9 Best Kids Bike Helmets [2022 Update]

Buying a helmet for your kid can indeed be a strenuous task with so many options available.

The market is overwhelmed with helmets of various colors, features, and styles.

The CPSC standards bind all the manufacturers to produce safe helmets. So, most of the aspects regarding safety are similar in all the helmets. 

However, the same helmet may not suit two kids of the same age.

Before jumping into best kid’s bike helmets, you should read another article on, What Size Bike Helmet Does My Kid Need.

Based on the nature of the ride, preference of kids, and sizes of the helmets, you may have to go through a few of them to get the best one for your little one. 

Here’s a quick chart to help you compare the best helmets. You can decide the best one based on the needs of your kid.

Helmet NameStyleMIPSPrice ($)Weight (pounds)Head circumference range (inches)
Giro Tremor MTB Helmet MTBYes64.95$ -65$1 pounds (454 gm)Universal child: (47 – 54 cm)Universal Youth: (50 – 57 cm)
Nutcase Little Nutty MIPS Kids HelmetMultis-sportsYes69.99$0.97 (440 gm)Toddler Size: (48 – 52 cm)Youth Size: (52 – 56 cm)
Belsize Kids Bike Helmet BMXNo$29.99N/ASmall Size: (51 – 54 cm)
Medium Size: (55 – 58cm)
Lazer Gekko Kids HelmetRegular street bikeYesN/A0.68 (310 gm)XS: (50 – 54 cm)S: (52 – 56 cm)M: (55 – 59 cm)
Schwinn Thrasher Kids HelmetsMTBNo25.99$ – 44.99$0.63 (287 gm)Kid size: (50 – 56 cm)
Bell Sidetrack II MIPS HelmetMountain BikeYes69.95$ -70$C: 0.77 (350 gm)Y: 0.79 (360 gm)Universal child: (47 – 54 cm)Universal Youth: (50 – 57 cm)
Nickelodeon Kids HelmetRegular street bikeNo38.99$ -49.99$0.6 (250 gm)Universal fit 
OutdoorMaster Multi-sports HelmetMulti-sports NoN/A0.86 pounds (390 gm)M: (51 – 58 cm)L: (54 – 60 cm)
Kamugo Kids HelmetMulti-sportsNoN/A0.6 (250 gm)48 – 54 cm

Note: Helmets come out in sizes category like small, medium and large mostly. But same size helmets from different manufacturers can significantly vary in size.

Check out the actual sizes of helmets before buying.

I have been cycling for quite a long time now and my kids have seen me riding bikes with all safety gear. Biking is a pleasurable experience until you come across some accidents. Following are some articles I wrote some time back on safety during riding.

Now Let’s jump into best helmets for your kids.

Giro Tremor

Giro Tremor Kid’s Helmet

Giro Tremor is best suited for kids who love rocky rides with mountain bikes.

You may not be able to stop your child from going on an adventurous off-road trip, but you can save them with this helmet. 

The manufacturers boast the Roc Loc Sport Fit System as a market-leading secure and easy fit system.

Besides the support of the one-handed operation, the 7 cm range of fitting is remarkable.

The ponytail compatibility is another notable feature.

Featuring in-mold technology, which binds the outer Polycarbonate shell with inner EPS, the helmet is lightweight and durable.

Effective cooling of the helmet is assisted by quick-dry padding plus the vents.

Schwinn Thrasher Kids Helmet 

Schwinn Thrasher Kids Helmet

A great helmet that you will find out there for your five-year-old is the Schwinn Thrasher Helmet.

This helmet is indeed a favorite of adults as well as kids.

But the fitting may not be appropriate for a kid less than 5-year old or a kid with small head size.

The detachable visor is a standout feature.

The kid can easily remove the visor when riding around the home for a few minutes.

The padding along with the dial fit knob offers a custom fit with 360-degree comfort.

Unlike others, this helmet comes with two layers of PVC Microshell.

In addition, the 20 vents are distributed on the surface, which enables the kiddo to ride around on extremely sunny days.

Belsize Kids Bike Helmet

Belsize Kids Bike Helmet (Image Source: Amazon.com)

The Belsize kids helmet with detachable foam liner is one of the most comfortable helmets available out there.

The strap can be adjusted to better fit your child’s face, while a chin pad in the middle of the strap provides increased comfort.

A 0.78″ thick EPS liner provides impact absorption and a buffer effect to protect your child’s head if they fall.

With this helmet, you can easily adjust the fit according to your head size.

There are 3 different modes on this light, and it flashes bright red so you can’t miss it at night.

