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Far Cry 6: How To Access The Barriga Locked Door?

Barriga Locked Door In Far Cry 6.
Barriga Locked Door In Far Cry 6.

The locked door in Barriga is part of a mission in Far Cry 6.

Players can find a locked door in a wooden house in Barriga, Far Cry 6. However, they will not be able to unlock or access it unless they are on a mission named Seeds of Love. 
Continue reading to discover more about the Far Cry 6 Barriga locked door and how to enter it.

What Is Barriga In Far Cry 6?

Barriga in Far Cry 6 is home to numerous main story arc in-game missions.

The location also houses the mission where players must obtain the Criptograma Chest.

Barriga location in a map.
Barriga location in a map.

The small suburb is located in the bay of a giant lake, neighboring Cauto De Paso Lagoon.

Locked Door In Barriga

While on a quest to obtain the rewards of the Criptograma chest in Far Cry 6, players might come across a locked door.

Locked metal door in Barriga in Far Cry 6.
Locked metal door in Barriga in Far Cry 6.

No matter how hard you try, you can seem to budge it.

Players have reportedly tried to be creative to open the door by force.

Some have shot at it, while others have tried detonating it using bombs. They all failed.

More so, it doesn’t open because it is part of a mission The Seeds of Love, from Lorenzo.

The Seeds Of Love Mission

The Seeds Of Love mission will send players all over the El Este.

They will have to make amends on behalf of Lorenzo, who wants to apologize to his children.

Seed Of Love Mission in Far Cry 6.
Seed Of Love Mission in Far Cry 6.

Lorenzo has seven kids in total who are all grown up doing their own thing.

The good news is, although they are scattered, they are all located in El Este.

The best way to find each can be to visit the clack checkpoints on the map.

Lorenzo’s Children’s Locations

Lorenzo has seven children: Felipe, Tiago, Riel, Juan, Camilo, Xiomara and Maricela.

Players will come across the locked door, which they couldn’t access while finding Camilo.

Below are all of Lorenzo’s children’s locations in the game.

1. Felipe

Felipe is located in Todos Santos Cemetary. It is located on the western side of El Este and south of Lapida Mogote.

Players can find him up a hill where he is pretending to be a ghost.

2. Tiago

Tiago is located in Santo Dominago. It is a place in Robustas Hills in Sierra Perdida.

Further, players can find the location where the photo was taken.

Approaching him, you’ll notice he is being held captive inside the building.

Players must climb up the walls to shoot a door lock from the inside.

Afterward, they can enter the building, free Tiago, and talk to him.

3. Riel

Likewise, Riel is found in the Oceguera Farms, on the south side of Savannah Fields.

Then, players can ask for guidance from Dani, who will show you how to Riel.

4. Juan

Juan is on Perdomo Farm near Hiagdo Lake in Savannah Fields in Sierra Perdida.

There, you can encounter a man and a woman. Further, they will help you find a key to his house.

5. Camilo

Camilo can be tracked down in Barriga near Cauto de Paso Lagoon in Sierra Perdida.

Players will have a picture of a hut where he stays.

However, upon arrival, you will notice things aren’t quite right.

You will find several guards surrounding the house where Camilo lives.

Shoot all the guards.
Shoot all the guards.

Further, you can also hear Camilo from inside the house, pleading.

Players have to take down all the guards and rescue Camilo.

This is the same house with the locked door which was once not opening. The house belongs to Camilo, one of Lorenzo’s children.
Player entering the locked door.
The player enters the locked door.

After entering the door, players can talk to Camilo and hand him the letter from Lorenzo.

Player talking to Camilo in Far Cry 6.
Player is talking to Camilo in Far Cry 6.

5. Xiomara

Xiomara is found in Conception in Counco on the east side.

Upon reaching, head to a place filled with graffiti. Furthermore, players have to zipline their way to her.

7. Maricela

Maricela can be tracked down in the Flores Farm middle of Conuco.

In addition, you are greeted by a dog who will lead you right to her.

The Bottom Line

Players can access the locked door in Barriga only in the mission Seed Of Love granted by Lorenzo.

More specifically, it can be accessed when locating Camilo to hand him Lorenzo’s letter.

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