18 Cool Birthday Gifts for your Little Rider

Birthday gifts are something you might be great at choosing or have nightmares about during the selection process. It’s even harder to choose a gift for a kid.

Now, you may argue that kids are so easy to please, but they have everything they desire beforehand, and it’s tough to judge their ever-changing circle of interest.

The best-case scenario I experienced recently is knowing a hobby that the child is highly interested in.

You can exclaim that it was a bit of sheer luck on my end as my dear friend’s son is really into cycling.

I started researching what specific accessories I can gift this kid to make his birthday special with heights of enthusiasm.

Let me tell you, if you google biking accessories for kids, the result will surely overwhelm you.

You can thank me priorly because I have done the extra step of complying with the best products to make your life easy.

I have tried to compile the list keeping in mind the scale of the budget. So here are 18 cool birthday gifts for your little rider:

1. Sunglasses

Regardless of whether your kid is into mountain trekking, baseball, cycling, water sports, or simply being unruly at the jungle gym, they need a decent pair of shades.

Shades shield the kid’s eyes from UV beams, residue, rocks, and above all, they’re fun and look fabulous!

It is a perfect gift that mixes adventure and vanity beautifully.

My suggestion is to find their favorite color or pop culture they are excited about and use it to find the perfect, most attractive design for the kids.

The market is filled with an enormous variety of kids’ sunglasses, making it easier to choose the perfect pair for the kid.

Just make sure that the glasses are firmly gripping and provide adequate UV protection.

1AODUOKE Sports Polarized KIDS SunglassesPink & GreenComposite frame
Mirrored lens

2Yaomiao Kids SunglassesBlack, Blue & PinkSilicone frame
Varieties of Colors
3Homradise Road Bike GlassesRed, Black & WhiteGlass lens
UV400 protection coating
3 Replaceable Lens
4OULAIQI Cycling SunglassesBlack-Red
Adjustable closure
Plastic frame
Tri Acetate Cellulose lens
Scratch Resistant Coating
5Optix 55 Kids SunglassesOrange, White & BlackPlastic frame
Plastic lens
UV Protection Coating coating
Table showing top 5 sunglasses for your rider kids

2. Handlebar Bags

As a youngster, the “stuff” you carry with you on an undertaking or trip is valuable. It would help if you had an accessory to carry:

  • The material you need.
  • Things you may require.
  • The most incredible thing—the thing you discover on the way.

Fortunately, the market has plenty of elegant packs accessible for youngsters. They are intended to be light weighted and vaporous.

They are accessible in various shadings, examples, and size to energize our young client.

It is an amazingly thoughtful gift that will be appreciated both by the parents and the kid.

Please make sure you pick up a stylish rendition so the kid can thoroughly enjoy showing off during his/her daily bike routes among his peers.

Handlebar Bag (source: Amazon.com)
Name ColorFeaturesPrice
Po Campo Kids Bicycle BagBlue/GreyWaterproof
Convertible to crossbody bags
Kulie Bike Handlebar BagBlack2 liter
Convertible to crossbody bags
Free from Metal hooks and buckles
Allnice Bike Handlebar BagBlack4 liter
Touch Screen Pouch
Top 3 Handlebar Bags for your Kids

3. GoPro

With expanded online media exercises among children and youngsters, this activity camera is in popular demand. Why?

Since they are tiny, helpful, and waterproof.

Despite their convenient size, they catch stunning recordings and photographs. 

Their sturdiness is the thing that settles on them a definitive decision for a youngster since we should confront reality; kids are picky with their toys.

Contrasted with any ordinary cameras, GoPros are one sort of a monster for their toughness.

That is why it is the decision over regular cameras if the child likes recordings, love activity, undertakings, and capturing them.

Here is a list of 3 best gopro for your kids:

4. The Rider by Tim Krabbé

If you’re considering treating your young cyclists who love reading, ditch the standard present and get them this thin, complex bounded exemplary piece of literature.

Part journal, part novel, The Rider follows cyclist Tim Krabbé and his struggles on a beginner cycle race in southern France in the late spring of 1977.

Loaded up with abbreviated perceptions, dry humor, this has fostered a clique following among avid readers.

This book will boost the inserts of the child in both the areas of reading and cycling.

This book is applicable for teenagers and above.

5. Fitbit Ace 2 Fitness Tracker

Indeed, even children need reminders to get up and move for the day—in a perfect world for an hour of absolute everyday action.

