lot of different brands of bicycles available in this modern market. Those different brands also have different kinds of bicycles, such as balance bikes and foldable bikes.

I have a kid who has grown very fond of bicycles like I was early on. And to give him a pleasant experience, I took him to the best bicycle shop around my location and let him cruise around.

Unlike me, he found the brand that suited him and felt comfortable in. And as a parent, I was very happy to see him find his fit.

Finding the perfect brand for kids is not an easy task. You have to let the kids explore and see what they feel is best for them.

After my experience of finding the right bicycle brand as a kid, I decided to share my knowledge of the best brands of kids’ bicycles here.

Finding the right kids’ bicycle brand can be hard for most parents. So, after careful consideration, I decided to share my knowledge with you guys and save your precious time.

I have summed up the 11 best brands for kids’ bicycles in this article.

If you want to find the best brand for kids’ bicycles, you have come to the right place. After this article, you will be able to share it with your friends and family and become a kids’ bicycle brand expert.

Why Is It Important To Find The Right Bicycle Brand?

With many kids’ bicycle brands available, it is very easy to cash out on big kids’ bicycle brand names. But not all big names live up to the expectations.

My cousin bought a costly bicycle for her kid. She did a quick research and found the brand that had been everywhere.

My 7-year-old nephew rode the bicycle for about three months. After that, he came to me and asked why his bike is so uncomfortable.

Let me share with you what I shared with him.

As I mentioned earlier, buying a kids’ bicycle is not at all about going to the biggest brand, you know. The bike has to be comfortable actually to ride it.

Here are 3 reasons why it is important to find the right brand for kids’ bicycles for your kid.

1. Budget

First on this list is the budget.

As a parent, you should be able to find the right brand of bicycle for your budget. Different brands of kids’ bicycles come in various price ranges.

There is a common misconception that the cheapest bicycle does not last long. While, in a way, it is true, but quick research or visiting the bicycle shop can do the trick.

Here is what you would normally find in kids’ bicycle brands and bicycles brands in general of different price ranges.

  • $80 – $300

The bicycle frame in this price range is usually metal. Some brands like Huffy and Forge sell low-budget bikes.

  • $300 – $1000

The brands that sell kids’ bicycles in this price range use aluminum or light metal frames for their bicycles. The higher-quality set of wheels, chains, and pedals in this price range make the bicycle very durable.

  • $1000 and Above

Brands selling kids’ bicycles in this price range usually use the lightest metals available, including carbon and titanium. Needless to say, if a bicycle is light in weight, kids are going to pick them out.

But a parent must note that if your kid is starting their biking journey, the lightest bike possible is not the best option. A slightly heavier bike helps the kid learn to balance while not falling all the time.

2. Build and Quality

Different brands of kids’ bicycles come with various body parts.

Like mentioned earlier, while expensive bikes do come with lighter frames, they lack durability.

I would recommend buying a mid-range kids’ bicycle from a good brand. The reason being, these bicycles are lightweight, which can help your kid start riding a bike.

Also, kids are bound to throw their bicycles around very often. So, durability is a big thing to keep in mind.

Most reputed brands use the best material possible for the price range of the kids’ bicycle. As a result, their build and quality are bound to be high.

The best brand for kids’ bicycles should have a lightweight frame and be highly durable.

3. Weight

Weight is a big factor in kids not enjoying their bicycles.

It would be best if you do not buy a heavy bicycle for kids. The excess in weight reduces the ability to enjoy recreational activity significantly.

It is worth noting that kids’ bicycles have not used unnecessary accessories and materials used.

The most notable factors in the excess weight of kids’ bicycles are classic steel bike frames, coaster brakes, a thick set of wheels, etc.

Brands starting out and of low budget (as covered above) use heavy parts to make the bicycle cheap.

I have covered the topic of weight in kids’ bicycles in great depth in this other article. Check the article to get a more in-depth understanding.

The Take

Needless to say, only if the bicycle fits perfectly for your kid can they truly enjoy riding. Keeping the above-covered points in mind can help your kid enjoy the activity to the fullest.

It took me some time to figure the best brand for kids’ bicycle that I enjoyed riding for hours and hours.

If a brand has the factors covered in this topic on their bikes, they would be the best brand for kids’ bicycles for you to choose.

11 Best Brands for Kids’ Bicycle

Finding the best brand for kids’ bicycles can be challenging, tricky, and of course, time-consuming. It requires patience, asking around, and turning the internet upside down.

I have done my research so that you would not have to.

Here is the summary of the 11 best brands for kids’ bicycles.

