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BG3 Smokepowder Reserve: Find And Use The Explosives

At this location you can find Smokepowder reserve.
location to find smokepoeder reserve in bg3.

BG3 Smokepowder Reserve is a hidden stash of explosives.

Once you have the smoke powder, you can return to the cave-in and blow it up.

Smoke Powder Reserve in BG3 can be found inside the hidden room in a barrel at Grymforge. To clear the cave-in, you must locate the Smokepowder Reserve that a Deep Gnome left behind. 

Similarly, the reserve can be used to clear the rocks blocking the entrance to the Grymforge.

Continue reading to find out where to find the Smoke Powder Reserve in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Is BG3 Smokepowder Reserve?

Smokepowder Reserve is a secret place where powerful explosive stuff is hidden.

Additionally, Philomeen has left the reserve of smoke powder.

The NPC character Philomeen is a Deep Gnome who can cast spells to set her people free.

During the Find Explosives quest, players must locate Philomeen. They can either persuade her to give them a Runepowder Vial or choose to attack her.

This explosive stuff can break apart the rocks that stop people from getting into Grymforge.

Grymforge is a home for dwarves, but mean dwarves called Duergar took it over.

So, if someone finds this hidden explosive stash, they can make a big explosion.

They can also get rid of the rocks so everyone can return to Grymforge again.

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Where To Find Smokepowder Reserve In BG3?

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a quest called Find Explosives, and finding the smoke powder reserve is part of the quest.

Therefore, players must locate the reserve for various purposes in the game.

Players can find the smoke powder reserve in a secret room behind a metal door on the northeast side of the Grymforge.

Similarly, the location is near the docks where some Duergar throw dead Deep Gnomes into the water.

in search of smokepowder players navigating through duergar
Navigating through Duergar.

To get inside, you have a couple of options. You can use your senses to find a secret button that opens the door.

Alternatively, you can squeeze through a collapsed archway if your character changes shape.

Once you’re in the room, there’s a chest and two bags of Smokepowder Satchels.

Moreover, these bags can clear up a blocked area at the entrance of the Grymforge cave.

Why To Find Smokepowder Reserve In BG3?

Players need to find a smokepowder reserve in Baldur’s Gate 3 to complete various missions.

Here are some of them:

1. To Clear Cave-In At Grymforge Entrance

Utilizing the Smokepowder Reserve, you can clear the cave-in using explosives.

Similarly, you can enter the Grymforge by clearing the cave-in and exploring its secrets, loot, and enemies.

2. To Free True Soul Nere

True Soul Nere, a boss in the game, is trapped by rubble at the Grymforge.

Using the Smokepowder Reserve, you can free him from the rubble and fight or talk to him.

Moreover, you can get the Broken Moon lantern, ruby Rings and more items from True Soul Nere’s body.

Bottom Line

A Deep Gnome, Philomeen has left the reserve of smoke powder in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Therefore, players must find the BG3 Smokepowder Reserve to complete various other quests.

Additionally, by completing the quest, they can get several rewards and points in the game.

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