Can You Finance a Bike with Affirm?

Buying a bike is an exciting experience as you go through the images of different bikes, specifications and compare prices. After all, while most of us would prefer to buy the most expensive bike on the market with the most modern features, our budget ultimately determines our purchase.  If money is standing between you and … Read more

Can Bikes Use Bus Lanes?

Cyclists riding in high-traffic areas with no bicycle lanes can find bus lanes too safe to travel. But some local laws may restrict riding on bus lanes marked “Bus Only.” The route does not allow the cyclist to ride side by side.  You can ride bikes on bus lanes with signs or roads marked “Bus … Read more

10 Ways to Motivate Your Kids to Ride

Cycling is without a doubt one of the most astonishing recreational activities anyone can think of. It provides several health advantages, including both physical and emotional well-being. Despite this, you may have found it difficult at times to persuade your children to ride their bicycles more often. Nowadays, children are hooked to their smart devices. … Read more

Why does my Bike Tire Keep Going Flat?

For a cyclist, encountering puncture while riding could be awful that often happens in inconvenient circumstances. Whatever the case may be, you have two options: patch your tire or walk the rest of the way. But, if you quickly change the tube and it becomes flat again, you have got a problem. Don’t worry, you … Read more

Is Cycling Bad for the Knees?

I used to have “bad” knees. My wife always blamed my excessive bike riding to be the reason for the pain. It didn’t take much longer for me to believe her. So, ultimately I stopped using my bicycle. But the pain did not go away, and I decided to do a little research.  It turned … Read more