Nutcase Little Nutty Helmet MIPS 

Nutcase Little Nutty Helmet MIPS

With several options to attain the right fit, the helmet will not disappoint in adapting to your kid’s head size within the given range.

Three extra sets of foam pads plus the dial fit system ensures the helmet will adjust to the growing head size of your little one.

The sturdy outer ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) shell will protect kid’s noggin.

Moreover, the CPSC and ASTM certifications verify the safety of the helmet.

The radiant looks of the helmet ensure the kiddo’s visibility in crowded areas.

The pinch-free Fidlock magnetic closure system enables one-hand locking. 

Lazer Gekko (with/without MIPS) 

Lazer Gekko (with/without MIPS)

The next-generation helmet by Lazer, Gekko comes with a downward extended laterals profile for extra coverage.

The visor is fixed to protect the kid from the sun

AutoFit system is integrated into the helmet that eliminates pressure points like other fit systems.

The simplicity of fitting the helmet on the kid’s head is admirable.

All you need to do is, pull the AutoFit basket and place the helmet on the kiddo’s noggin.

The manufacturers have gone beyond regular efforts to bolster the visibility of the kids with an optional rear LED light.

But you must pay extra bucks for the light. 

Bell Sidetrack II Youth MIPS 

Bell Sidetrack II Youth MIPS

The Bell Sidetrack is an excellent mountain bike helmet that comes with MIPS technology.

The sleek Ergo-Fit dial system promises efficiency with smooth rotational function. 

A dedicated sweat guide pad is embedded into the inner part to avoid the dripping of sweats directed towards the eyes.

The retractable visor reduces the time-cost of setting up and removing visors like that of a detachable visor. 

The broad straps remain flat on the cheeks.

The sliding plane that comes with the MIPS system protects the noggin from rotational forces.

Overall, this helmet is worth considering for the kid with MTB bikes.

Nickelodeon Helmet 

Nickelodeon Helmet

If your kid is a fan of the Nickelodeon cartoons, then this helmet will undoubtedly catch their eyes.

Your little ones can be fascinated by vibrant graphics, which will get his/her on their bike finally with a helmet.

This magical helmet is suitable for kids around 3-5 years.  

The lower molded shell extends downwards for additional safety of the rear part of the noggin.

Despite the bulky appearance, the helmet weighs 0.6 pounds.

You can even opt to buy paw patrol extra pads for a customized fitting.

OutdoorMaster Helmet for Kids 

OutdoorMaster Helmet for Kids

The OutdoorMaster helmet is a multi-sports helmet with exceptional features.

The kid can wear it while cycling or skating or riding a scooter or rollerblading.

The helmet is fortified by the reinforced ABS shell and 0.7 inches thick EPS core.

The additional inner features are equally appreciable. The two sets of removable EPS liners are easy to clean after dirty and exhausting trips.

Besides, they aid in achieving the right fit for varying head sizes.

Moreover, with a pinch-free buckle plus the padded chin strap, the helmet is a complete package for juniors above five years

Kamugo Kids Helmets 

Kamugo Kids Helmets

Kamugo helmet is another alternative in the multi-sports segment.

For a kid of around 2-8 years, who is determined to experience riskier cycling or skating, you may consider this one.

Besides the robustness of the PVC shell, the anti-scratch feature is commendable.

The internal paddings are composed of EVA material which absorbs sweat without alternating the shock-absorbing ability of the foam.

In addition to the helmet, the package includes a set of protective gears; two knee pads, two wrist pads, and two elbow pads.

The manufacturers have emphasized safety while building this helmet. 

Bonus Helmets

Raskullz Mohawk Kids Helmet

Breaking out the traditional looks, Raskullz Helmet is a fantastic helmet with cool designs and patterns.

The scary Mohawk part is bendable rubber which is completely safe for the kids. It complies with CPSC and ASTM standards. 

The junior can pick one from a range of options available for different head sizes. T-Rex Bonez is an excellent choice for kids around 3-5 years, with head size 48 to 52 cm. 

T-rex Bonez for kids 3+

The Hawk Black is a final choice of many kids above five years with head size 50 to 54 cm.

Hawk Black for 5+ kids

Final tips on buying kid’s helmet

Without a doubt, any helmet you get for your kid will be safe.

On the contrary, spending more will get you better features such as breathability, ventilation, better buckle guard, and lightweight.

The kid will stick to the helmet if he/she feels comfortable in it. 

But make sure to exclude helmets that are priced just for their expensive colors or patterns.

Moreover, you need to invest in helmets that will suit your kid’s riding style and the helmet that will grow with your kid, so you don’t have to get one each year.

Overall, correct fit is always the top priority for a kid’s helmet.

Do check some of other articles I have written about Bike Helmets.

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