49 Cool Bike Accessories for Kids

It is a difficult task to get your kids interested in any activity other than scrolling their iPads or phones. I, as a parent, tried to tackle it by introducing cycling as a recreational activity.

Fortunately for me, all my kids took positively toward cycling and did not take much effort to gravitate towards it. But I had to implement various measures to keep their interest in bikes unimpaired.

I tried doing it; one was creating multiple challenges and terrain we can conquer through our bikes.

And the most effective method to my experience was letting my child choose different accessories for their bikes.

I have previously mentioned the attention span of our younger generation. Let us be honest; it is minuscule. It has become harder to cultivate growth-inducing hobbies or activities.

Having my children choose their bike accessories helps break that issue. It gives the child a sense of ownership and individual creative expression.

They begin to style the usually neurally designed bikes according to their personality. It had a positive change towards there attitude they had on their bikes. 

A few of the accessories chosen by my kids were fancy helmets, musical bells, and danglers for handles.

While finding the right accessories for my kids, which I must admit was the most fun we have had in recent times, we came across so many options to choose from.

It made me aware of the plethora of choices that are available in our market.

I have tried to absorb the vast list of bicycle accessories into a list of 49 items.

I hope that this list will help you and your child remove all the uninteresting products and finalize the accessories that will be best for you. 

1. Bicycle Bells 

Children genuinely love bike bells. They add bling to their bicycles and are enjoyable to their rides.

More significantly, a bell can be utilized to caution other bicycles, sprinters, and canine walkers, making them essential for the safety purpose of the child.

However, a ringer needs to accomplish more than sound for a youngster to get excited about it. It additionally needs to look cool.

Bicycle Bells for Kids (Source: Amazon.com)

Many bells available in the market come in a wide range of fun examples that children love: Unicorn, spider Man, Hello Kitty, and that’s just the beginning. 

Your child will have the choice to choose from various designs and sounds. It will surely ignite an incredible passion for cycling in your children.

KSdeal Bike Bell for Kids Girls ToddlersPinkAluminium$6.99
M-Wave Children’s BellGreenN/A$7.49
Kiddimoto – Steel Bicycle BellGreenSteel$11.99
MINI-FACTORY Bike Bell for Kid GirlsPinkAluminum$7.99
Accmor Classic Bike BellPurpleAluminum$6.99
Top 5 Bike Bells for your Kids

2. Handlebar Bags

As a child, the “stuff” you bring with you on an adventure or outing is precious: the material you need, things you may require, and the best part—the item you find en route. 

Thankfully, the market has a plethora of fashionable bags available for kids.

They are designed to be light weighted and airy. They are available in different colors, patterns, and size to excite our young customer.

Name ColorFeaturesPrice
Po Campo Kids Bicycle BagBlue/GreyWaterproof
Convertible to crossbody bags
Kulie Bike Handlebar BagBlack2 liter
Convertible to crossbody bags
Free from Metal hooks and buckles
Allnice Bike Handlebar BagBlack4 liter
Touch Screen Pouch
Top 3 Handlebar Bags for your Kids

3. Breathable Face Masks

I don’t know where to start with the importance of facemasks in today’s context. The surge of Covid 19 has made this tiny fabric an essential part of our survival.

Face cover comprises reused textures and a breathable microfilter sandwiched between two antibacterial layers.

The surface is accessible in three sizes (tiny, medium, large) and various colors (neon yellow, dark, and brushstrokes appeared here). 

Let your child chooses the color and pattern to make it more interesting for them.

The breathable part of the mask is super essential, and biking is a respiration-inducing exercise. Thus, needing a good flow of air is supremely crucial.

Make sure you buy a microfiber and breathable mask for any sports purposes to avoid breathlessness.

