Chain and Bash Guards for Kids Bikes

How important is safety for you? For me, it is one of the top priorities that I give utmost importance to.

Bike riding, although a super fun sport, has its share of hazardous consequences. My kids are well equipped with safety guards, but still, there are days they will get hurt while indulging in their favorite hobby.

The safety concern is enhanced while keeping kids into consideration. They are our responsibility, and their wellbeing is dependent entirely on us.

So while dealing with children, we tend to go all the way. We invest in helmets, knee and elbow pads, protective sunglasses, anything that will avoid any form of harm.

In my case, my teenage son is exceptionally enthusiastic about mountain biking, and recently for his birthday, we got him a mountain bike. He can be seen riding it every minute of his free time.

As mentioned above, we covered all safety parameters before letting him ride his bike, but we weren’t aware of one item on the agenda, Chain and Bash Guards.

Luckily our local bike store owner was kind and responsible enough to educate us about it. Let me tell you, these things are essential for imposing a safe biking experience on your child.

This article will explain the importance of Chain and bash guards, how to install them, and after-care for their longevity.

What is a Chain Guard?

A chain-guard, otherwise called “chaincase” or “gear case,” is a security for your bicycle’s chain. For the most part, made of plastic, it walls it in, securing it around its cycle.

Chain Guard of a Bike (Source:

Besides securing your gear, it also forestalls the biker, specifically our younger riders, from getting caught in the chainrings.

There are various kinds of chain watches:

  • Part encased, covering just the upper side of the chain,
  • Completely wrapped, covering both upper and lower sides of it.
  • The last sort can likewise be fit as a fiddle of a “tube” simply wrapping the chain and leaving the pinion wheels uncovered, or as a top, concealing both chain and cogwheels and leaving nothing in sight.

A few kinds even accompany an oil shower to grease up the chain.

Is a Bike Chain Guard Necessary?

As we said previously, chain guards are utilized to secure both the chain and the biker.

We realize that something hinders your chain, and it could be harmed, causing you to spend a decent amount of cash to fix it.

If the chain falls off the ring rapidly, it can scratch the casing, for instance. But, more regrettable than that, the actual ring can be harmed. 

Besides, should any piece of your child’s body contact the chain while cycling, it can cause a severe injury and scare your child from cycling?

Furthermore, on the off chance that you want your kid’s bike to be light-weighted and are continually attempting to make your bicycle lighter, you wouldn’t have any desire to add more burden to it.

Because of the cover given by the chain watchman, dirt and earth get no opportunity to accumulate and cling to the chain, subsequently expanding the life expectancy of any chain extensively.

So it’s a significant individual matter. If you now and again drop your chain, and you know there’s nothing amiss with it, or you get injured on account of incidentally contacting it (as a matter of first importance, quit doing it!), it could be the arrangement.

How to fix a Kids’ Bicycle Chain?

What are Bash guards?

Bash guards are utilized on gravity and off-road bicycles to forestall rocks, logs, and other path or course hindrances from harming chainrings.
Bash Guard of a Bike (Source:

They typically comprise circles joined to the chainset instead of the huge chainring and are made of extreme aluminum or polycarbonate that can ingest impacts.

Bash rings are frequently utilized related to chain guides on bicycles intended for high power, success riding like Downhill (DH) and enduro hustling, slopestyle, and freeride (FR).

Yet lightweight and more modest measured forms (for example, ‘taco watches’) are getting more normal on broad off-road bicycles.

Types of Bash Guards:

There are two fundamental varieties of Bash Guards Chainset-mounted and Frame mounted.

Chainset-mounted: Most Bash Guards are fixed to the crankset spider utilizing a four-bolt connection.

They are more significant than the greatest chainring being used, with the covering edge securing the teeth on the following chainring from harm brought about by striking against rocks and logs.

NOTE: fundamentally, this kind of Bash guard is a chainring with no teeth and worked to discipline. They can be fitted to any bicycle and usually are utilized to a different chain maintenance gadget (‘chain guide’).

Frame-mounted: The second sort of bash guard is mounted to the case and by and large structures part of an incorporated chain maintenance framework.

These regularly take the structure slide plates or a significant portion of gatekeepers’ for use related to a producer’s chain gadgets to feature a general chain manage/drivetrain security framework.

Note: If fitting an edge-mounted slam monitor, it’s critical to understand what kind of fittings or mounts your edge has and get a manual for fit.

