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BG3 Mind Flayer Colony: Explore Enemies And Secrets

BG3 Mind Flayer Colony
BG3 Mind Flayer Colony is a location in the Underdark where the mind flayers.

BG3 Mind Flayer Colony is a location in the Underdark where the Mind Flayers have established a base of processes.

Mind flayers are a challenging enemy to face but also a rewarding one if you defeat them.

BG3 Mind Flayer lives in the colony which is ruled by Elder Brain. They are known for their intelligence, ability to enslave other creatures, and use of mind control. 

Continue reading to learn more about Mind Flayer Colony and its treasure items.

What Is Mind Flayer In BG3?

Mind Flayers, commonly known as Illithids, are one of the iconic and psionic creatures in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Similarly, they are humanoid beings with octopus-like heads, tentacles, and purple skin.

Mind Flayers
This image shows Mind Flayers in BG3.

The Mind Flayers live in colonies hidden within the Underdark, an extensive network of caverns and tunnels beneath the world’s surface.

Additionally, this character has 91 health, Armor Class (AC) 13, a base speed of 9m and a weight of 50 kg.

Furthermore, they can manipulate the character’s mind easily.

What Is BG3 Mind Flayer Colony?

In BG3, Mind Flayer Colony is a location in the game with different puzzles.

Each colony is ruled by an Elder Brain, a massive pool of brain matter connected to all Mind Flayers through a telepathic link.

Mind flayer colony map
This is a Mind Flayer colony map.

Similarly, the Elder Brain is the source of the Mind Flayers’ collective intelligence, memory, and culture.

The elder brain stores and shares the mind flayers’ knowledge, history, and culture.

Moreover, the colonies are operated as a single hive mind.

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Treasure Item In Mind Flayer Colony

The mind flayer colony in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a hidden underground lair where they conduct experiments and plan attacks.

Additionally, it offers some unique treasures in the game. They are given below:

1. The Githyanki Silver Sword

The Githyanki Silver Sword is a unique and robust weapon in Baldur’s Gate 3.

It’s owned by the Githyanki, a race of fighters from the Astral Plane who battle Mind Flayers, also called Illithids.

Similarly, the Githyanki silver sword is a magical greatsword that can deal extra damage to mind flayers.

It can also cut the silver cord that links a person’s spirit body to their physical body.

2. The Mind Flayer Parasite Specimens

Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen is an Item in BG 3.

Similarly, they are related to the Illithid Wisdom/True Soul mechanic, which allows you to use the powers of the Mind Flayers.

These things help you get more mind-flayer powers or enter their group.

3. The Illithid Relics

The Illithid Relics are old artifacts with secrets about Mind Flayers in BG3.

Similarly, you can get more Mind Flayer tadpoles to strengthen your Illithid Powers.

The Illithid Relics is also known as Tadpole Powers.

Mizora In Mind Flayer Colony

The Mind Flayers inhabit in the Mind Flayer Colony and consist of other enemies including Mizora.

She is one of the notorious creatures and the epitome of a literal demon.

Moreover, the two go a long way back, as they were on the same side while supporting Zariel in the Blood War.

Players can encounter Mizora after jumping into Moonrise Towers’ Mind Flayer pit.

Further, there you will be able to find Mizora trapped inside a Mind Flayer’s Pod.

You have to make your way through the pod and interact with it.

You can either opt to save the Mizora in one of the Quests in the Moonrise Towers or Kill her in the Colony.

To save her, you must choose the “Free Mizora” option during the interaction. Further, you must defeat the Mind Flayers that attack you.

Eventually, she will be thankful for the deed and declare to terminate Wyll’s contract.

In this way, players will be able to save her from the Mind Flayers Pod.

If players do not save her, the Mind Flayers will annihilate her.

What Happens If You Annihilate Mizora?

Players can also destroy Mizora in the Mind Flayer Colony in Baldur’s Gate 3.

That being said, it will lead to a divergent series of events in the game.

Mizora will perish if you decide to kill her within the pod.

Players can annihilate Mizora while she is trapped in the pod.
Players can annihilate Mizora while she is trapped in the pod.

However, Wyll, on the other hand, will never return to the camp or the party.

He will be brought into Avernus for breaking his end of the bargain.

Dealing with the aberration can be an impediment.

But, Wyll being totally pulled from the group and sent to hell is more of a flip side.

The Bottom Line

The Mind Flayer Colony is a hidden and dangerous location in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Similarly, players can find secrets, treasures, events and enemies related to the Mind flayers in this location.

Moreover, you can explore more challenges and features of this newly released game.

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