12 Best Dual-Certified Skateboarding Helmets for Kids

If you are pondering on getting skateboarding helmets for your kids, you are at the right place.

We can find many helmets advertised for multiple sports like biking, skateboarding, skiing, rollerblading, and so on.

The level of risks associated with each of these sports is different and demands varied levels of protection.

This article will discuss the skateboarding helmet and what you need to look for before buying one for your kid.

Can you use Bike Helmets for Skateboarding?

One of the most common questions I get from parents is this “Can my kid use his biking helmet for skateboarding?” well, honestly, you should not do so.

Most of the biking helmets are made for high impact single crash, and it needs to be immediately replaced after that. I have covered everything you need to know about Crashed Helmet in another article.

CPSC (Customer Product Safety Commission) certifications cover that for bike helmets. And helmets with only CPSC certifications cannot guarantee adequate protection of the kids for skateboarding.

Skateboarding kids are prone to falls during the learning phase. So, the helmet needs to withstand multiple low impacts and still safeguard the nogging in a high-impact incident.

Without a doubt, a skateboarding helmet needs to be strong than a biking helmet. 

But there are biking helmets with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) certifications besides CPSC certification. ASTM F1492 covers the performance and design requirements of helmets to sustain the falls in skateboarding.

This is the reason why skateboarding helmets have extended coverage in the back, unlike cycling helmets. The kids are less likely to fall on their heads in cycling.

Overall, the safety of high impact resistance from CPSC and multiple low impacts resistance from ASTM, a dual certified helmet is a lifesaver for your kid.

Besides the safety standards, having the right size helmet is equally important.

Comparison Table of 12 Best Skateboarding Helmets for Kids

You can take a quick look at the table and choose one that best fits your kid’s needs.

HelmetsWeight (pounds)PriceAvailable sizes (cm)
Nutcase MIPS Kid’s Dual Certified HelmetN/A$69.99Kid: 48 – 52   Youth: 52 – 56
Triple Eight Sweatsaver0.9$51.99 – $76.99 XS: 51 – 54 S/M: 53 – 57   
OutdoorMaster0.88$59.99S: 46 – 51 M: 51 – 58 L: 54 – 60
S1 Mini LiferN/A$65 – $6946.9, 48.3, 49.5, 50.8 & 52.1
JBM Multi-sports Kid’s HelmetN/A$49.99S: 46 – 50 M: 50 – 58 L: 53 – 59
TurboSke Skateboard Helmet0.88N/AS/M: 52 – 58 
Wipeout Dry Erase Kids Helmet1$27.99 – $59.9949 – 52 52 – 56
BELL Span Youth Bike Helmet0.93$13.77 – $55XS: 49 – 53 S: 51– 55
GoTrax Kid’s Helmet0.57$19.99 – $24.99M: 52 – 56
Pro-tec Classic skateboarding helmetsN/A$49.99 – $54 .95M: 56 – 58
Lanovagear Skateboard Helmet for Kids0.4$19.99S: 48 – 54
80Six Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet1.3$22.36 – $25.99S: 49 – 52 M: 52 – 56
Top 12 dual-certified skateboarding helmets for kids

Considering all the safety standards, our own personal use, and from the kid’s perspective, here is a detailed review of the top 12 dual-certified helmets for kids:

1. Nutcase Little Nutty for Skateboarding

Nutcase Helmet is one of the best skateboarding helmets in terms of safety.

The MIPS feature works great to save your little one prone to injuries. In fact, you will not find MIPS features in most skateboarding helmets now.

Nutcase Little Nutty Skateboard Helmet (Source: Amazon.com)

Besides, the cool looks of the helmet are outstanding. The reflectivity of the helmet is maximized, which is a plus point for skating in crowds.

Your kid will find it easy to secure and unlock the clips with Fidlock magnetic closure, even with gloves on. In addition, you can get 3 additional pads for fitting the helmet on the noggin of your kiddo. 

