12 Personalized License Plates for Kid’s Bike

There is always a new accessory that you can add to your kid’s bike. It’s never going to be enough.

There are a variety of accessories that you can attach to the bike like bells, streamers, horns, lights, license plates, stickers, and whatnot.

Kid's bikes do not need an authentic bike license plate. It is just a fun little accessory that makes their bikes look good. 

Bike accessories, like license plates, make kids want to go out and ride more often because they make the bikes look cute and cool.

Rather than all the various stylized license plates found on the market, a personalized one feels more intimate and personal. I love that about personalized license plates.

You can design it in your own way, be it the plate, the frame, or the cover.

Things to Look for in a License Plate

Apart from the design that you may prefer, there are some other things that you have to consider while purchasing a product.

  • Waterproofing and Anti-fading

Waterproofing on the plates is a must because the colors may fade after a while during rainy seasons.

  • Heat Resistant

Most low-quality paint starts to peel off pretty soon due to the heat from the sun while riding in hot weather. So, make sure to look for UV protection coating on the license plates.

Also, make sure to buy from brands that use high-quality premium ink.

  • Durability

Make sure your license plate is made from sturdy material and is at least 0.03″ thick.

Many metal plates tend to be so thin that they can bend easily. Good quality material and thickness of the plate ensure its durability for a long time.

  • Size

Most of the license plates on this list are the standard sizes of 6″ x 12″. Some of them come in various sizes.

The standard sizes allow them to be good enough not only for kid’s bikes but many more adult vehicles like cars, trucks, RVs, trailers, jeeps, and even for decorations in bedrooms or garages. There are some mini license plates for kid’s toy cars or strollers.

List of 12 Personalized Bike License Plates

So, I have compiled this list of 12 amazing personalized license plates for kids, and the best part is that they can not only be used for their bikes but trikes, scooters, and cars too.

You can even use them as decorations to put up in the kid’s rooms.

S.N.Personalized Kid’s Bike License PlatesSome Cool FeaturesPrice
1Bigcarjob Personalized License Plate Cute designs, vibrant colors, waterproofN/A
2Ride Along Dolly Store’s Customizable License Plate Easily attachable, simple, and cute, affordable$11.95
3Homgaty Personalized License Plate DIY picture sublimation, rust-free, thermal-resistantN/A
4MSGUIDE Personalized License Plates Funky patterns, decorative, waterproofN/A
5Simply Customized Personalized License Plates Simple designs, UV protected, handcrafted$20.95
6TammyBPeter Anime Princess Mononoke Custom License PlateGraphic anime design, waterproof, durable
7ORGYPET Personalized Bike License Plate Cool graphic design, stainless steel plateN/A
8Girls Unicorn Kid’s Bike License Plate Handmade, cute design, waterproof$13.95
9SeeWeLove’s Personalized License Plates Colorful flower patterns, UV protection coating$10.99
10Teamlogo Personalized American Flag License Plate US flag design, many size options, UV resistant$13.95
11Tobe Yours Personalized Pet Photo License Plate Pet photo design, more intimate and personal, good sublimation$16.99
12YouCustomizeIt Mini Bike License Plate Mini license plates, completely customizable$12.95
12 personalized license plates for kids

Let’s dive into the details regarding these license plates for more information on them.

1. BIGCARJOB Personalized License Plates

Bircarjob has several background designs to choose from, and all of them are pretty elegant. They are 100% metal and come with pre-drilled holes, so no drilling is required.

They are fully customizable. After selecting a design, you can click on the ‘Customize Now’ button and select the color and font to write something on the plate.

You can write anything you like- a sweet message, your kid’s name, or make up a random license plate number.

The license plate can be used for your kid’s bike, your bike, car, trailer, RV, truck, and more.


You are going to love this license plate for the following reasons:

  • The colors and designs are sharp and vibrant.
  • They use premium ink and art digital printing technology for printing. Therefore, they can prevent the colors from fading for a long time.
  • They are waterproof, weather-resistant, and rust-free.
  • They use high-quality sturdy aluminum metal plates that provide years of durability.

2. Ride Along Dolly Store’s Customizable License Plate

The brand specializes in bike accessories for kids. Their products are just too cute!

I bought their customizable license plate for my daughter’s trike some time ago. It looks so good. So, I knew I had to add it to the list.

The plate is very easy to install. You have to strap it on the handlebar with the straps with it or zip ties for a secure grip.

The plate comes with 150 letters and number stickers that stick to the plate pretty well. You can customize it to your liking.

With 150 letters and numbers, you can peel off the previous and add new texts after some time.

