15 Fun & Easy Biking Activities for Summer

That time has come when the kids will be nagging us for hours long. The only time we won’t hear them whine about how boring everything is the only time they fall asleep.

The legos don’t work and the race cars end up getting broken every single time.

I was so tired of finding new games for them to play but then one day I discovered a secret.

If your kid is anything like mine, they enjoy riding bikes. So, I thought, why not make the ride more fun and exciting and add up a thing or two extra.

I was tired of spending hundreds of dollars on toys that end up getting thrown in just an hour. I needed a way to make my kids have fun throughout the summer and wanted my wallet to be safe as well.

As a result, I came up with some fun, easy biking activities for my little ones for the summer. The internet was a great help too.

Biking activities help the kids spend more time outdoors and provide them with the confidence to ride their bikes with ease.

You can try these 15 fun and easy biking activities to keep your kids entertained while you sit on the couch with a cold drink.

1. Kids Bike Ramp

This is one of the most fun games you could make for your kids. While I don’t actually see anything so exciting, my kids love this game.

Here are some things you need to make the ramp:

  • Chalk
  • Stopwatch
  • Ramp
  • Bicycle (of course)
  • Driveway

You can easily make a DIY ramp in no time, but if you are more laid back and don’t want to work in the heat, you can buy one on Amazon.

Once you’ve set out the ramp in your driveway, make sure they are intact and safe to ride on. You can even use a stopwatch to record your kid’s time.

Boy Riding Bicycle
Kids Bike Ramp (Source: Pexels.com)

One of the reasons why I love this game is because it saves you from going to the bike park in the scorching heat.

2. Bike Obstacle Course Race

If you have more than one trouble maker at home, then the summer will be more difficult for you. You need to find a way to engage your kids equally in an activity.

For this purpose, the bike obstacle course race is a godsend. It will make you free from all the nagging and give your kids a great time.

Here are some of the things you need:

  • Ramp
  • Cones
  • Chalk
  • Divider (anything that could be used as a hurdle)

The name says it all. The only thing you need to be creating is obstacles. You can use the cones and even the ramp for added excitement.

Your kids will need to overcome all the obstacles to win the game. Also, you know the drill, the first one to finish the line wins.

Pin on Kid Parties
Bike Obstacle Course Race (Source: Pinterest)

You can even invite kids next door and have a mega obstacle race for fun!

Red Light, Green Light

Yes, you heard it right. The ever green red light, green light game is back for the summer.

As a kid, I used to play this game all day, every day. While I mostly played this game off the bike, playing it whilst riding sure will add in the extra kick.

Here are some things you need for the game:

  • Chalk
  • Multiple players

The game is pretty simple. To make things simpler, I have jotted down the instructions below.

  • You will select one of the players as “light” responsible for all the traffic work.
  • As one sees in the traffic itself, the person yells “green light,” all the rest of the players race towards the light.
  • If you are the light, you will be saying “green light” and “red light” as you please, and the rest of the riders will have to paddle accordingly.
  • The winner will ultimately be the one who reaches the designated location first.

But I do have to warn you, this game can get pretty competitive.

4. Cone Obstacle Course Game

If your kid did like the obstacle game but found it a tad difficult, the cone course game might be just perfect.

The only thing required for this game is a set of cones. You can get any type of cones you wish.

I got the disc cones but you can even get those flexible cones from Amazon.

All you need to do is create a bunch of hurdles with the help of the cones and make a pathway for your kid to ride on. You can get creative here and make a little adventure for your little one.

This game is also a great way of teaching your kid various riding skills.

5. Balance Beam Game

Okay, before you skip this game, let me tell you that it does not really involve a balance beam.

If you have a good pair of chalk with you then you’re good to go.

You will be creating a “line” for your kids on which they have to ride their bicycles. They cannot go across the line and have to be very careful not to deviate from it.

This game is not only easy but also teaches your kid how to be well-coordinated as well as how to balance.

Detroit Greenways on Twitter: "Bicycle obstacle course, safety training &  more at Chandler Park. Here until 2pm. #bikeDET… "
Balance Beam Game (Source: Twitter)

You can make the game even more interesting by introducing points. You can deduct each point when the participant creates an error.

The best place to play this game is on sidewalks or on roads when there is no traffic.

6. Sidewalk Chalk

The sidewalk chalk game is like the father of the balance beam. The opportunity of creating unique games is endless.

With the sidewalk chalk, you can let your kid chalk anything from lemonade stand to even stations.

I would suggest you get one of those Chalk Trail attachments, which will help your kid draw with the help of their bicycle.

Chalktrail for Bikes (Source: Amazon.com)

You can let your kid be the thinker and let their imaginations run wild with this game!