The impeccable features regarding safety assurance along with style and comfort are unquestionable. If the helmet fits within your budget, there is no need to bother looking at others.

You can check the price and availability of this awesome Nutcase Helmet on Amazon.

2. Triple Eight Sweatsaver: Favorite of Junior Skaters

Triple Eight Helmet is one of the most popular skateboarding helmets for a kid. You must have seen one of these if you have accompanied your kids to the skate parks.

The helmet complies with CPSC and ASTM standards and guarantees top-notch safety. A great value for its price.

Teal Hologram Triple8 Sweatsaver (Source: Amazon.com)

Over hour-long sessions, the sweat accumulates on the washable liners composed of efficient absorbing fabrics, terrycloth.  Plus, you can remove or add the two sets of liners to customize the fit on the kiddo’s head.

With the dual-density foam, Triple Eight is an ideal helmet for kids above 5 years. However, the smallest size starts from 51 cm, which may be problematic for petite juniors.

If you find this helmet suitable for your kids, you can visit amazon to check the price and availability of the Triple 8 Skateboard Helmet.

3. OutdoorMaster: Quality at Affordable Price

You will find the Outdoor Master helmet as the most affordable dual-certified helmet on this list.

The size range of the helmet is noteworthy. The parents don’t have to worry much about getting the proper size. The small-sized one can fit even the kids around 2 years.

Outdoor Master Helmet (Source: Amazon.com)

The robust ABS shell with high impact resistance makes it a good helmet for skating. Kiddos can easily get a sung fit with the rear dial fit system.

Despite being relatively cheap than other helmets, it is considerably lightweight.

The outdoor Master is a full packaged helmet to consider if you want a high-quality, low-budget helmet.

4. S1 Mini Lifer: Best suited for Small Heads 

As claimed by the manufacturers, the S1 Lifer helmets are five times safer than the regular soft foam helmets.

The safety comes from the use of specially formulated EPS Fusion Foam. The testing procedure and the safety certifications do support the claims.

Pink Matte S1 mini lifer for girls

S1 mini lifer is the smaller version of the S1 Lifer adult helmet. Lifer helmets are specifically designed for high-impact activities like skateboarding, longboarding, and roller skating.

If you have not been able to find a small size for the kiddo, S1 Mini Lifer will not disappoint you.

The helmet may seem costly, but the features assuring a high level of safety are worth the extra bucks for the junior.

In fact, I am waiting to gift this helmet to my youngest one on his upcoming third birthday.

5. JBM Multi-sports Kid’s Helmet  

JBM Skateboard helmet is a budget one if your kid does not care much about the looks.

Unlike other helmets, this one has a PVC shell. PVC also has great impact resistance.

Orange JBM Skateboard Helmet (Source: Amazon.com)

Although, the manufacturers have kept well on the safety standards. The major downside of this helmet is the poor ventilation system that lacks engineering like good expensive helmets like Triple 8.

Overall, it is considerable for beginner skateboarding enthusiasts.

6. TurboSke Skateboard Helmet

You can get a small visor with the ultra-lightweight TurboSke helmet.

The injection molding technology offers a sturdy outer shell.

TurboSke helmet (Source: Amazon.com)

The helmet will go for a longer period, and you don’t have to worry about fitting as the child grows. The dial adjustment system helps to fit the growing head.

However, a smaller number of vents may not keep the head cooler on sunny days.

You can buy Turboske Helmet from Amazon.com.

7. Wipeout Dry Erase Kids Helmet

If your kid is starting up and demands flashy helmets, a Wipeout helmet is a great option.

The manufacturers (Triple Eight) provide markers of five different colors that can be erased. The kiddo can design their helmet by themselves.

Black Wipeout helmet (Source: Amazon.com)

One of the most effective and innovative ways to get your kid to wear the helmet. And don’t worry about the side effects of the markers as they are non-toxic.