(Source: Amazon.com)

What I love about this name plate is:

  • The stickers come in 3 colors- red, purple, and blue.
  • The plate is of a very sturdy plastic material that has long durability. I have mine for a good 3 years now and it still looks good as new.
  • The plate is waterproof and the stickers can withstand the rain for a long time too.

Price -$11.95

3. Homgaty Personalized License Plate

This one is literally amazing! It is a blank sublimation plate where you can customize any picture that you like. You can go crazy with the design and color.

You have the liberty to sublimate any picture- your kids, their pets, their favorite memory, or their favorite things.

They also provide a variety of designs already made where you can add your text or names. The color combinations are beautiful and elegant.

The plate is a universal fit for any vehicle, including bikes, cars, golf carts, kid’s toy cars, scooters, trikes, and more.


These plates are very likable because of the following reasons:

  • The plate blanks are made up of high-quality aluminum materials that are strong and durable.
  • It comes with 2 high-temperature tapes that have heat transfer technology. This helps beat very hot weather.
  • The plate is waterproof, wear and tear-resistant, and rust-free.
  • It has slotted holes, making it easy to mount on the bike.

I think this is a great and meaningful gift for bike lovers and enthusiasts.

4. MSGUIDE Personalized License Plates

They have cool, funky, and conspicuous patterns and designs. Also, they look cute on bikes, cars, trikes, scooters, RVs, trailers, or even as decorations.

There are four pre-drilled holes for easy mounting on any bike or vehicle.

They provide the DIY custom design feature on a series of bike license plates.


These amazing license plates come with some cool features like:

  • They have high-quality sturdy aluminum plates that are lightweight and durable.
  • They are waterproof, anti-rust, and weather resistant.
  • The colors are vibrant that will not fade during their usage.

5. Simply Customized Personalized License Plates

These handcrafted plates have a pretty simple design. You can customize the name on a colored plate.

They come in 20 colors with 15 font sizes to choose from. The colors are vibrant and popping. All in all, they look pretty elegant, smooth, and glossy.

But if you are customizing, why only stick with the name? You can add your own fun little quotes or something meaningful for your child, anything. Add your own spunk to your design.


Some cool features that made this license plate come up to this list are:

  • The plates are coated with UV protection. The colors will not fade away for a long time even if put through harsh weather.
  • The material is high quality aluminum that will never crack, peel, scratch or rust for years.
  • They are waterproof.

Price -$20.95

6. TammyBPeter Anime Princess Mononoke Custom License Plate

The plate comes with an anime princess Mononoke design which is one of my time favorite anime characters. This one is so cool, and I had to add it to the list.

These days, anything that the kids are more interested in than playing outdoors must be watching anime. So, this plate will be the perfect addition to the bike of an anime lover kid.

The graphic design is of high quality- beautiful and vibrant. You can customize your kid’s name on the plate, or better yet, their favorite quote from the anime. This will make the best gift ever.


Apart from being beautiful, these plates come with a few notable features.

  • They are made from high glossed stamped aluminum plates.
  • They use premium ink with state of the art digital technology. So, the colors will remain as beautiful as ever for the longest time. You do not have to worry about fading at all.
  • They are anti-rust, waterproof and weather resistant.

7. ORGYPET Personalized Bike License Plate

These plates also contain graphic designs like the above one. But, they have more vivid and colorful designs to choose from.

Ranging from landscapes to animals, the tags are aesthetically pleasing. The brilliant colors pop and stand out, adding that zing to your kid’s bike.

These customized vanity license plates look good not only on bikes but scooters, trailers, cars, and trucks.

If you do not find any of the designs in store to your liking, they let you customize your own pictures on the license plates.


If you love the design but doubting its build quality, here are some features for you:

  • They are made of high-quality stainless steel that provides greater strength and durability.
  • They are waterproof, rust-free and heat resistant.

8. Girls Unicorn Personalized Bike License Plates

I love the cute design on these plates. The unicorn and flower pattern with the vibrant color combination looks really refreshing.

Little girls love fantasy characters, and this one is definitely going to catch their eye.

You can add a name, monogram, initials, credentials, or anything to personalize the plate to your liking.

Girls Unicorn Personalized Bike License Plates (Source: Etsy.com)

These plates are not only cute and attractive but also sturdy and durable.

  • They are 100% aluminum plates with years of durability.
  • The colors are vibrant and popping that are made with standard sublimation ink. Hence, they resist fading for a very long time.
  • They are waterproof, anti-rust and weather resistant.

