11 Best Brands for Kids’ Bicycle Tire [2021 Update]

One of the most challenging things that I found when buying my kids’ bicycle was finding the right kind of tire. This is one complicated area to work with.

I was confused with the wide variety of options available because there are different types of tires for different bicycles.

If you know a thing or two about cycling, you certainly know how important it is to find the right bicycle tire.

Bicycle tyres guarantee a good grip on the ground providing more protection and safety while cycling.

Being a cyclist myself, I was in a chaotic situation. Trust me when I tell you that the journey to find my kid’s best bicycle tire was not a smooth one.

But with a little help from my friend named the internet, I discovered the best brands available for kids’ bicycle tires.

I surely don’t want you to get the same headache as I did while researching. So, for your benefit, I have listed the 11 best brands for kids’ bicycle tires as of 2021.

Best Brands for Kids’ Bicycle Tire

Taking your time from your busy schedule is itself a task, and on top of that, add in the challenge of finding the best bicycle tire. The day gets even more exhausting.

To help you in your quest, I have listed the 11 best brands for kid’s bicycle tires below. If you find something you like, you can read more about it below.

Find what you like, then tap right away!

SNBrandBike TypeAverage Price RangeAverage Ratings
1KendaBMX Bike$11.45-$68.884.5/5
2SCHWkALBEMTB & Road Bike$27.14 – $52.194.5/5
4ContinentalUrban & Road Bike$18.01 – $62.644.5/5
5MAXXISBMX Bike$28.43 – $68.644.5/5
6Donnelly SportsRoad, Cyclocross & Gravel Bike$68.515/5
7Cheng Shin TiresRoad BikeN/AN/A
8Sunlite Road Bike$17.40 – $36.564.5/5
9CATAZERTrack, BMX & Road Bike$15.99 – $22.99N/A
10Vee Tire Co.Road & Mountain BikeN/A4.5/5
11BELL Triathlon & Road Bike$18.11-$29.534.5/5
11 best brands for kids bicycle tires [2021 Update]

Now, let’s dive into every product in detail.

1. Kenda Kids’ Bicycle Tire

If you have already done a little bit of research, you probably know that Kenda is one of the most popular brands among the rest.

Kenda K-50 Kids Bike Tire (Source: Amazon.com)

I have made a list of the varieties of Kenda tires as per the size of the tire. You can check them out right below.

SNNameBike TypeSize
(In Inches)
Price Range
1KENDA K-50BMX Bike & Mountain Bike12″$13.85-$14.95
2Kenda Black Street K124 TireN/A12″$14.95
3Kenda K1031N/A14″N/A
4Kenda K50N/A14″N/A
5Kenda Small BlockMountain Bike20″$59.95 – $67.84
6KENDA K50 BMX TireBMX Bike20″N/A
7Kenda K-Rad Standard TireBMX Bike, Mountain Bike & Commuting Bike20″$41.74
8Kenda Small BlockMountain Bike24″$59.95 – $67.84
9KENDA K52BMX Bike 24″$22.18
Various KENDA Tires

I could go on and on about KENDA, but I have to show you some other fascinating brands as well.

2. SCHWALBE Kids’ Bicycle Tire

Schwalbe has been providing quality for quite some time. I have seen them evolve throughout the years, and let me tell you something, they have done well.

Schwalbe Marathon Racer Wire Road Star Clincher Race Guard 67TPI 55-85PSI Tire, Black, 20" x 2/3
Schwalbe marathon racer kids bike tire (Source: Amazon.com)

Here is a list of some of the best kids’ bicycle tires from Schwalbe. You can purchase a suitable sized tire from the list below.

SNNameBike TypeSizePrice Range
1SCHWALBE Black Jack Active Line TireN/A12″$18.72 – $49.99
2Schwalbe G-OneN/A12″$24.00
3Schwalbe Little JoeRoad Bike16″$24.00
4Schwalbe Rocket RonMountain Bike 20″$24.00
5Schwalbe Marathon RacerRoad Bike20″$40.05
6SCHWALBE Black Jack Active Line TireN/A20″$18.72 – $49.99
7Schwalbe Rocket RonMountain Bike24″$24.00
Various SCHWALBE Tires

3. Goodyear Kids’ Bicycle Tires

The brand Goodyear has been making decent tires for a while. Although I have not heard many compliments about them, I also have not heard any complaints.

You can take a look yourself and be your own judge!

Goodyear Folding Bead Bicycle Tire: While the bicycle tire is said to be 12.5″, it is mostly referred to as 12″. While this is a good tire, I would get something more robust for the kids.

Goodyear Folding Bead Bicycle Tire

Goodyear Folding Bead Bicycle Tire: As I said before, this 14″ tire is of good quality and if you find it perfect for your kid, then go ahead, but I still would recommend you to look for it something that isn’t slick.

4. Continental Kids’ Bicycle Tire

When I first heard about the brand Continental, I wasn’t really sure about its features and advantages. But when I did my research, I found out that this brand sure does bring a lot to the table.

Continental Ride Tour Replacement Bike Tire: Provided with extra protection, the Continental Ride Tour Replacement Bike Tire is perfect if your kid rides the urban bikes. You can find it in the size of 16″.

Continental Ride Tour Replacement Bike Tire

Continental Ride Tour Replacement Bike Tire: If you did like the Continental as mentioned above tire but were bummed to know that it wasn’t a 20″, then your problem is solved.