7. Water Balloon Pop Game

I really don’t think I need to explain much about this game as the name says so itself.

But let me brief you what the game is like just to clear out some confusions.

So, you will be needing the following things for the game.

  • Bag of balloon
  • Water
  • Pipe (something which can help you fill water into the balloon)

You first need to fill the balloons with water and seal it tightly. Once the water balloons are ready, the only thing left to do is pop them.

But, there’s a catch. Instead of popping it with your feet or hands, your kids would need to ride over the balloons.

You can place the balloons the way you like. But I would recommend placing it in a straight line if your kid is a beginner.

You can even tie the water balloons to each bicycle and have the kids pop it with a stick to make things more fun. The one who has the most water balloons left on their bike would win the game!

But be careful because the road can get slippery with all the water and bits and pieces of the balloons.

8. Zig Zag Game

You’ve read the sidewalk chalk game so, now it is time for the zig zag game.

This game is quite easy to play and you don’t even need any fancy materials.

Just like the balance beam and sidewalk chalk game, you will be creating a line for your kids to ride on. But this time, you will create a zig-zag line.

You can even take the game to the next level and add in cones to create a more 3-D zig-zag effect.

9. Bike Bowling Game

The bike bowling game was definitely one of my favorite games to play with my kids. If your kids are currently using the balance bikes, then this game will surely be fun.

You can play this game outdoors as well as indoors. The only thing you will be needing is bowling pins and you are good to go.

Personally, I used those inflatable bowling pins because they were safer and looked way more fun. If you want to get something like that, then you can head on to Amazon.

This is one of most adorable games I have come across.

10. Slow Race Game

We all know how kids can be. Always in a hurry. Have to win at everything and have to come first.

Well, the slow race game will teach the kiddos a thing or two about patience.

You can make things fun by adding in obstacles and create a pathway for the little riders. The game is pretty simple, and the slowest one wins the game.

Remember to add in points to make the game more interesting.

11. Penny Racing Game

If your kids are bored and did not find the above game’s fun, then trust me, the penny racing game will have them running (well, riding).

Here are some things you will be needing for the game.

  • Chalk
  • Cones
  • Jar
  • Pennies

You will create a bunch of obstacle for your kids and the jars will be placed at a specific point.

When your little rider has completed the obstacles, they will throw pennies as they ride past. Be creative when you are creating a pathway for the riders.

I would suggest you get those plastic mason jars to prevent any glass-breaking incidents. I got mine from Amazon.

12. Bike Safari Game

In all fairness, the bike safari game is one of the most fun games I have come across. It helps your kids with their imaginative power and gives them the chance to make new friends.

For this game, all you need is your little riders and maybe some of their friends.

You can become the so-called guide and show kids the various new “species” found in the area. You can then team up your kids and send them off to search for hidden treasures.

You can even let your kids take pictures of a list of things that you have given.

13. Pokemon Go!

A few years back, people running down the streets to find their pokemon character had become a trend. While you may or may not have followed it, I think it’s time for your kids to play this game.

Adding to the list of excitement, you let your little ones hunt their pokemon character on their bikes.

They will probably be stuck to their video games for the rest of the summer. So, why not add in a little adventure while we are at it!

To be on the safer side, you would want to function the game to “nearby pokemon” and remember not to let your kids ride whilst looking at the screen.

This game is also perfect for those big kids who aren’t into riding anymore.

14. Bike Rodeo

If you and your kids are in a mood for a little competition then might I suggest you play the bike rodeo.

The bike rodeo is one of the most played games in my household. You can create a major biking event in the bike rodeo.

You can add points and the rider who wins most of the game wins becomes the ultimate champion!

15. Biking Day

When I searched for the perfect biking game for my kids, I thought that all these games were extremely fun and exciting to play.

While it did bring in that level of joy and rush to the kids, I thought, what could be a more calm and collective game that I could play with my kids on their bikes?

That is when I came up with “Biking Day.” As fancy as it may sound, you go out to the wilderness with your kids on biking day and explore nature.

You can even add in more riders and go in groups. To add in more fun, you can make the whole day about bikes and play the games mentioned above. You could try planning a cycling tour as well.

Family Biking (Source: Pexels.com)

This could be your very own personal holiday!

To Put Things in Perspective

I love it when my kids go out and ride their bicycles, but I also understand that it sometimes can be a tad boring.

While I did add in all of my personal favorite games for the kids, you can become the creative one and create your own game. If you happen to create one, then remember to share it with us as well!

Trust me; these games are a fun way of bonding with your little ones. You get to know more about what they like and don’t.

Also, if your kid isn’t into riding anymore, I suggest you look at 10 ways to motivate your kids to ride.

Remember to have fun and let your kids enjoy the summer!

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