Disposable Kids MasksBlackHigh-Quality material
Skin Friendly
Adjustable nose strip design
$7.99/ 50 count
EZ Breezy Kids Disposable Face MasksBlue3 layer protection
Child-Friendly design
Breathable and soft fabric
$14.99/ 50 count
Bloch unisex child Face MAskBlack2 layers of high-density fabric
Antimicrobial agent
Washable and reusable
Adjustable stoppers
N/A 3 count
Kids Size Age 2-6 Disposable Face MaskPink3 protective layers
Attractive pattern and color
Adjustable nose bridge
Sized for kids 2-6 years old
$12.99/ 50 count
WWDOLL Kids KN95 MasksRedPrinted color patterns
Foldable Designs
Metal nose clip with sponge and silicone cord buckles
$49.74/ 50 count
Table showing Top 5 Breathable face Masks for your Kids

4. Children Fitness Tracker Bands

In this tech-savvy world, all the tech-savvy children strive through technological stimulation. Fitness tracker bands fulfill those criteria perfectly.

They count Steps and busy times, give out virtual identifications for finishing difficulties, and are water-safe down to 50 meters. 

Also, children can pick their symbol and cover photograph, making them significantly bound to utilize them with efficiency.

Fitness Tracker Band for Children (Source: Amazon.com)

5. Kids Cycling Cap

Kids are very aware of the fashion choice and the fashion trends they want to follow,

You can let them choose from the variety of kid’s cycling caps available according to both boys and girls.

With the independence of choosing their style, they might feel that they are more in charge of their hobby and might take it up more seriously.

6. Bike Phone Mount

It’s hard enough to send your teenage child out into the world on a bike to get together with companions.

Fortunately, most children nowadays convey a telephone that should have a tracker app.

However, riding with a phone pushed into a pocket on thin pants is a decent pardon for them to leave it at home. Make it simpler for them to tie it right onto the handlebar.

Phone Mount for Bike (Source: Pixels.com)

This bicycle telephone mount obliges practically all cell phones. Besides, your call for them to get their butt home for supper can’t go unseen.

Mongoora Bike & Motorcycle Phone MountBlackSilicone, PlasticN/A
Visnfa New Bike Phone MountBlackPlasticN/A
Visnfa Upgraded Bike Phone MountBlackAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, RubberN/A
A Table of Top 3 Bike Phone Mounts

7. Wire Mesh Basket With Hooks

Mesh baskets, especially with hooks, are helpful to store essentials like water bottles and bags. 

Kids can choose from the many colors available to make their bikes more interesting to them. 

BIRIA Basket (L x W x H) 10.5″ x 7″ x 6.5″Plastic coated wired steelN/A
Nantucket Bicycle Basket9.75″ (L) x 6.75″ (W) x 6.25″ (H)N/A$14.31
Tfwadmx Folding Bike Front Basket(L x W x H) 13” x 7.8” x 8.6”SteelN/A
List of Top 3 Bicycle Baskets

8. Customizable License Plate

The Ride-Along adaptable tag incorporates more than 150 letters and numbers. It allows your child to make their bicycle nameplate to add to their wheels. 

They have a great time creating their plate with their name or whatever else they choose to compose. It effectively joins any bike and is available in different shadings.

9. Bike Wheel Spoke Beads

This ideal 80s toy is as yet famous today and makes an incredible children’s bicycle decoration.

At the cost and amount of colorful dots, this bunch of 325 beads (in 6 distinct shadings!) is the best incentive for your kid’s bike. 

They make an incredible sound like your child pedals, as it were as well! 

Spoke Beads for Bikes (Source: Amazon.com)

10. Skin Wrap Bicycle Wrap Reflector

Skin Wraps Bike Spoke Reflectors are spiraled singular reflectors that clasp on singular spokes of the wheel.

They’re not difficult to fit on all bicycle types. The glasses feature radiant, so they light up to give extra security to your kid in low light.

11. Spokester

The Spokester bicycle noise maker will have the kids riding furiously back and forth pretending to be motorcycle cops.

Spokesters are a wonderfully inexpensive way of making outdoor exploration fun. 

It’s a small toy that attaches to bikes’ wheels’ forks, similar to the old-fashioned playing card so that the rest of the toy hits the spokes as the wheels turn to create the sound of a motorcycle.