Are Bash Guards Necessary?

Bash guards fill one significant need; they shield your kid's bike chain and chainring from being assaulted by rocks beneath.

A bash guard will keep your drivetrain running smoothly even through the harshest territory.

Bash guard is one of those things that are vastly required but are considered not needed.

Chain Guards

Chainguard ensures that the front of each bike chain is covered, so there's no possibility of your little one's feet, trouser legs, and long skirts getting trapped in. 

It prevents contacting the chain joins, which would typically be cause for mishaps.

Covering the bike chain with these kids’ bicycle chain watches offers robust security for the kid, its garments, and the bike chain.

While chain guards are staggeringly practical, expanding quantities of bike parts makers have begun creating parts (like the chain watch) that match the interest and liking of children.

The outcome: youngsters’ bicycle chain guards are fun with fabulous prints, splendid shadings, and a cutting-edge look.

I have curated a few good brands that have great chain guards for kids.

S.NoBrand NameAvailable OnPrice
1.VUNDO Road MTB Bicycle Crankset GuardAMAZONN/A
2.Little Mermaid Kids Bike Chain Guard for 12″ WheelsEbay$11.30
3.Luxshield Chain Stay Protector 2 Pack Neoprene Chain GuardAMAZON$9.60
4.PUPPY LOVE Kids Bike/Bicycle CHAIN GUARD for 12″ WHEELSEbay$7.99
List of 5 best Chain Guards for Kids

Bash Guards

The best bash guards in the market are planned with first-class materials and will promptly fill the procurement need without any concerns connected.

The best bash guards are significantly designed with excellent aluminum material, just as a strong polycarbonate material.

These materials are fantastic at retaining sway from any deterrents, be it rock, log, or any obstruction.

Additionally, high and proficient bash guards are made lightweight, so they will not lull your kid’s riding while likewise giving the most extreme insurance during the route.

There are many bash guards on the lookout. However, I will again list a couple of names to give you a pointer to their character.

S.NBrand NameAvailable OnPrice
1.Absolute Black Bash Guide Premium Chain Guide  Amazon$122.60
2.NICEDACK Bike Fender, MTB Mud Guard  Amazon$12.99
3.FUNN Bash Guard ZIPPA  Amazon$43.89
4.Fouriers CT-E1-DX005 Chain Guide Bash GuardAmazon$45.99
5.MRP XCg Micro Bash Guard  Amazon$59.00
List of 5 best Bash Guards

It’s still genuinely unprecedented in America to discover a bicycle with chain or bash guard fitted. However, as mentioned earlier, they are valuable for securing your child’s garments, skin, and bike.

On the contrary, all dutch bikes are required to have chain guards. Fortunately, many cycles, both children and adults, are manufactured with a chain guard pre-installed.

You would be able to provide a chain guard to your bicycle. Notwithstanding, it very well may be somewhat confounded.

Hence, you might need to seek the help of an instructed bicycle repairman from a neighborhood bicycle shop.

The ideal choice is to pick an entire chain case. That secures the chain, front chainring, and back gear-tooth from the components, just as ensuring your garments.

How to Install your Chain Guard?

Due to the variety in design, the installation of chain guards is varied across different brands. However, I have tried to mention basic steps that might help you install it properly on your kid’s bike.

A chain guard setup generally consists of clips that loop around the chain, plus two inner parts: one at the front and one at the back or rear.

The installation process in almost all the guards requires the front part to be installed first, then the rear aspect.

Many chain guards have fitted systems that require you to put the parts in the right place to function correctly.

Some require the role of screws and screwdrivers to be installed. In that case, find the adequately sized screwdriver and get set to work on your child’s bike. Rotating the bike pedal. If it runs smoothly, then congratulations, you have successfully installed the chain guard.

But if the chain is scratching the chain guard or making a rattling sound, you need to start the procedure from the top.

As mentioned above, the chain guards are different for different brands. So if you are finding difficulty in installing, it is always wise to ask your local mechanic or local bike store for help.

How to Install your Bash Guard?

You remove the largest chain rig and replace it with the bash guard. Adjust the front derailleur and shorten your chain. That's about all there is to install a bash guard.

In my honest opinion, if you are comfortable maintaining and handling your or your kid’s bike on your own, it is always better to get an expert for help.

If your child’s bike route is a rocky terrain that encounters many rocks and twigs, then you must install bash guards into their bikes.

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