The Ace 2 records steps and busy times, gives out virtual identifications for finishing difficulties and is water-safe down to 50 meters.

Moreover, a decent night’s rest is similarly significant—the Ace 2 tracks rest designs and has a quiet caution to buzz your child-conscious delicately.

It's viable with more than 200 Android, iOS, and Windows 10 gadgets, endures as long as five days on one charge and has adjustable parental controls.

Also, children can pick their symbol and cover photograph, making them significantly bound to utilize their Ace 2 effectively.

Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids, 1 Count
Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids (Source: Amazon.com)

6. Lego Creator Bike Shop & Cafe

If you don’t hustle, it’s barely noticeable on supercool Lego sets, which are frequently re-signed or sold out before you even get an opportunity to add them to your truck.

The Bike Shop and Café by Lego were dropped in 2014, yet there are still many new-in-the-case (and utilized) sets out there—on the off chance that you realize where to look.

The Bike Shop and Café is from Lego’s 3-in-1 Creator line, which implies three different ways to assemble one set.

Lego Creator for Kids (Source: Amazon.com)
It incorporates two separate structures that can likewise be worked as an auto mechanics shop and bloom shop. 

It accompanies three scaled-down figures, a bird, a vehicle, and a red bike that hangs in the shop window.

Now, this is a great gift; legos are anyway so popular among kids, this is going to blow the kids mind to have it in their possession.

It is an excellent gift where both parents and kids can participate happily.

7. Hydration Pack

Hydration is essential for any genuine cyclist. If the kid is determined and regular about it, then a good hydration pack will turn out to be a great gift.

With longer rides, in some cases, a water container or two isn’t sufficient. Bikepackers frequently ride with hydration packs out and about, as do experienced riders and mountain racers.

Choose an attractive and colorful pack that can also boast a new addition to the kid's cycling accessory. 

Make sure you help the kid understand the importance and the correct use of this very efficient gift.

Hydration pack for Kids (Source: Amazon.com)

I have given you a list of 5 best Hydration Backpack for your kids:

8. The Fitbit Ace

The Fitbit Ace is the best Fitbit for youngsters because it has intended it for them explicitly. It has a great list of capabilities, accompanies a sturdy band, and is moderately reasonable.

The Fitbit Ace is for guardians of youngsters six and older who need to purchase their kid a wellness tracker.

It very well might be excessively convoluted for anybody more youthful, and they may not see the value in its advantages. It’s the most current tracker in Fitbit’s setup.

 It flaunts pragmatic highlights that its Fitbit partners have, offering the kid a significant introduction to following their wellness progress. It tracks steps and dynamic minutes during different activities.

Consider this if the kid is really into fitness and technology.

9. Wireless Bike computer

This could be another addition of gift choice for your tech-advanced kid. The Velvo wireless bike computer is famous for its accurate depiction of speed, distance, and time.

The child can access their current state and aim for a goal they can accomplish through cycling.

With its highly user-friendly model, you can install it on your kid’s bike, and it will do all the other work.

I understand that tech gifts are high on price, so make sure you are gifting these to an avid, enthusiastic young bike rider who will genuinely appreciate these as gifts.

Wireless Bike Computer (Source: Amazon.com)
1Kastewill Bike ComputerLCD Digital Display
Day & Night Backlight
Easy to Install &Use
2SY Bike ComputerAuto wake up function
Day & Night Backlight
3CAT EYE Padrone Bike ComputerMinimalistic screen
Option to manual set
Easy installation and adjustment
Top 3 Wireless Bike Computers for your Kids

10. Spoke Riders and Streamers

It’s an excellent method to give the kids a touch more energetic and colorful energy.

You can customize their bike with a bundle of Bell Spoke formed like spaceships and flying saucers and effortlessly fit on the spokes of any bicycle.

If you genuinely need to get wild, add a couple of decorations to the furthest limit of your handlebars, and the kid is the most stylish rider in your 'hood.

A suggestion of making this gift more impactful is to have it all installed and ready for the kid to see his/her bike in all its glory.

11. Adjustable License Plate

The Ride-Along versatile tag joins more than 150 letters and numbers. It permits kids to make their bike nameplates to add to their wheels.

They make some incredible memories of making their plate with their name or whatever else they decide to create.

It adequately joins any bicycle and is accessible in various colors and themes.

The kid will have a blast making their nameplate, and it will help them stand out from their peer’s bikes.