S.N.Brand NameHighlightsStarting Price (In Dollars)
1.WoomLightweight and sturdy design$199
2.PriorityLow maintenance$329
4.PreveloAll terrain bicycle$199
5.ClearyHighly durable$330
6.PelloAll terrain bicycle$198
7.FrogHighly adjustable$210
8.Early RiderAluminum frames$149
9.Spawn CyclesHigh quality mountain bike$195
10.IslabikesFine-tunes and fast$200
11.Park CyclesHigh build quality$218
11 Best Brand for Kids Bicycles

If I were a parent looking at this article, I would need some justification and details about the brands in the table.

Do not break a sweat. I have got you covered. Let us get to it.

1. Woom

Without a shadow of a doubt, Woom is my number one choice for kids’ bicycles. The kids’ bicycles from Woom are incredibly lightweight and versatile.

Woom kids’ bicycle is a perfect choice if you want your kid to experience the best bicycle out there. You can never go wrong with Woom.

Woom is known to come up with the lightest kids’ bicycle, perfect for kids. Their sleek design and simplicity allow the kids to get more adventure in them.

On top of that, the bike’s geometry makes it easier for kids to learn to ride a bicycle. Woom kids’ bicycles’ long-wheelbase (distance from front wheel to rear wheel) and a low center of gravity enhance the bike’s stability.

Some other impressive features of Woom bicycles are the small distance between pedals. Unlike most bikes around, Woom has done a brilliant job of narrowing the spread. Such enables kids to pedal more efficiently and easily without rocking their hips right and left.

Woom Bike (Source: Amazon.com)

I got my 3 year old niece a Woom balance bike as a birthday gift to get started, and she absolutely loves it. Now 5, she rides Woom 3. As an uncle, I could not be prouder.

One interesting thing that Woom offers is the trade-in program. As your child grows, you can trade the smaller kids’ bicycle for the next one.

Woom’s kids’ bicycle starts with woom 1, a 12 inch balance bike for your kid to start their biking journey. Following up to the woom 1 are woom 2 (14 inch) and woom 3 (16 inch).

Woom Kids Bicycle for Different Age Group

S.N.Model NameSize (In Inch)Age GroupStarting Price
1.Woom 110 – 1418 months – 3 years$199
2.Woom 2143 years – 5 years$359
3.Woom 3164 years – 6 years$389
4.Woom 4206 years – 8 years$499
5.Woom 5247 years – 11 years$529
Woom Bikes for Different Age Groups

2. Priority

For me, Priority kids’ bicycle swoops in at number two. A lightweight, low-maintenance, dual-hand brakes, and no coaster brakes? You cannot go wrong with that.

Priority bicycles are a great choice for kids getting started for a reasonable price.

The bicycles are built on a lightweight aluminum frame that allows your kids to maneuver and ride the bike easily. Priority is the way to go if your kid is growing and moving from a smaller-sized bicycle.

Priority kids’ bicycles are a mixture of classic and simple design, making it easy to balance, pedal, and of course, maneuver. Your kid, in no time, will be riding down your driver-way and cruising around the neighborhood.

Speaking of geometry, the offerings from Priority is just about right – not too upright and not too aggressive.

Upright body positioning gives kids the stability they would want without leaning into turns and jumps.

Another thing to note here is the grease-free bike chains in Priority bicycles. While most bicycles come with greasy bike chains, Priority bicycles come with belt drives, which are grease-free and maintenance-free.

Priority Bike (Source: Prioritybicycles.com)

Priority kids’ bicycle starts from 16 inch and ends at 24 inch.

Priority Kids Bicycle for Different Age Group

S.N.Model NameSize (In Inch)Age GroupStarting Price
1.Priority Start 16164 years – 6 years$329
2.Priority Start 20206 years – 8 years$379
3.Priority Start 24247 years – 11 years$399
Priority Bikes for Different Age Groups

3. Guardian

I know how important safety is for your young one to get started. Finding a safe bicycle for kids can be a hassle. And Guardian is the answer to that.

Guardian bicycles come with an innovative SureStop braking system. It has revolutionized the safety of bicycles for kids in the bike industry.

SureStop has made the braking process more simplified and efficient. The bicycles are more fast, safe, and incredibly fun to ride for a young kid.

Guardian bicycles come with just one brake lever on the right-hand side of the handlebar. But do not let that fool you. This advanced system activates both rear and front brakes simultaneously.

The result? A safer, more powerful brakes that prevent kids from any accidents by only activating the front brake on most bicycles.

Guardian Bike (Guardianbikes.com)

As a kid, it can get frustrating to get confused about which lever stops which wheel. Guardian bicycles have gone out and simplified the process.