Price -$13.95

9. SeeWeLove’s Personalized License Plates

They have various designs to choose from floral patterns to animal patterns and some plane single color plates. It is up to you to stylize them however you like it.

The designs stand out for me due to their patterns and the use of brighter colors.

With four bolt holes, they’re effortless to install and clean. They come in 2 sizes- a 3″ x 6″ mini plate and another 6″ x 12″ large one.

You can use these plates for your kid’s bike, stroller, scooter, toy car, or for your car, garage, truck, and more. They fit well with people of all ages.

(Source: Amazon.com)

These amazing features make these license plates more favorable.

  • The plates are made of aluminum metal with a UV protection coating that keeps the colors from fading.
  • They are anti-rust, waterproof and durable.

Price -$10.99

10. Teamlogo Personalized American Flag Bike License Plate

American flag designs are the most popular ones for license plates. For a personal touch, you can add some text of your own or something a little patriotic.

They come in 5 size ranges and are good for not only your kid but you too. You can enter 12 letters/ spaces maximum.

The license plates are novelty vanity plates like others on this list. They are not to be used for State registration at all.


These plates come with cool features like:

  • They have a UV protection film with glossy and smooth design finish.
  • They use both aluminum and high quality plastic with their plates. So, you can choose whichever you think is good for you.
  • They are durable, waterproof, anti- rust, anti- fading and affordable.

Price -$13.95

Teamlogo produces other varieties of cool and cute personalized license plates for kids, which you can find on their website: Teamlogo.com.

11.Tobe Yours Personalized Pet Photo License Plate

Yes, you can put your pet or your kid’s pet photo on your vanity license plate. Isn’t that so cute?

The picture quality on the plate is radiant and vibrant. The customization provides certain uniqueness to your vehicle because it cannot be similar to others anyhow.

I love the fact that it makes such a perfect gift choice for pet lovers and bike lovers at the same time.


These features below make these license plates more amazing:

  • They are vanity tags made up of aluminum with 2/4 pre-drilled holes for installation.
  • They are anti-fading and rust-free with great durability.
  • The tag is a universal fit so you can mount it on any of your vehicle.

Price -$16.99

12.YouCustomizeIt Mini Bicycle License Plates

On the YouCustomizeIt website, you get the full liberty to customize these mini license plates by yourself.

You can design your own layouts, patterns, colors, fonts, ribbons, backgrounds, and frames easily with the help of the tools on the website.

There are many kinds of layouts and text font, color, and size that they provide you for free to customize.

But if you do not find any layout to your kid’s specific style, you can upload your favorite picture that you want to get printed.

They come with 2 and 4 pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.


I have put these plates on my list for the following reasons:

  • The material used is aluminum metal that is sturdy and durable.
  • They provide you with glossy finish on a vibrant color plates.
  • They come with a warranty of 2 years, so the colors remain good as new for at least 2 years.

Price -$12.95

All the license plates on the list are unique in their own right. It depends on you, whichever you prefer and however you style it. All in all, they definitely are worth their price.

DIY Bike License Plate for Kids

What could be more personalized than personally made things?

I love DIYing things that I can. It is a lot more fun and memorable, especially as a gift made out of love.

You do not have to get a professionally made license plate for your kid if you do not want to. You can just DIY.

Also, sometimes, you may not find a suitable design for your kid, or some kids have unique names that are hard to find on pre-personalized plates. Or, they can simply be too expensive at times.

There are some rather creative ways in which you can customize the license plate. All you need is a properly sized rectangular aluminum or plastic plate and some decorative materials.

You can stick your kid’s drawing on the license plate or stickers that they like. Some kids like to name their bikes, so you can also make their bike name tags.

You can even make a license plate from Hama beads.

Materials Required

  • Hama beads
  • A rectangular tray
  • Iron
  • Ironing paperzip ties

How to Make the Plate?

  1. Place the beads on the rectangular tray in whichever pattern you prefer.
  2. Cover the beads with ironing paper.
  3. Iron the beads till they melt and hold together tightly.
  4. After a while, peel the cooled off rectangular plate made of bead from the tray.

Your license plate made of beads is ready. This is so easy and fun that even kids will love to do it. They also look beautiful and cute.

Similarly, you can come up with many more creative ideas to make a nice license plate for your kid.

After that, mounting the plate on the bike handlebar is not too hard either. You can use zip ties, ribbons, or wires to attach to the bike.

With the option to personalize, you can make your bike accessory more intimate and close to your heart. Also, add a little more style and aesthetics to your kid’s bikes, and have fun riding!

However, you can check Bike Lights, Bike Mirrors, and Other Accessories that motivate your kids to ride bikes more often.

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