12. Bike Sirens for Kids

An incredible present for a kid that regularly plays cops and burglars. Allow them to envision being a cop and pursuing down villains on their bicycle with this separable police alarm.

This present will surely ignite a lot of excitement among the kids and help glamorize their playtime. The kid will surely use it as a bell and other play situations. 

The only problem you can face is the parents who might find it difficult to hear sirens every day. But you are hopping into the role of a fun uncle or aunt so you can afford to decide on this gift.

Bike Sirens (Source: Amazon.com)

13. Chalk Trails

Creativeness for walkways, parking areas, and roads! Chalktrail is so intuitive – kids see it, and they get it. Grown-ups get the inclination to ride along, as well.

Snare Chalktrail to the kids’ bicycle instantly.

Draw figure eights, wavy wandering ways, unique circles, and intriguing plans by following a similar course repeatedly in progression. It's a newly animating, delightful play.

I have this at home, and honestly, it lights up my younger ones’ mood. I mean, what’s not there to like, you can cycle as well as draw together.

Gift it to a creative child, and you will see different ways they can use this product. It will surely be appreciated as it is a legitimately fun way to amp cycling as the kid’s hobby.

14. Bike MultiTool

This gift is specific to older kids. It is a great way to help your child understand the mechanics of the bike they own and the skill to take proper care of it.

A bike multi-tool is compact and is equipped with enough devices to help someone in an emergency or accidental situation.

Introducing these gadgets as a present to a teenager will get them going to take up cycling more seriously.

It is a great bonding exercise between the parents and the child to learn about the functioning of the bikes they own.

A word of caution, train your kids to properly use all the tools before giving them to them for their independent use.

Pro Bike Tools (Source: Amazon.com)

15. 3D Night Light Illusion Lamp

Not all your gifts need to be mounted into the bike. This gift is an example of that. You can tap into their interest in biking in many different ways.

The 3D might light lamp is the perfect decoration for an enthusiastic cycling child, doubles up as a great room decorator.

The 3D light will project a 3D image of a kid biking with enough light to use as a functioning lamp.

Choosing this present is going to put you on the favorite list of the child.

Urwise Mountain Bike 3D Night Lamp (Source: Amazon.com)

I have made a list of 5 3D night light illusion lamp your kids would love:

16. Biking Log Books for kids

It is an incredible present for any child who loves to ride his bicycle. What better approach to monitoring every one of the miles than in a diary only for him or her?

Round it out directly alongside the kid, and you’ll have a souvenir the kid will not have any desire to lose.

The book has the provision for logging in the date, riding trail, location, photos, and notes. It is perfect for kids who are into journaling and thoroughly enjoy it as a daily hobby.

The kid will definitely cherish this very thoughtful gift and use it to document all the adventures they embarked on through their bikes.

List of few best biking log books for kids:

17. Bicycle Apparel

Getting apparels that are specific to cycling like bike shorts, headgear, gloves can turn out to be a wonderful and beneficial present to give to a child.

Specifically, if the child is interested in cycling, this gift undoubtedly will boost their confidence and interest.

The market is filled with clothing explicitly catering to kids with so many colors and designs to choose from. 

You will have a great time accessing the child’s personality and finding the perfect apparel for them.

The only problem you might face is getting the correct size. Please make sure you are aware of it before buying anything and remember to keep the receipt if the apparel needs to be of a different size.

18. Bike Basket, Bottle, and Bell (Set of 3)

Your youngster can see the value in these additional items on their bike with a mixed set from the well-known Disney film Cars or Frozen.

The collection incorporates a bike bell, water container, and spacious basket.

This set is a fantastic motivator for all three things. The canister will fit onto most kids’ bikes, trikes, and bicycles.

This all-in-one set will surely bring a smile to the kid and prove extremely useful in their day-to-day trail routes.

Disney Stamp Cars Basket, Drinking Bottle and Bell Set
Disney Stamp Cars Basket, Drinking Bottle and Bell Set (Source: Amazon.com)

While making a decision for the present, make sure you have a good idea about the interest and personality of the child. If you choose the correct color and theme, trust me, it will make all the difference.

I have not mentioned any gender-specific gifts, and all the above-mentioned gifts can be given to a girl or a boy.

You can make a choice on the color and design according to your knowledge.

If you want to have more choices for the gifts, then you can check out (49 Cool Bike Accessories for Kids).

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