12. Flower Wheel Spoke Attachment

With 12 different plans of blossoms and butterflies,  Bike Wheel Spokies come in beautiful designs.

They are not difficult to cut onto bicycle spokes (like good reflectors) and are an excellent beautification for any female rider’s Ride.

They’ll make an ideal occasion or birthday present for your little girl, niece, or granddaughter.

13. Bike Sirens for Kids

An incredible present for a kid that regularly plays cops and burglars. Allow them to envision being a cop and pursuing down villains on their bicycle with this separable police alarm. 

It illuminates with blazing and non-glimmering choices just as horn usefulness. 

14. Doll Bike Seat and Helmet

Bike Seat and Helmet is an extraordinary bicycle adornment for young ladies, as it trains your youngster with bicycle cap security at a young age while they care for their doll or soft toy. 

They will get the energy of riding their bicycle and imaginative play with their toys, and you get to show them bicycle security simultaneously and guilefully.

15. Bike Handlebar Pinwheel

This pinwheel appends to your child’s bicycle handlebar and twists as they cycle, making an eye-catching enhancing show. 

It’s not difficult to join and fits every standard handlebar, comes in many shading alternatives (rainbow or blossomed designs).

Bike Handlebar Pinwheel (Source: Amazon.com)

16. Bike Airplane Toy

Like the handlebar pinwheel, the bicycle plane handlebar extra twists as your minor one cycles and is extraordinary for creative mind play.

It is a minimal expense and fun bicycle accessory that is not difficult to install.

17. Bike Streamers

Simple is ideal, and going with excellent children’s bicycle embellishment-like decorations is consistently a sound decision. 

They add extraordinary enhancement and blow in the breeze as your child is cycling, which will undoubtedly put a grin all over!

The decorations come in rainbow tones and clasp effectively to the handlebars.

18. Ride along Dolly Bike Streamers

Another extra from the Ride Along with the Dolly range, these pinwheel-styled handlebar decorations are another extraordinary bicycle embellishment for young adults. 

They will fit most bike handlebars and effectively join. Just as the actual decorations move in the breeze, the pinwheels additionally turn!

These add incredible beautification to your girls, niece’s, or granddaughter’s bicycle.

19. Children Bike Lights 

Bicycle lights for your kids’ bikes are probably the principal adornments you should put your resources into.

Front and backlights improve permeability for your youngster when they are riding in low light. 

On top of this, they also enhance security since they make it simpler for your kid to see others.

Notwithstanding front and backlights, numerous producers have made bicycle lights that fit into the wheel of a bicycle, adding improvement, fun, innovativeness, and surprisingly more excellent permeability to your youngster’s bike.

Types of Children Bike Lights:

20. Rechargeable Bike Spoke Light

This battery-powered spoke light isn’t intended to illuminate their way. However, it vows to add some enjoyment to the Ride. 

The coordinated battery, at full charge, keeps going six hours on high. Set the light to red, green, blue, or white, or on Disk-O mode, which pushes through each of the four tones.

There are non-rechargeable lights available in the market, but a rechargeable one will make your life a little more hassle-free.

Bike Spoke Lights (Amazon.com)

Some of the cool rechargeable bike spoke lights are listed below:

21. LED Yellow Duck Bike Bell 

This extraordinary bicycle decoration is incredible for youthful children. It’s loads of fun with its light-up usefulness and bicycle ringer sound. 

It accompanies diverse cap choices and is unbelievable for wellbeing since, at 45 decibels, others can hear your little one coming. 

The additional LED gives much more security in low light levels, either inconsistently on or blazing mode.

22. Zoonimal Bike Light

These tiny LED bicycle lights effectively append to the handlebars and seat posts of any bicycle. They come in white and red for both front and backlights. 

Accessible in 13 unique creatures, they make a charming and fun waterproof bicycle adornment.

You have the decision of 3 lighting modes (high or low speed blazing, or consistently on) that allows you to tweak your kid’s experience.

23. Driven Bike Wheel Light 

Brands like DAWAY make a range of various bicycle wheel lights. Once added, these make eye-getting shows and are an extraordinary decoration for grown-ups’ and children’s bicycles. 

