5 Best Toddler Bikes For Your 1, 2, or 3-Year-Old

Toddler With His Bike
Toddler With His Bike (Source: Unsplash)

Parenthood can be tricky. Providing your child with the best childhood with moments to remember for a lifetime is a priority no parent can deny. Especially if you’re a proud parent of a toddler, providing them with jubilant moments can be assuredly fulfilling for you as well.

And, if you wish for your toddler to enjoy the outdoors at an early age, getting bikes for them to ride can be a great means.

Although similar to many other factors, getting the right bike for your kid can be equally burdensome.

A kid riding on a balance bike (Image Source: wiki media commons)

If you are unable to decide the best bike for your 1,2, or 3-year-old toddler, do not worry.

Here, I have compiled a list of 5 of the best bikes for toddlers. So, you can choose the most suitable one for your kid.

Types of Toddler Bikes

If you’re a new parent, this might come as a surprise that there is more than one type of toddler bike. Additionally, every kid might have a preference of their own, even though they might not be able to express their will.

It is your job as a parent to learn about the different types of toddler bikes. So, you can decide the best one suitable for your kid.

If you put your mind to it, there can be up to 5 different types of bikes just for toddlers. But, there are three types of bikes for kids aged from 1 to 3. They are mentioned below:


Tricycles or trikes are the most common bikes for toddlers. However, due to their obvious difficulty to walk straightforward during the first couple of years of their lives, the tricycle has been the go-to bike for toddlers.

The two hind wheels on a tricycle allow kids to enjoy biking without any hindrances. Plus, with small and cute pedals, they’d feel the joy of riding a real bike in a small package.

Similarly, I’ve included three tricycles on the list of best bikes for kids from 1 to 3. So, if you feel that tricycles would be best for your little one, have at it.

Types of TricyclesWhat would they cost you?Specifications of the Bikes
Tricycle Brand
Radio Flyer Four in one Stroll N Trike$78.99 to $118.95Four use in one bike
Weighs 16 Pounds
Made from Alloy Steel
Radio Flyer
Fisher-Price Harley DavidsonTough Trike$22.99 to $26.99Harley look-alike trike
Weighs 8.2 Pounds
Tough with wide tires
SmarTrike Breeze Toddler Tricycle $66.99 to $71.95It does not require external assembly
Made from Plastic and Metal
Different types of Tricycles for 1, 2 and 3-year-olds

Now, why don’t we discuss the usability and efficiency of the bikes mentioned earlier? Then, you’d be able to determine the right one for your kiddo.

Radio Flyer Four in one Stroll N Trike

One of the personal favorites of a close friend with a toddler, I’d recommend this tricycle to every parent out there. With the idea of spending some outdoor time with her 18-month-old, my friend bought the Radio Flyer trike.

My friend likes this tricycle because it is equally good strong as any bike out there. Additionally, the safety features on this bike provide a lot of reassurance to the baby’s mother.

Radio Flyer Four in One Stroll N Trike (Image Source: Amazon.com)

The bike consists of a double seat belt along with a protective outer wrap-around tray. Furthermore, the outer frame of the bike is made from plastic with solid inner metal components. Thus, this bike is lightweight for any toddler to ride with ease.

Dimension of the Product: 28.7 inches X 22 inches X 41.3 inches

Price Range: $78.99 to $118.95

Why Radio Flyer Four in one Stroll N Trike?

Despite the specifications mentioned above, the radio flyer stroll and trike provide a lot more. For example, the overhead canopy protects your kid from harmful UV rays from the sun. So, it’s great for outdoor use as well.

Furthermore, this cycle consists of a small basket for your kid’s toys. So, if they get bored from biking, they can play with their toys. All these features are available in an affordable price range.

So, if you feel as if this tricycle is perfect for your kid, you can easily get it. You can purchase this trike from Amazon, where it has four and a half stars for its usefulness.

Fisher Price Harley Davidson Tough Trike

When my five-year-old was just a toddler, this trike was his favorite. Then, within just 16 months, he started riding around in our front yard on his Fisher-Price Tough Tricycle.

With such an outer look that even adults give a second glance at, this bike for toddlers is as strong as they get. Similarly, with the plastic exterior, kids can easily pedal these trikes with utmost ease.

Fisher-Price Harley Davidson Tough Trike (Image Source: Amazon.com)

Furthermore, the rugged, stable, and durable tires, along with easy-grip handlebars, allow your one to three-year-olds to take control of the tricycle easily. Additionally, your kid would have the coolest tricycle if you took him to a playdate with other kids.

Dimension of the Product: 29.5 inches X 22.5 inches X 22 inches

Price Range: $22.99 to $26.99

Why Fisher Price Harley Davidson Tough Trike?

Despite the stable and awesome outlook, this bike is available at a fair and reasonable price, as mentioned above. Unlike many other tricycles, this one is pre-assembled and ready to use when bought.

Additionally, if you think that this particular tricycle is best for your kid, get this one right now. The Fisher-Price tricycle is easily available on Amazon, where it has four and a half stars.

