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Gunsmith Part 9 0.14: A Quest Guide For Escape From Tarkov

gunsmith part 9 0.14
Complete Gunsmith Part 9 0.14

In Escape from Tarkov, players have to complete various quests to unlock new items, weapons, and skills.

The Gunsmith quests are a series of tasks given by the trader Mechanic that require players to assemble specific weapons.

One of the quests is Gunsmith Part 9 from patch 0.14, which requires modifying a P226R pistol to meet certain specifications. Furthermore, to complete this quest, players must buy the parts from the Peacekeeper or other players on the flea market.
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What Is Gunsmith Part 9 Patch 0.14 In Tarkov?

Gunsmith Part 9 0.14 is a quest in Escape from Tarkov that is given by Mechanic, one of the traders in the game.

Mechanic specializes in weapon modifications and repairs, and he offers various tasks related to guns and gunsmithing.

Gunsmith Part 9 is the ninth task in his series of quests, and it involves modifying a P226R pistol with the given specifications.

P226R pistol
P226R pistol stats in Tarkov.

The specifications are as follows:

  1. Ergonomics above 80
  2. Recoil sum less than 610
  3. Durability up to 60
  4. Muzzle velocity above 320 m/s
  5. P226 Stainless Elite pistol slide
  6. P226 Stainless Elite Wooden pistol grip
  7. P226 9×19 20-round extended magazine
  8. A flashlight
  9. Any tactical device

To complete this quest, you need to find or buy a P226R pistol and the necessary parts to modify it.

However, you need to be level 19 or above, and you can only start this quest 21 hours after completing Gunsmith Part 8.

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How To Complete Gunsmith Part 9 Patch 0.14?

To complete Gunsmith Part 9 in Tarkov, you need to modify a P226R pistol with the following parts:

  1. P226 Stainless Elite pistol slide
  2. P226 Stainless Elite Wooden pistol grip
  3. NcSTAR Tactical blue laser LAM module
  4. P226 TJ’s Custom 9×19 compensator
  5. P226 9×19 threaded barrel
  6. X400 tactical flashlight
P226R pistol mod
P226R pistol parts modding in Tarkov.

You can find these parts in various locations in the game, such as weapon crates, dead bodies, or loot spawns.

Alternatively, you can buy them from traders or the flea market, depending on your reputation and level.

The total cost of the parts may vary depending on the market prices, but it should be around 30000-40000 rubles.

Once you have all the parts, you need to install them on the P226R pistol using the weapon modding interface.

Moreover, you can access this interface by right-clicking on the weapon and selecting “Edit preset”.

You can then drag and drop the parts onto the weapon and see the changes in the stats.

Also, make sure that the stats match the specifications given by the Mechanic, and then save the preset.

Finally, you can then turn the modified pistol into Mechanic by clicking on the “Handover” button in the quest menu.

Rewards For Gunsmith Part 9 After Patch 0.14

After you have modified the P226R according to the specifications, you can turn it in to the Mechanic and complete the quest.

You will receive the following rewards:

  1. +9,800 EXP
  2. Mechanic Rep +0.02
  3. 300 Euros (315 Euros with Intelligence Center Level 1, 345 Euros with Intelligence Center Level 2)
  4. 2× Gunpowder “Hawk”
  5. Unlocks purchase of Colt M4A1 5.56×45 assault rifle at LL3
  6. Unlocks purchase of 5.7x28mm R37.F at LL3

Furthermore, players will also unlock Gunsmith Part 10 after completing Gunsmith Part 9.

The Bottom Line

Gunsmith Part 9 is a relatively simple quest that introduces players to pistol modding in Escape from Tarkov.

Moreover, it requires a P226R pistol and a few components that can be bought from traders or other players.

Likewise, completing this quest will give you some experience, money, and access to new items and quests.

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