7 Best Budget Balance Bikes Under $200

Balanced bikes often offer more early childhood independence than traditional bicycles with training wheels.

Their particular simplicity makes them weigh less than regular bikes and makes it easier for young children to grasp.

Balance bicycle is very suitable for kids, as they usually grab the bike and rise.

The best bike you can buy is the one that finds the best balance between cost, size, weight, function, customer support, and sustainability. 

Therefore, it is completely up to you to weigh over the different considerations and decide what is best for your child.

Below I have presented the seven best budget balance bikes under $ 200 for your reference:

ProductAge RangeWeightTireWheel sizeFramePrice
Allobebe Baby Balance Bike1-3 yrs3.85 PoundsSoft EVA10.2”-11”Carbon Steel$ 27.97- $ 37.40
Albott Balance Bike2-5 yrs6.6 PoundsEVA polymer foam12”Aluminum$ 50.60- $ 69.99
JOYSTAR 16″ Balance Bike5-9 yrs13.5 PoundsEVA polymer foam16”Carbon Steel$ 109.99
Bixe 16″ Pro Balance Bike5-9 yrs11 PoundsAir16”Steel$ 89.51- $ 109.99
Chillafish Bmxie² Lightweight Balance Bike2-5 yrs5.48 PoundsAirless Rubber Skin12”Reinforced plastics$ 141.08
Strider – 14x Sport Balance Bike3-7 yrs12.5 PoundsRubber14″Steel$ 142.49- $ 149.99
QIANI Balance Bike2-7 yrs17.6 PoundsPneumatic Rubber Tire  16”High-carbon steel  $ 149.90- $169.90
List of 7 Best Budget Balance Bikes

Let’s discuss every balance bike on our list in detail.

1. Allobebe Baby Balance Bike

Allobebe Balance bike is designed to a cute round ball style, with no sharp edge that would hurt your baby anyway. 

And double bearings in the rear wheel make running noiseless and no harm to the ground once children scoot around.

Allobebe Baby Balance Bike (Source: Amazon.com)

With these highlights, I found Allobebe Balance Bikes really amazing:

Safe with Limited Steering

50 Degree steering limitation of the bike prevents the baby from side falling and becomes safe to play.

Silent, Smooth & Soft wheels

On this bike, double bearings are structured at both rear sides, makes it a silent and smooth ride. Children scoot around silently, and no damage will occur to your floors.

Adjustable Big & comfortable seat

Height floor to seat could also be adjusted between 10″-11″ for kids of different ages between 1-3 years old.

Easy Installing

It does not take more than 2 minutes to finish up the installation of the bike. Moreover, you can call it an easy-going bike.

With an amazing appearance, it looks so cute and could be a good bike gift for your kids.

2. Albott Balance Bike

Albott balance bike is light enough for kids to drag but strong enough when they throw it to the ground.

It’s one of the safe and cool-looking balance bikes available.

Albott Balance bike (Source: Amazon.com)

Durable Aluminum frame painting with anodic oxidation makes the balance bike hard, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and stay “New” for a very long time.

These other features make me choose the bike in my list:

EVA Polymer Foam Tire

The 12″ EVA Tires do not need any more inflate. Moreover, it has maximum grip and high shock absorption. So go easy with a ride on the bump.

Adjustable Saddle Ergonomic Designed Seat

The thickened pedal seat with an ergonomic design allows kids to ride with confidence, and it enables children to play with the glider bike without discomfort.


They are positioned correctly on the bike. The footboard gives the rider somewhere to rest their feet as they scoot along, especially if they are coasting along or going down a long hill.

3. JOYSTAR 16″ Balance Bike

Joystar 16″ balance bike is designed to ride a bike as easily as it can be.

This bike is designed to focus on the simple goal of learning and improving balance. I have found it to be the best way to learn to ride.

Joystar 16″ Balance bike (Source: Amazon.com)

The lightweight bike frame design makes the bike much easier to control for the kids. And ideal for children to start training with.

Rubber Air Tire

The bike is installed with Pneumatic tires that allow your little ones to scoot around on- and off-road.

Adjustable seat

The aluminum quick-release seat clamps allow for No Tool saddle height adjustments.

Easy Installation

This Balance bike requires minimal assembly and no maintenance.

Service and Warranty

It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is backed by an expert support team. With the 100% guarantee, they will fix or replace defective parts as well.

With these awesome features, this bike definitely comes to one’s choice.

4. Bixe 16″ Pro Balance Bike

The Bixe 16″ Pro is basically designed specifically for older kids.

Moreover, these bikes feature a super durable steel frame, and they can also extend it to fit big kids 5-9 years old. 

Bixe 16″ Pro specifically for older kids (Source: Amazon.com)

I love the bike most because if you are not satisfied with the bike anyway, or even the results, you will receive a 100% buyback offer.

