Best 9 Children’s Books about Bikes

Best Five Children Books about Bikes
Best Five Children Books about Bikes

Every kid loves to hear a bedtime story before a nap and wishes to ride a bike. Personally talking, my interest in bikes began from my childhood. I still remember watching my friends ride on a bike, and that’s when it all began.

After having a passion for riding a bike, I started watching pictures of bikes, hiding under the covers with a flashlight.

Some parents entertain kids, making fun by sharing their first time falling from a bike to encourage their kids.

So, if your little one is also a cycle sprog like me but, doesn’t have enough courage to ride it, here, we’re singling out the best children’s books about bikes. 

These books about bikes might develop the habit of reading and help your kid get over the fear and frustration they get while paddling for the first time. They also teach the benefits of riding a bike.

Boy Reading Book
Boy Reading Kid’s Book (Source:

These books include a variety of captivating, funny, and colorful images with rhymes. These books are aimed at young kids, but you might as well fall in love with these books, making you laugh harder.

I am looking at stories from various writers that I think would make for awesome stories for this list. My top 9 choices are:

1. Shred Till Bed – The MBT Animal Alphabet

If you’re raising a future mountain biker, you must add this book to your cart. Shred Till Bed is an awesome alphabet book with 52 pages of MBT stroke.

Books about Bikes
Shred Till Bed – The MBT Animal Alphabet (Source:

Each page consists of each alphabet-named animal riding a bike with funny illustrations and unique rhymes.

I think this book is a fantastic way to encourage literacy in language learners without getting them bored and reinvigorate them to get into riding their bikes.

The MBT features in hardcover print will keep you entertained.

You can buy this awesome book for your children at $24.72 from amazon.

2. Giraffe on a Bicycle

Giraffe on a bicycle is an electrifying and funny book. This will help your young ones in lingual skills and help them master social skills and harmony.

Giraffe on a Bicycle
Giraffe on a Bicycle (Source:

Your children would probably love the story.

It’s around a monkey and giraffe where the monkey finds a bicycle, and the giraffe assumes it easy to ride but soon finds it easier said than done.

By practice, the giraffe becomes proficient and, along the way, finds other passengers one by one, first the tentative tiger, three naughty monkeys, and many other kinds as well.

Adding one at a time, the passengers get loaded, causing the bicycle to pack. As a result, soon, the bicycle breaks down, but their teamwork gets it fixed.

You can get this book from Amazon, or you can also read it from Kindle, Goodreads.

Price: $9.71 (Kindle Edition) & $ 24.99 (Hard Cover)

3. Mike and the Bike

This book is written by famous Grammy award winner Michael Ward, a lover of cycling.

Books about Bikes
Mike and the Bike (Source:

In this book, Mike is a carefree boy who loves adventure and a cyclist by heart.

The illustrations are in retro-contemporary style. You can get a CD with music that comes with the book.

The title of the book “Mike and the Bike” shows that his world revolves around his bike, and he goes on to the adventure around with his best friend.

In the story, Mike’s passion for cycling is shown as he goes to sleep with his helmet on and gets ready for the next morning early to ride.

Likewise, this might encourage your kids to go bike riding with friends rather than sticking with video games all day.

You can get this book from Amazon and also available online in Goodreads.

Price: $5.42

4. Duck on a Bike by David Shannon

It is a funny and silly storybook; even adults find this book entertaining, making them want to keep one for themselves.

David Shannon Duck on a Bike
Duck on a Bike (Source:

The best thing about the book I found is its story promotes vocabulary and language skills in the early readers.

It shows the interest of riding a bike and enjoying it where a duck sees a bicycle parked ahead of it and had this crazy idea of riding it.

While riding the bicycle, the duck surpasses different animals like the cow, horse, sheep, dog, pigs, chicken, mouse, and many more.

While passing each one, the duck greets them on the way, and each viewed the idea of duck riding bicycle differently.

Seeing the duck enjoying the ride, the other animals also goes for a joyride right back to where they stole it from.

This story inspires your kids to ride a bike and makes them think how enjoyable and refreshing it is to ride a bike.

If you haven’t read it yet, you can buy it from Amazon or watch videos from Youtube and other apps.

Price: $ 7.59 (Kindle) & $ 13.99 (Hard Cover)

5. Bear on a Bike

Please don’t get confused over the books with similar titles. Remember, there is always room for more. Yes! These are two different books about bikes from different authors with different storylines.

Books about Bikes
Bear on a Bike (Source:

This book is all about a bear who uses different means of transportation.

Here, the bear cycles through the market, sail to islands and over the rainbows and meets various creatures. So, this gives your child an imagination of traveling around the world with a special night-time journey at the end.

There are two editions of this book, and you can shop both these books from Amazon or read them from different online book websites like good reads, book share time, and barefoot books.

Price: $7.65 (Hardcover) & $6.99 (Paperback)

6. Daniel Learns to Ride a Bike

As you can tell from the title, this book is all about learning to ride a bike.

Daniel Learns to Ride a Bike (Source:

Daniel is a little Cub in this story, and he got a new bicycle. But he doesn’t know how to ride. So, this story portrays his journey of learning to ride a bike.

This story could be directly relatable to your 3-7 years kids if they got their hands on their first bike just now.

This book is available on Amazon at a reasonable price of $4.99 (Kindle version).

7. Franklin Rides a Bike

This one is a classic storybook of Franklin.

Franklin Rides a Bike (Source:

Here, the main character, Franklin, tries to ride a bike but without training wheels. Franklin finds it very hard while his other friends can easily ride.

So, I think this story makes your children understand it takes time to learn something new.

They might get frustrated in the initial phase of learning a bike. So, they might learn to stay calm and determined by reading this story.

This book is available at amazon at a price of $4.99 (Kindle version).

8. Rexy the Dinosaur & a New Bike

This is an awesome children’s book about a Dinosaur who learns that “Sharing is Caring.”

Rexy the Dinosaur & a New Bike (Source:

This bedtime story portrays a dinosaur, Rexy who got a new bike but was very selfish and didn’t want to share it with his friends. But later on understands, sharing is caring.

This book is very helpful for your kids too. Kids usually act meanly and don't want to share their things with friends. This story teaches, its actually good to share things and help each other.  

This book is available on Amazon and comes at an awesome price of $3.99 (Kindle version).

9. If you Give a Girl a Bike

This is my one of the favorite Children’s Bike books.

If you Give a Girl a Bike (Source:
After reading this book, your kids wouldn't remain the same. I mean, it is so packed with various adventures, kids get excited to follow the same as the character of this story does.

This story makes kids learn that little bruises and a few scrapes are nothing to worry about. You should keep moving and enjoying.

This adventurous storybook comes at a price of $4.99 (Kindle) and $17.94 (Hardcover).

My Opinion

Kids nowadays are more inclined towards video games and virtual games. So in this era of technology, you might be worried about how to get your children onto riding a bike or be more adventurous.

Therefore, Children’s books about bikes are a very suitable and effective way to make your kids interested in riding a bike.

If you are still confused about buying a bike for your kid, get one for them instantly. Let them be more adventurous. Here are a few articles that might be helpful for you.

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