Offering a customized, stylish look, the helmet also ticks in all safety standards. The “New day, new designs” approach will certainly lure the little ones.

8. BELL Span Youth Bike Helmet  

The shape of the Bell Span gives a compact lid-like look. The extended coverage adds to the safety of the back of the head.

Matte Force Blue Octobeast Bell Span helmet (Source: Amazon.com)

It is the only kid’s helmet from Bell that is dual certified. Do not confuse with other Bell helmets that are only CPSC certified for cycling.

The fit is a crucial matter in skating. The streamlined fit system and reliable straps and buckle of the helmet are outstanding.

Besides, enough vents are located on the helmets to support easy breathability.

You can check this amazing Bell Span Helmet from amazon.com.

9. GoTrax Kid’s Helmet 

Gotrax Skateboard Helmet is one of the lightweight helmets on this list. The appearance is somehow different on the upper portion, which is slightly flat compared to others.

A Pinch-free buckle is integrated into the helmet, making it kid-friendly. The helmet is very affordable too.

GoTrax Kids Helmet (Source: Amazon.com)

However, less quality padding may give a hard time.

If your kid is starting and wants a super light helmet at a great price, Gotrax can be an excellent option.

10. Pro-tec Certified Skateboarding Helmet

Protec brands are renowned for quality gear in the market. The glossy shell is an eye-catcher for sure.

Black Classic Protec Skateboarding Helmet (Source: Amazon.com)

The helmet may be slightly heavier for a kid who has sported lightweight helmets before.

We have not bought one but have heard some friends complaining about poor ventilation. For such a price as high as that, you can get good helmets.

However, the non-certified Pro-tec helmets are also out there advertised for skateboarding. Beware of such helmets that compromise the safety of your kids.     

11. Lanovagear Skateboard Helmet for Kids 

The ventilation system of the Lanovagear helmet is properly built to cool the head. The vents are large enough to let the heat out.

Besides the internal padding, the chin strap is also padded, which many kids find very comforting.

Green Lanovagear Kid’s Helmet (Source: Amazon.com)

You can even opt for a set of skateboarding gear which includes knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist pads. Getting a whole set from the same manufacturer can be the easy way out.

You can buy this amazing Lanovagear Skateboard Helmet on amazon.com.

12. 80Six Dual Certified Kids’ Skateboard Helmet  

80 Six Helmet may be a great option, but there are better products that you can get at the same price.

White Matte 80Six Skating Helmet (Source: Amazon.com)

The helmet does lack the adjustability feature such as dial fit and extra sizing pads, which makes it harder for your kid to get a snug fit.

In addition, the helmet is tough to put on for long hours and hot days as the vents are small and concentrated on the middle part only.

While it does not hurt to get a look at the options but make a wise choice.

How often do you Need to Change the Helmet?

Quality skateboarding helmets can go for 3-5 years if kids have not been knocked down hard on the ground.

Despite the sturdiness, make sure to check the condition of the helmet after each session.

A quality skateboarding helmet need not be replaced immediately after minor falls.

However, you can learn in detail about this topic in another article: When Do Kids’ Bike Helmets Expire?

Does your Kid need Protective Gear for Skateboarding?

Wheeled sports like skateboarding, when gone wrong, can lead to severe injuries.

Buying the protective gear may feel like going an extra step on the budget. But trust me, it is worth the safety of our kids. 

Still, with a helmet, other delicate body parts need to be protected.

The gears include knee pads, wrist guards, and elbow pads. Likewise, your kid will also need comfortable and athletic shoes before hitting the street or ramp.

If you are unsure what to look for, you can check out our top picks for elbow and knee pads.


If you want to know my opinion on buying skateboarding helmets for kids, the first thing I prioritize is quality and comfort.

After all, you are buying it for your kids, and no parents would compromise their children’s safety for a few bucks.

So, let your kids be more adventurous and happy.

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