The process of pulling just one brake level on the bicycle and stop both wheels removes any confusion. The Guardian kids’ bicycles start from 14 inch and end at 24 inch.

 Guardian Kids Bicycle for Different Age Group

S.N.Model NameSize (In Inch)Age GroupStarting Price
1.Guardian 14143 years – 5 years$269
2.Guardian Ethnos 16164 years – 6 years$279
3.Guardian Ethnos 20206 years – 8 years$309
4.Guardian Ethnos 24247 years – 11 years$379
Guardian Bikes for Different Age Groups

4. Prevelo

If your kid is an explorative, confident, and aggressive rider, Prevelo kids’ bicycles are the way to go.

Prevelo kids’ bicycles are lightweight, packed with slightly more aggressive geometry features, and an all-terrain set of wheels. The possibilities with Prevelo bicycles are endless for your kid.

Prevelo bicycles are made for your kid to drag them everywhere, no matter the road condition.

Whether your kid will be racing with their young friends or going on an adventure with you, the offering from Prevelo can tackle them all.

These bicycles motivate your kid to push to the limit as Prevelo bikes are made for every type of terrain.

Prevelo bicycle matched with your enthusiastic kid is the perfect match to enhance their riding skills further.

Prevelo Alpha 1 (Source: Amazon.com)

No wonder my kid loves it. Yes, my kid uses a Prevelo bicycle.

My kid is following in the footsteps of his old man as we go out on adventurous rides on weekends.

If you want your kid to turn out to be an adventurous person like you, Prevelo bicycle is the best choice.

Prevelo Kids Bicycle for Different Age Group

S.N.Model NameSize (In Inch)Age GroupStarting Price
1.Prevelo Alpha Zero1218 months – 3 years$199
2.Prevelo Alpha One143 years – 5 years$369
3.Prevelo Zulu One143 years – 5 years$469
4.Prevelo Alpha Two164 years – 6 years$399
5.Prevelo Zulu Two164 years – 6 years$479
6.Prevelo Alpha Three206 years – 8 years$539
7.Prevelo Zulu Three206 years – 8 years$949
8.Prevelo Alpha Four247 years – 11 years$549
9.Prevelo Zulu Four247 years – 11 years$969
Prevelo Bikes for Different Age Groups

5. Cleary

Cleary kids’ bicycles are known for their sturdiness and durability.

These bicycles weigh slightly more than brands like Woom and Prevelo as they are made out of steel frames. Cleary has made these bicycles to handle the beatings that a kid might give.

Like Prevelo, Cleary bikes are the right choice for enthusiastic kids who love to push to their limits. Doing so, they can enhance their skills and grow as a rider.

The geometry of Cleary kids’ bicycles different from most. They include a wider set of wheels and are made for kids to take them everywhere like off-road, rough terrains, dirt, and ditches, etc.

Cleary bicycles are not any normal bikes. The combination of their unique steel frames, top-of-the-line components, and the durable design helps these bikes stand out from the rest.

Cleary Bike (Source: Amazon.com)

If you want your kid to get started with pedal bicycles instead of balance bikes, Cleary is the way to go. Their kids’ bicycles start from 12 inch and ends at 24 inch.

Cleary Kids Bicycle for Different Age Group

S.N.Model NameSize (In Inch)Age GroupStarting Price
1.Cleary Gecko 121218 months – 3 years$330
2.Cleary Hedgehog164 years – 6 years$400
3.Cleary Owl Single Speed206 years – 8 years$455
4.Cleary Owl Three Speed206 years – 8 years$560
5.Cleary Meerkat Five Speed247 years – 11 years$685
Cleary Bikes for Different Age Groups

6. Pello

Pello is another kids’ bicycle brand that offers all-terrain bicycles. The bicycles from Pello are incredibly versatile that allows your kids to enjoy the bike thoroughly.

As Pello kids’ bicycles are all-terrain bicycles, they perform exceptionally well in almost all circumstances.

Kids can take the bicycle to dirt roads, parks, ride around the neighborhood, or even use it for commuting.

Speaking about the geometry of Pello bicycles, they are more upright than on bikes from brands like Prevelo.

The geometry of Pello’s bicycle is perfect for a starter to average riders that need to build some confidence to turn into a great aggressive rider.

Pello Bike (Source: Amazon.com)

If you think your kid is as adventurous as you, you can opt to get bicycles with a front suspension fork on Pello’s 20 inch and 24 inch geared bikes.

Pello offers bicycles starting from 12 inch balance bike to a 24 inch pedal mountain bikes.