The Continental Ride Tour Replacement Bike Tire is also available in 20 inches.

Continental Ride Tour Replacement Bike Tire: The Continental Ride Tour Replacement Bike Tire is also available in 24″.

5. MAXXIS Kids’ Bicycle Tire

If you are a cycling enthusiast like me, then you probably have heard of the brand MAXXIS. The brand has been providing good tires for quite some time now. Here are some of their note-worthy tires.

Maxxis Torch tire (Source: Amazon.com)

Here’s a list of what I liked.

SNNameBike TypeSizePrice Range
2MAXXIS creepy crawler trials tireN/A20″N/A
3MAXXIS – HookwormBMX Bike20″$24.51
4Maxxis Torch TireBMX Bike20″N/A
5MAXXIS – MinionMountain Bike24″$55.00
6Maxxis Holy Roller BMX/Urban Bike TireBMX Bike24″$29.99 – $68.64
Various MAXXIS Tires

6. Donnelly Sports

On the list of one of the most noteworthy brands falls Donnelly Sports. This particular brand has been excelling in producing mainly tubeless tires for some time.

Here are some of their most bought and viewed bicycle tires.

Donnelly Sports X’plor MSO WC Tire: This tire is perfect for the road and gravel with rubber. You can buy Donnelly Sports X’plor Bike Tire from amazon.com.

Donnelly Sports PDX WC Tire: This tubeless tire is a match made if your kid has a road bike or Cyclocross bike.

Donnelly Strada USH Tire – Tubeless Black: Another one of the great creations of Donnelly. This tire particularly fits road bikes.

Donnelly PDX WC: If you ask me, I found the Donnelly PDX WC had much better features than the rest of Donnelly’s creations.

Don’t get me wrong, the tires mentioned above are also attention-grabbing, but features like aggressive knobs really stood out.

Donnelly PDX WC

7. Cheng Shin Kids’ Bicycle Tire

Talking about Cheng Shin, I have not seen much of their tires in the market, but the available ones are pretty good and sturdy.

Cheng Shin C241 Street Bicycle Tire: The Cheng Shin C241 Street Bicycle Tire is perfect if your kid owns a road bike. Like most of the tires, this tire, too, consists of a skin wall.

CST TM09692 C183A Front/Rear Tire: All of the tires mentioned above are great, but if you are looking for something a little more than fundamental, then this particular Cheng Shin tire might be the one.

CST TM09692 C183A Front/Rear Tire

8. Sunlite Kids’ Bicycle Tire

In my opinion, Sunlite is one of the most renowned brands in my circle. There are a variety of bicycle tires available, but here are some of my favorite.

SUNLITE Komfort Hybrid Tires: As mentioned in the name, the SUNLITE Komfort Hybrid Tires will be a match for your kid’s hybrid bike. But I must warn you that this tire does not come with a warranty.

SUNLITE City Slick Tires: While slick tires are not recommended, SUNLITE has undoubtedly created a good tire, especially for cruiser bikes.

SUNLITE Kross Plus Cyclocross/Hybrid Tire: This tire is by far one of the best of SUNLITE’s creations. It consists of a smooth center and has a low rolling resistance.

Sunlite Kross Plus Cyclocross/Hybrid Tire


Catazer is another good brand if you are looking for tires. Here are some of their exceptional tires.

CATAZER Replacement Bicycle Tire for Children Bike: This Catazer tire is made with suitable quality materials; it will ensure your kid a smooth ride.

CATAZER Replacement Bicycle Tire for Children Bike

Catazer 16 Inch 161.75 Bicycle Solid Tires: If you want to teach your kid to be a friend to the environment, this Catazer tire is the right choice.

Catazer 16 Inch 161.75 Bicycle Solid Tires

CATAZER Bike Tyre Bicycle: This bicycle tire goes perfectly on any surface, so you don’t have to worry if your kid is riding on gravel or the dirt.

10. Vee Tire Co.

While Vee Tire Co. might not have reached the top, it certainly is making its way. These are some of their most liked tires.

Vee Tire Co. Rail 29×1.95 Mountain/Gravel/Adventure/Cyclocross Tire: The name itself shows that this tire is perfect for Mountain bikes, Gravel bikes, and Adventure well as Cyclocross bikes. On top of that, it is also suitable for E-Bikes.

Vee Tire Co. Rail 29×1.95 Mountain/Gravel/Adventure/Cyclocross Tire

11. BELL Kids’ Bicycle Tire

I must confess, I have not seen or heard about BELL until I discovered it on the internet. The only thing that I would like to say is that I am not disappointed.

Bell TRACTION Mountain Tire: The Bell traction Mountain Tire is a go for the road and mountain bikes.

Bell TRACTION Mountain Tire

Bell 20-Inch Freestyle Bike Tire: I have heard great reviews about the Bell 20-Inch Freestyle Bike Tire. You have to try it out yourself to see if it is worth the praise.

Before You Go

Tires are like the main component of your bicycle. It either makes your ride or breaks it.

I have enlisted some of the best brands available, but you are free to pick what you like and, most importantly, what is best for your kid.

Make sure your kid is comfortable riding their bikes and keep an eye on whether it is safe or not.
I wouldn’t want to keep you waiting. So, go on, you sure have some shopping to do!

But before you close the tab, you might want to look into the following articles as well.

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