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Who Is Dawn Master Stockholm In BG3?

Dawn Master Stockholm
Dawn Master Stockholm in BG3.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the Dawn Master Stockholm is a character found in a monastery.

Dawn Master Stockholm BG3 is a human cleric of Lathander, the god of the dawn. He is also the leader of the Dawnbringers.

Further, the Dawnbringers are adventurers seeking to restore light and hope to the world.

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Dawn Master Stockholm: An Overview

Dawn Master Stockholm is a human cleric in the Dragon Universe.

He can be found in the Rosymorn Monastery. It is a location in the world of BG3.

The monastery is a sacred place for the followers of Lathander.

But it has been invaded by kobolds, goblins, and other enemies.

Additionally, Dawn Master Stockholm is one of the four leaders of the temple.

Dawn Master Stockholm and his companions are trying to defend the monastery and protect its secrets.

Moreover, hHe and his companions are not attempting to defeat the monastery or protect its secrets, but rather to escape the Underdark and reach the surface.

How To Meet Dawn Master Stockholm In BG3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, to meet Dawnmaster Stockholm, you need to enter the monastery.

However, you need to fight your way through the enemies to enter.

Depending on your skills and choices, you can also try to sneak or persuade your way past them.

By doing so, you will eventually reach the monastery’s main hall.

There you will see Dawnmaster Stockholm fighting a group of goblins. You can either choose to help him or ignore him.

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Where Is The Goblin Camp In BG3?

Players should see a gold marker to the west on the game map.

You have to hover over that marker on the map.

On the way, you will find a dead boar on the road.

You will come up to the Blighted Village after continuing past the dead boar and across a bridge.

If your group passes the perception test, they will warn of a goblin ambush up ahead.

You can perform different roles or can outright attack them.

After finishing exploring the Blighted Village, leave through the western side.

The Goblin Camp can be reached by crossing the bridge.

By defeating Olak, you can ask him some questions.

Here you will have to talk to Sentinel Olak out front.

After talking to Olak, you can head north deeper into the camp.

The goblin leaders are Drog Ragzlin, the Goblin King, Minthara the Drow Commander, and Priestess Gut.

How To Deal With The Enemies In Goblin Camp?

Here are some ways to dealing with enemies:

  • There are two large spiders in the center. Shoving an enemy down there will make them take fall damage. Then you can fight those spiders.
  • For an instant kill, shove enemies into the nearby endless pits.
  • One-hit kills utilizing a rogue’s sneak attack.
  • You can get a height advantage if you attack them from the beams above.
  • You can destroy the drums to prevent goblins from calling for reinforcements.

Therefore, you can take down all goblins by following these tips.

The Bottom Line

Finally, after defeating the goblins, you helped Dawn Master Stockholm and his companions protect the monastery and its secrets.

After that, you can bring Halsin with you from the Goblin Camp.

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