The lights are usually energy-saving and constrained by light and dynamic sensors, which let them turn on naturally when the bicycle moves or is uninformed. 

Here I have provided the list of the top 3 bike wheel lights.

24. Skull Bike Lights 

These skull bicycle lights are an excellent bicycle flounce for young men and an incredible incentive for cash, with both front and rear bicycle lights.

They have consistent and blazing modes and effectively join your children’s bicycle with customizable lashes.

25. Brightz Bike Wheel Lights 

These are a contending item to DALWAY. However, they have fewer capacities and an alternate connection style. 

Rather than associating with the tire valve, these LED illuminates take the entire external edge of the bicycle wheel and are arranged there with zip ties.

This embellishment should be for youngsters that have a wheel size of at any rate 20 inches. Browse over twelve tones!

26. Monkey Light Bike Wheel Lights 

The Monkey Light M210 Bike Wheel Light is an extraordinary bicycle wheel light. Albeit more costly than the Brightz and DAWAY lights referenced here, it accompanies 19 particular subjects and more than 16 unique tones.

The examples that you select move and become more powerful and intuitive as you cycle.

This bicycle adornment stands out amongst other wheel beautification alternatives out there and is rugged, waterproof, and intended for every climate condition.

27. LED Headlight

You can boost your kid’s bike’s safety by installing a stylish led headlight. It will give them a feel of riding a motorcycle With the added advantage of illumination during evening time.

You can visit a list of top 3 LED headlights:

28. Vintage Kids Bicycle Basket 

This exemplary bicycle container with vintage glances succeeds in a children’s size. Produced using bamboo, it’s handwoven and upscale.

It’s an incredible embellishment for your child’s bicycle, but on the other hand, it’s pragmatic and will help them store whatever they may discover on their movements.

Vintage Kid Bicycle Basket (Source: Amazon.com)

Here, I have made a list of 3 different vintage kids bicycle baskets:


The primary wire outlined front bicycle bin mounts to latches you append to your front handlebars.

It allows you to take it off the bicycle and take it with you once you arrive at your destination. 

30. Children Water Bottle With Holder 

Water bottles are a big necessity for any physical activity, and cycling is no different.

There are lots of fun design bottles available for kids in the market attached with a holder that can attach itself on the handles of your kid’s bicycle.

The list below shows the top 3 children water bottles with holder:

Learn More in detail about best water bottles for your kids.

31. Bike Water Bottle Cage 

This innovative product caters to people who have bought a water bottle that does not have the bike holder included.

They are available in many fun caricatures for kids, with many shaped like cats and owls.

32. Bike Basket, Bottle, and Bell Set 

Your child can appreciate these extras on their bicycle with a blended set from the famous Disney film Cars or Frozen. The set includes a  bicycle bell, water jug, and capacity container. 

This set is an incredible incentive for every one of the three things. The bin will fit onto most children’s bicycles, trikes, and bikes.

33. Bicycle Speedometer/Odometer 

It is certifiably not a conventional adornment for youngsters, yet for any tech-cherishing kid, this one should go down a treat. 

Ideal for the more developed child cyclist, this adornment will urge them to ride more as they appreciate seeing distance covered and maximum velocities. 

DINOKA Bike SpeedometerWaterproof
LCD Digital Display
Auto Wake-up Function
Day & Night Backlight
MEILAN M3 Mini GPS SpeedometerWaterproof
SUNDING Wireless Cycling SpeedometerWaterproof
Easy installation
A table showing top 3 Bicycle Speedometer

These vivid bicycle locks are ideal for youngsters to have an all the more splendid and fun approach to keep their bicycles free from any harm. 

Extraordinary for securing their bike at school or around, particularly on the off chance they’ve embellished and added some different things onto their bicycle.

35. Kid’s Bike Pedal

One lesser-realized approach to add improvement to your child’s bicycle is to redo their pedals. Not exclusively will they help give their bicycle, but it might give it a stylish makeover.

