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Find And Deal With Visage Of Regret In BG3

visage of regret bg3
What is the Visage of Regret in BG3?

In BG3, you might have encountered a formidable enemy known as the Visage of Regret.

It is part of a group of six heads that serve under the command of Gerringothe Thorm, a greedy mastermind.

Visage of Regret is a floating head that helps Gerringothe Thorm, a necromancer boss in the game. It is located in the Reithwin Tollhouse, a building in the Shadow-Cursed Lands. 

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What Is The Visage Of Regret In BG3?

In the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, you might have undergone a formidable enemy known as the Visage of Regret. 

This particular adversary takes the form of a floating head with spellcasting abilities. 

Similarly, it is one of six heads under the command of Gerringothe Thorm, a greedy mastermind.

Gerringothe Thorm, visage of regret bg3
Gerringothe Thorm is a greedy mastermind.

Gerringothe Thorm is a boss character in Act 2 of the game.

She belongs to the Thorm family, a group of powerful mages who govern the Shadow-Cursed Lands.

Additionally, she wears a golden armor that gives her immense health and damage.

Where Can You Find The Visage Of Regret In BG3?

The Visage of Regret can be located within the Reithwin Tollhouse in the Shadow Cursed Lands. 

This lonely and dangerous area becomes accessible once you complete a phase or act of the game. 

The Reithwin Tollhouse appears to be an abandoned structure with wealth and numerous mysteries within its walls. 

Location of Tollhouse in BG3
Location of Tollhouse in BG3

Furthermore, you will encounter the Visage of Regret on its level, where it guards Gerringothe Thorm. 

It is an individual who initially presents themselves as a merchant but reveals their hostile intentions when approached.

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How Can You Deal With The Visage Of Regret In BG3?

Visage of Regret is not extremely strong by itself in Baldur’s Gate 3.

However, it may cause a lot of difficulties by performing spells like Fireball, Magic Missile, and Ray of Frost.

These spells may cause a lot of damage and affect numerous targets simultaneously.

Moreover, Visage of Regret contributes to Gerringothe Thorm’s large health pool and armor class, making her difficult to defeat.

Therefore, focusing on killing the floating heads before attacking Gerringothe Thorm directly is best.

To deal with the head, you must utilize area or multi-hit strikes that can damage several foes simultaneously. 

In addition, it may be helpful to consider psychological tactics as the skulls may be vulnerable in that area.

Weapons and spells that can help for defeating Gerringothe Thorm are given below:

1. Sword Of Screams

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the Sword of Screams is among the Martial Melee Weapons.

It is a magical sword that does additional psychic damage and has a chance to scare adversaries.

To effectively use a weapon, one must have proficiency.

In some cases, there may be additional effects when the weapon is held.

2. Githyanki Greatsword

In BG3, Githyanki Greatsword is a two-handed martial weapon.

It is a two-handed sword that does slicing and psychic damage and has a chance to shock enemies.

Before using a weapon, characters must get a certain Proficiency.

3. Cleave

In BG3, Cleave is an action that is performed by a Character based on their Class and Equipment.

It is an extra melee attack against another adversary within 5 feet after striking one with a melee attack.

In both exploration and combat, actions can be used to help or harm characters.

4. Sweeping Attack

A feat that enables you to strike another adversary within 5 feet with the same attack result. 

However, only selected Character’s Race, Class, and Background can inherit this unique ability.

5. Spike Growth

The spell “Spike Growth” belongs to the Transmutation spell and is at level 2.

Additionally, it is a spell that deals with psychic injury and allows you to trace the target’s position for an hour.

Moreover, it can be used for attacking, applying status effects, boosting allies, or interacting with the environment.

6. Psychic Spark

Psychic Spark is a unique Amulets accessory in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Once a character is equipped with these Accessories, they will receive bonuses.

These bonuses include new spells, resistance to specific types of damage, increased Ability Scores, and more.

7. Synaptic Static

Synaptic Static is a spell that forms a 20-foot radius sphere of psychic energy that deals with psychic damage.

It also diminishes the intelligence of impacted creatures

You should resist accepting the gold Gerringothe Thorm uses to tempt you since it may explode or create new enemies.

Furthermore, you can collect them when the combat is over.

Other Floating Heads In BG3

Besides Visage of Regret, five additional floating heads help Gerringothe Thorm in the game.

They are given below:

1. Visage Of Obedience

It is a floating skull that performs spells like Hold Person, Command, and Suggestion. 

Similarly, it has the ability to influence your behavior or force you to perform things against your will.

Furthermore, its area of attack power is Death Shriek.

2. Visage Of Heartlessness

A skull that throws spells like Enfeeblement, Chill Touch, and Vampiric Touch.

It might damage your physical vitality or sap your life power.

3. Visage Of Guilt

It is a floating head that has Venomous Guilt power in the game.

Additionally, it casts spells like Bane, Fear, and Phantasmal Force.

It might make you feel guilty or terrified, or it can generate illusions to fool you.

4. Visage Of Greed

Visage of Greed is a dangerous head that can deal much damage if you have a lot of gold in your inventory.

When killed or approached too closely, it explodes and damages nearby enemies.

You can avoid this damage by dropping your gold before the fight or using spells or items that grant fire resistance or immunity.

Additionally, it can perform spells like Grease, Web, and animate things. 

5. Visage Of Cowardice

A skull that performs spells like Sleep, Color Spray, and Mirror Image.

It can make you fall unconscious, blind you, or spawn copies to confound you.

Each head has its own unique qualities and talents. 

The Bottom Line

The Visage of Regret is one of the six floating heads named Visage of X that you may face in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

It is one of several floating heads that serve Gerringothe Thorm, the master who lives in the Reithwin Tollhouse.

Furthermore, you should employ area or multi-hit strikes and psychic damage to beat them. 

By clearing the skulls first, you will weaken Gerringothe Thorm and make her an easy target.

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