SmarTrike Breeze Toddler Tricycle

Kid’s protection should always be your primary responsibility as a parent. So even when you decide to let your 1, 2, or 3-year-old ride on a tricycle, you’d want them to be as safe as possible.

This SmarTrike Breeze Toddler tricycle is designed with utmost safety. It consists of a strong and reliable yet gentle seatbelt for your little one. Similarly, the protection tray protects your kid from falling off the seat.

SmarTrike Breeze Toddler Tricycle ( Image Source: Amazon.com)

Furthermore, the Smartrike is manufactured from strong and durable. So, your kid would be able to ride it until they outgrow the bike.

Dimension of the Product: 36.6 inches X 17.7 inches X 40.2 inches

Price Range: $66.99 to $71.95

Why choose SmarTrike Breeze Toddler Tricycle?

This tricycle is available with a steering handle. So, you can rest assured that your toddler would not wander around randomly. Additionally, with the assistance of the steering handle, you can easily take your kid wherever you wish to.

So, if you feel as if this tricycle is perfect for your kid, you can easily get it. You can purchase this trike from Amazon, where it has four and a half stars for its usefulness. And, they are also available in multiple color patterns as per your wish.

Balance Bikes

Balance Bikes are not your typical bikes that regular one to three-year-olds use. But that is uniquely effective for your kid’s riding skills. Balance bikes do not contain any pedals.

Initially, one might be skeptical about the use of a balance bike. But, do not worry. A close friend of mine bought a balance for his two-year-old daughter. Though he was dubious about its reliability, he found the bike to be extremely paramount for developing his kid’s riding skills.

How does a Balance Bike work?

If you’re confused about how your kid would ride a balance bike, don’t worry because it’s simple. Put your kid on the bike and push the bike gently. The gist of a balance bike is to teach your kid to keep the balance of the two-wheeler maintained.

If your kids learn to balance their bikes from an early age, their teenage life will be much simpler.

Additionally, if you feel a balance bike would be best for your kid, here are two of the best balance bikes.

Types of Balance BikeWhat would it cost?Other SpecificationsBrand of the Bike
Strider Balance Bikes$104.49 to $159.99For road use with dual suspension
Made from Aluminium Frame
Bammaz Baby Balance Bikes$65.95 to $69.996-inch wheels
It weighs around 4 pounds
Made with carbon steel frame
Best Balance Bike for Toddlers aged from 1 to 3 years

Now, let’s learn some more about these balance bikes down below.

Strider Balance Bikes

If you wish for your kid to be better adept at biking as well as hand-eye coordination, Strider balance bikes are perfect for you.

Strider is reliable and provides biking experience for kids from as early as 18 months and onwards.

If your kid likes this Strider balance bike, it can even be used by 5-year-old kids.

Strider Balance Bike (Image Source: Amazon.com)

Although the strider balance bike might look heavy from the outside, it weighs around 5.5pounds.

Furthermore, it contains fully adjustable easy-adjust clamps. So, you can rest assured that your kid would easily be able to control the bike.

Dimension of the Product: 27.2 inches X 11.9 inches X 7.1 inches

Price Range: $104.49 to $159.99

I hope you liked the Strider 12 sport balance bike. If you did, you could easily purchase one for your kid from Amazon, where it has four and a half stars.

In addition, they are available in a variety of colors. So, you can choose as per your liking.

Bammax Balance Bicycle for Children

Bammax balance bike is not a common balance bike. If you feel your kid is not ready for a two-wheeler balance bike yet, you can start with a four-wheeler balance bike like the Bammax balance bike.

The four wheels connect to form two stable sets of tires. Thus, with a couple of wheels attached to each other, your kid would have no difficulties adapting to the Bammax balance bike.

Bammax Baby Balance Bike (Image Source: Amazon.com)

Furthermore, the durable and reliable carbon steel frame makes this bike as strong as possible. So, you would not have to worry about it breaking down.

Dimension of the Product: 19.3 inches X 7.5 inches X 13.8 inches

Price Range: $65.95 to $69.99

Now, after using the Bammax balance bike as a toddler, your kid would have a good grasp of balancing a bike by themselves. Additionally, these bikes are unisex, so they’d be suitable for either your son or your daughter.

And, if you feel that the Bammax balance bikes are suitable for your kid, you can purchase them from Amazon. There, they’re available in multiple color choices.

Furthermore, the 4.6 stars ratings out of five is a cherry on the top.

Toy Bikes

Another commonly used bikes for toddlers is toy bikes. However, one might think of how a kid would fit in a toy bike, it is not what you think.

Many parents buy a trike-sized toy bike for their kids. It might not have the features of a regular bike and run on battery or remote control. Though these bikes might not develop your kid’s biking skills they’d surely keep them entertained.

Finally, now that you know about different types of bikes for 1, 2 and 3-year-olds, I hope you can choose a suitable one for your kid, out of the five mentioned earlier.

If you did, hope your kids enjoy riding their bike. Similarly, I hope you get to enjoy watching their progress throughout the years.

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