The list below shows 3 best kid’s bike pedals.

36. Children Action Camera

The VTech Kidizoom Action Cam is a fantastic minimal expense option compared to the more normal GoPro arrangement of activity cameras. 

As this will have a youngster, it bodes well to go with a cheaper thing if there should be harm or misfortune. This activity camera arrives in a disguised plan and is rugged and waterproof.

37. GoPro

As mentioned in the above point, GO Pro will be more expensive than an average children’s camera.

Still, if you are sure about your youngster( Teenagers) responsible quotient and have the budget for it, then GoPro can be a great option to invest in.

38. Kids Sunglasses

Kids bike all the time—either in the bright sunlight or during the solace of the nighttime.  We need to make sure we protect our kids from the harmful UV sun rays. 

Let your child choose the type and color of glasses they would like to wear. Make the vanity part of cycling exciting for them.

39. Sunscreen Spray

As I explained in the above point, protection from UV rays is a must. If your child usually cycles around the daytime, sunscreen is a must and should be cultivated as a hobby.

40. Hydration Backpack

Give your child a nifty knapsack loaded with water, with a clever hose to suck water through, and he’s bound to remain hydrated.

The Hydration Backpack holds 50 ounces (about what could be compared to eight pockets of Capri Sun) and different treats like a device, snacks, a downpour coat, and a telephone.

Kids Hydration Backpack (Source: Amazon.com)

I have given you a list of 5 best Hydration Backpack for your kids:

41. Bicycle Gloves

These slip-on, full-fingered gloves are loaded up with highlights. A leather material palm offers a safe hold on the bar, and thick cushioning ensures little hands should they hit asphalt or shakes. 

The back is breathable and stretchy for better portability, and built-up fingertips forestall parts in the creases.

42. Kids Multifunctional Headwear

Your child will inevitably battle you with regards to dressing appropriately for the chilly climate. The most widely recognized grumbling:

“It’s excessively massive.” It applies to coats, caps, gloves, and sweaters; it doesn’t make a difference to the Buff. 

This lightweight texture sleeve can be gotten into a pack or pocket and utilized when the breezes get, the mercury drops, or the sun radiates brilliantly (it offers UPF 50 security)

43. Kids Bike Shorts

Kids’ bicycle shorts will make bike riding with your youngster significantly more fun. Today’s young people have oodles of energy for bicycling, and most genuinely appreciate nature en route. 

A specific attire for their hobby will make them take it more seriously.

44. Training Wheels

Training wheels help kids stay upstanding on a bicycle and pedal at a prior age, on the off chance that your objective is for your kid to pedal a bike while helped, at that point indeed, Training wheels should be your ultimate choice.

45. Kids Bike Trailer

A bicycle trailer is a trailer or truck with tiny wheels that can be effortlessly hitched to your bicycle, and your kid can sit in it and ride the bike together.

Fundamentally bicycle trailers look like little sidecars when appended to your bicycle’s casing. You can utilize bicycle trailers to convey kids 1 to 6 years.

Kids Bike Trailer (source: Amazon.com)

The list below shows you the best 5 bike trailers you can buy for your kids:

46. Bicycle Shotgun Saddle

The Shotgun seat is an attractive “mid-mount” youngster bicycle seat that spots kids upfront while riding.

Planned explicitly for off-road bicycles, the Shotgun will oblige a wide assortment of edges – from off-road bikes to downhill full-suspension off-road bicycles.

47. Kids Handle Grip Set

A handle grip set is essential for your child if they are into stunts or of road cycling. Having a good grip will help your kid have that extra layer of safety and support.

48. Protection Pad 

Let’s be honest:  children fall a great deal while playing. A couple of cushions can have a significant effect between a minor fall and a horrible mishap. 

49. Fancy colorful Helmet

The vanity and appearance of the apparel have a positive effect on the activity it is associated with. 

Buying a colorful bike helmet with your kid’s favorite cartoons will boost their confidence in cycling.

A Kids Bike Helmet (Source: Amazon.com)

The list below gives you an idea about top 5 kids biking helmets:

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