With the 100% guarantee, and the Bixe company will fix or replace defective parts as well.

Safety first 

Along with providing you the best balance bike at the most affordable price, you get the assurance that each bike is crafted with keeping your child’s safety in mind.

In addition, all the clamps are tamper-proof, and both the wheels are equipped with safety washers.

Furthermore, each frame is built with the capacity to exceed the weight of the largest children far.

Simple set up 

Each bike comes partially assembled.

All you need to do is slide the seat and handlebars in the correct position for your child, clamp it down with the wrench provided, inflate the tires, and you’re good to go.

5. Chillafish Bmxie² Lightweight Balance Bike

Chillafish BMXie2 balance bike is one coolest bike with an integrated footrest and footbrake.

BMXie2 is built from reinforced plastics, and it is a very lightweight bike with 5.48 pounds.

Chillafish BMXie2 balance Bike (Source: Amazon.com)

Easy adjustment of seat

The seat of BMxie2 can be adjusted without any tools from 12,5-16 inches / 32-41cm.

Do you feel your seat is too high or too low? You can turn, pull and lock, simple as that!

Never inflate the wheels again.

The airless 12-inch RubberSkin tires of BMXie2 not only give perfect grip, but you also don’t have to inflate them anymore.

Lightweight Frame

The lightweight frame with oversized tubing built from reinforced plastics makes riding and sliding very easy.

6. Strider – 14x Sport Balance Bike

Strider 14x is a perfectly designed bike for grown-up kids.

The bike contains a Step-by-step guide for parents to help their children master the learn-to-ride progression.

Strider 14x Balance Bike (source: Amazon.com)

Strider 14x balance bike has a steel frame being used in these bikes, and it assures durability and lightweight.

Adjustable Seat

Adjustable seats can be set as your child grows and ensures extra comfort in riding. It further has no tool required to adjust the seat.

Adventure Rubber Tires

This definitely is one of the great features of the bike’s wheel, being 100% puncture-free.

So that you never worry about puncture or pinning at that time of riding. In addition, rubber tires give it a smoother ride and a better grip on the road.

Compatible with the Pedal Conversion Kit

This style of balance bike can also be converted to a pedal bike once your kiddo has mastered balancing with a conversion kit sold separately.

7. QIANI Balance Bike

Qiani 2 in 1 balance bike uses a lightweight, high carbon steel frame and smooth bearing of no refueling.

The balance bike mode and bicycle mode can be converted easily and quickly in only 60 seconds to complete the conversion.

QIANI 2 in 1 balance bike (Source: Amazon.com)

360-degree steering handle

360-degree steering handle has an excellent protective effect to kids at riding process, avoid harm to kids.

And it can be easier to control, reduce the radius limit, and the competition is effortless.

Widened anti-skid Inflatable Tires

This bicycle is equipped with Widened anti-skid Inflatable tires, and these are more stable when children are riding.

Moreover, it does not make it easy to slip when turning sharp corners.

Sensitive Handbrake

This 2 in 1 balance bike is equipped with a sensitive handbrake that allows the balance bike with a brake to protect the safety of children better, especially when going downhill or riding fast.

Balance Non-slip footrest

This balance bike is equipped with a safety non-slip footrest. If not needed, you can remove the footrest at any time.

Non-slip and comfortable grips

Non-slip and comfortable kid’s bike grips make you feel very pleased when you hold them.

It can freely and quickly switch between the kid’s bicycle and the balance bike. It only takes about 60 seconds to switch from one mode to another.

Benefits of Balance Bike

There are many benefits of the balance bike on kids. I have mentioned below a few of the benefits in the short or long run.

1. Affordability

Balance bikes usually come with an affordable price range in comparison with other kids’ bikes.

However, there are some balance bikes in which you can replace pedals to transform them into fully functional kids’ bikes.

2. Safety and easiness

Riding balance bikes first gives the kids a sense of balancing and steering. So, while they shift to other bikes, it’s safe and easy for them to tackle.

3. Independence 

Balance bikes, of course, provide independence to the kids. As there is no complex trick, parents do not need to monitor their kids every time they ride.

They can drag the bikes the way they do.

4. Health

No wonder proper physical fitness comes with biking. The same does apply to kids with balance bikes.

5. Fun

Most of all, the only thing that matters to kids is fun. And, balance bikes do not fail to provide fun to your kids.


Balance bikes are trendy among kids in today’s market. Additionally, they have come with more safety and comfort features making them one worthy choice for kids.

Buying a balance bike not only makes your children being able to understand steering and balancing but also brings tremendous joys among them.

However, here is an article on 7 Best Balance Bikes under $100 if you want to go for a little more affordable range.

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