Pello Kids Bicycle for Different Age Group

S.N.Model NameSize (In Inch)Age GroupStarting Price
1.Pello Ripple1218 months – 3 years$198
2.Pello Romper143 years – 5 years$219
3.Pello Revo164 years – 6 years$349
4.Pello Reddi206 years – 8 years$399
5.Pello Rover206 years – 8 years$499
6.Pello Reyes247 years – 11 years$619
Pello Bikes for Different Age Groups

7. Frog

Frog kids’ bicycles make it to number seven on our list. But do not let the ranking fool you; Frog is one of my personal favorites on this list.

Frog is a UK-based bike company that offers one of the largest lines of kids’ bicycles. The brand is not as popular in the American market. But if you could get your kid a Frog bicycle, your kid is in for a treat.

Their lightweight frames and top-shelf components make Frog’s bicycles a proper mixture of performance and fit.

They focus on giving kids the perfect fit as their bicycle design includes an adjustable headset, stem length, and saddle height.

Frog bicycles also come with two different sets of wheels with each bicycle, wheels for streets, and a set of knobby all-terrain wheels.

Frog kids’ bicycles are beautifully designed and are light in weight. Additionally, the bikes come in a wide range of fun and bright colors. It is bound to cheer your kid up.

Frog Bike (Source: Frogbikesusa.com)

Your kid will fall in love with Frog bicycles as soon as laying their eyes on any one of them.

If my kid had not found his personal best brand for kids’ bicycle, I would definitely have gotten him a Frog bicycle.

Frog Kids Bicycle for Different Age Group

S.N.Model NameSize (In Inch)Age GroupStarting Price
1.Frog Tadpole Mini Balance Bike1018 months – 3 years$210
2.Frog Tadpole Balance Bike1218 months – 3 years$215
3.Frog Tadpole Plus Balance Bike143 years – 5 years$260
4.Frog 40143 years – 5 years$430
5.Frog 48164 years – 6 years$415
6.Frog 52206 years – 8 years$570
7.Frog 55206 years – 8 years$580
8.Frog 62247 years – 11 years$610
Frog Bikes for Different Age Groups

8. Early Rider

Early Rider is one of those brands in the market that just specialize in kids’ bicycles.

The bicycles from Early Rider are equipped with alloy frames. The material used in these bicycles makes them highly durable and able to withstand some impacts.

The design from the company suggests that the bicycles are a mini version of a grown-up bike. Their brushed alloy frames and leather saddles add to the beauty of the bike.

As mentioned earlier, Early Rider specializes in kids’ bicycles. It means that they start from a balance bike to pedal bicycles to mountain bicycles. Oh, how I wish Early Rider were out and about when I was a kid myself.

Early Rider’s balance bikes start from a 12 inch balance bike to 14 inch balance bike. Whereas, their pedal bikes start from 16 inch to 24 inch mountain bikes.

Early Rider Bike (Source: Amazon.com)

My friend bought an Early Rider Belter 16 for his 5 year old son. The first time I saw them riding side by side on our weekend trip, I actually thought I had seen something surreal: an adult version and a mini version of the same person.

I was definitely surprised to learn the price range of Early Rider kids’ bicycles. But after getting hands-on experience on the bike, I must say that they are worth it.

Early Rider Kids Bicycle for Different Age Group

S.N.Model NameSize (In Inch)Age GroupStarting Price
1.Early Rider Classic12 & 1418 months – 3 years$149
2.Early Rider Alley Runner1218 months – 3 years$189
3.Early Rider Trail 14143 years – 5 years$199
4.Early Rider Belter 16164 years – 6 years$439
5.Early Rider Urban 20206 years – 8 years$599
7.Early Rider Belter 24247 years – 11 years$1,072
Early Rider Bikes for Different Age Groups

9. Spawn Cycles

As assured by my friend, Spawn Cycles are the best for little kids between the age group of 3 to 10. The brand is mostly focused on mountain bikes for kids.

The mountain bikes offered by Spawn are meant for both cross-country and downhill riding.

Not just mountain biking, Spawn cycles, as most, are a nice option for a simple stroll around the park, town, or just a simple neighborhood stroll.

The bicycles from Spawn Cycles are the best of both worlds: super light trail bicycles and geometry similar to that of BMX bikes. 

The geometry will allow kids to explore their creative side and not just sit and pedal.

Spawn Bike (Source: Spawncycles.com)

A 3 year old kid of my other friend rides a Spawn Cycles bicycle, and he is just incredible. The skill that the kid possesses is beyond my imagination.

Looking at my friend’s kid made me want to get my kid a BMX-like Spawn bicycle. But I respect my kid’s choice and want him to make decisions his way.

Similar to most, Spawn Cycles kids’ bicycles starts with 12 inch and ends with 24 inch.

To get into more detail, Spawn bicycle offers 12 inch balance bike, 14 inch, 16 inch, and 20 inch pedal bike, and the mountain bike range starts from 20 inch to 24 inch.

Spawn Cycles Kids Bicycle for Different Age Group

S.N.Model NameSize (In Inch)Age GroupStarting Price
1.Spawn Tengu Balance Bike1218 months – 3 years$195
2.Spawn Yoji 14143 years – 5 years$385
3.Spawn Yoji 16164 years – 6 years$395
4.Spawn Raiju206 years – 8 years$1,095
5.Spawn Kotori 20 206 years – 8 years$1,125
6.Spawn Kotori 24 247 years – 11 years$1,175
7.Spawn Rokk 24247 years – 11 years$2,350
Spawn Bikes for Different Age Groups

10. Islabikes

Another brand specializing in bicycle manufacture for kids is Islabikes.

Islabikes is a luxurious kids’ bicycle brand expertly crafting and building bicycles with attention to detail.

Note: Islabikes are no longer distributing their bicycles in the United States as of fall 2018.

Even though Islabikes are no longer distributing their kids’ bicycles in the United States, I could not leave them out of this list.

Their bikes are well known in the bike industry with lightweight bicycles, the correct size for small kids’ bodies, dual handbrakes, and the absence of coaster brakes.

While Islabikes may be pricey, but the quality you get for the money is top class.

Like any other brand of kids’ bicycle, Islabikes bicycles start from a 12 inch balance bikes to 24 inch bikes. Specializing in kids’ bicycles, they also have 20 inch and 24 inch hybrid bikes and 24 inch mountain bikes.

Islabikes Kids Bicycle for Different Age Group

S.N.Model NameSize (In Inch)Age GroupStarting Price
1.Islabikes Rothan1218 months – 3 years$200
2.Islabikes Cnoc 14 Small / Large143 years – 5 years$420
3.Islabikes Cnoc 16164 years – 6 years$420
4.Islabikes Cnoc 20206 years – 8 years$469
5.Islabikes Beinn 20 Small / Large Hybrid Bike206 years – 8 years$1,550
6.Islabikes Beinn 24247 years – 11 years$650
7.Islabikes Luath 24 Road Bike247 years – 11 years$800
Islabikes for Different Age Groups

You can buy these awesome Islabikes from their official website.

11. Park Cycles

Park Cycles are the newest kid on the block. Similar to Islabikes and Early Rider, their main focus revolves around 14 inch and 16 inch kids’ bicycles.

The kids’ bicycles from Park Cycles are well built for mildly aggressive riders.

Their main standout features are that they prioritize real quality bicycle components and do not use coaster brakes. Lack of coaster brake makes the bicycle instantly light.

It is no surprise that Park Cycles keep the budget down by including basic components. But that is expected from a brand that offers real bicycles of quality at an affordable price.

While you may think that using cheap components compromises the durability and overall value of the bike. That is not the case here. They are all in to provide kid-friendly bicycles by using the best components in the budget.

It is worth noting that Park Cycles does not offer different types of bicycles like other brands.

As of 2021, they only have pedal bikes available on their official website. But with what they offer, they are bound to make your kid a future professional.

Park Cycles also consist of a knobby tread set of wheels, which can start your kid’s future mountain biking journey. Not just mountain bikers, but those who might trail ride in the future.

PARK Cycles - 20" Pedal Bike - Jet Black
Park Bike (Source: Parkcycles.ca)

If your kid is not that much into bicycles, but you want them to get into it, Park Cycles are the way to go. Their bicycles are incredibly affordable and are a fantastic option.

Park Cycles currently offer bicycles from 14 inch to 20 inch.

Park Cycles Kids Bicycle for Different Age Group

S.N.Model NameSize (In Inch)Age GroupStarting Price
1.Park Cycles 14143 years – 5 years$218
2.Park Cycles 16164 years – 6 years$250
3.Park Cycles 20206 years – 8 years$299
Park Cycles for Different Age Groups

My Opinion

Here we are, after visiting all the awesome bike brands for your kids. Its not always true that if you spend more, you will get best. Some of the bike brands offer pretty good bikes at a reasonable price.

The essential thing is your children’s safety and comfort. Keeping these things in mind, you can buy a suitable bike for your kids.

Here are some of the topics already covered that can be helpful for you while buying a bike for your kid:

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