How to Cut the Kryptonite Bicycle Lock Cable?

How to Cut the Kryptonite Bicycle Lock Cable
How to Cut the Kryptonite Bicycle Lock Cable

Deplorable conditions do not give you a warning before announcing their arrival. Unfortunately, I learned it the hard way.

Like any responsible person, I bought a kryptonite bike lock after reading raving reviews about its strength. The lock claimed to be anti-theft and durable.

There is no denying that the lock served me well. I can recall numerous instances where I had parked my bike with a great sense of confidence by locking it through a kryptonite lock.

This sense of confidence came smashing down a week ago when I could not unlock my bike for an unknown reason.

Just imagine my dilemma, not being able to unlock my bike while each passing second is making me late for my work.

I was fortunate enough to have a mechanic available who could cut through the lock-in a few minutes. 

While waiting for my mechanic, I did what any person in a crisis will do. I tried to google my way out of the problem.

Kryptonite Bicycle Lock Cable
Kryptonite Bicycle Lock Cable (Source: Pixabay)

Unlucky for me, I could not find any article or videos that made me confident enough to take matters into my hand.  

I guess you can say that me writing this article is a way to solve that. Similarly, I have tried to do as much research as possible and complied with various ways to cut your kryptonite bike lock in the case of an emergency.

I am also mentioning other ways apart from cutting the cable in your lock so that you as a reader have various choices.

Cut your Kryptonite Bicycle Lock Cable

Kryptonite is a popular brand known for making bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, and snowmobile locking mechanisms.

If you intend to cut your kryptonite bike cable, you can use the following procedures:

  • Use a cable or bolt cutter
  • Pick the lock using a ballpoint pen
  • Request a Mechanic’s assistance
  • Contacting Kryptonite’s Customer Care  (781-828-6655 Toll-free number)
If you choose to destroy the lock, you need to be extra careful not to damage or scratch your bike's body. In case you aren't confident doing it, it is always beneficial to call for assistance.

There USP of hardened manganese steels promises a high level of security and durability.

Due to long-term wear and tear, it’s not a hidden fact that bike locks tend to jam up and get stuck. 

Your bike lock may stop functioning due to a broken bolt, tampered lock, or the most common lost key.

Many big lock brands, including Kryptonite, provide customer services to resolve such issues mostly without costs.

Moreover, you can buy Kryptonite Bicycle Locks on Amazon.

Use a Cable or Boltcutter to cut Kryptonite Bicycle Lock

A big U-shaped cable is almost always present in a Kryptonite-made lock. These cables are solid, but you can use a cable or boltcutter to cut that cable in case of an emergency. 

The tools mentioned above are generally part of your home toolbox. I am pretty sure you might have one lying around in your garage. 

I have seen numerous videos of people using cutters to cut the cable easily. 

Watch Video on youtube to know how to cut Kryptonite Bike locks by Boltcutter.

Be extra careful while using these tools. Don’t use them if you don’t have the confidence and skill to use them. 

It might cause a hazardous effect on you as well as your bike. It’s always better to ask for assistance when you come across such problems.

I have also seen people use Hydraulic Cutter to cut the cable of Kryptonite locks. Now, Hydraulic cutters are not that easily available, but if you have a hands-on one, it can prove to be a great tool to cut your lock’s cable.

Pick the Lock using a Ballpoint Pen

This method or “hack” is the most popular method going around the internet. Many people swear by it and have given step-by-step instructions to do it properly. 

This method works best on a key-operated lock. It won’t work in a number lock mechanism. 

Step 1

Remove the ballpoint pen’s endcap by pulling it off with a screwdriver, your fingernail. If you cannot pull it off, you may cut off the end of the pen with a pair of scissors. 

The endcap is the end part of the ballpoint pen. 

Step 2

Remove the ink refill tube/cartilage from the pen. 

Step 3

Carve out four perpendicular lines around the open end part of the pen. It will help in entering the keyhole of the lock easily.

Step 4

Push the freshly cut end of the pen into the lock’s keyhole. The pen should go inside smoothly in a straightforward motion. 

Step 5

The most important step. Keep your hand very steady while hold holding both your lock and the pen. Don’t pull or push. Just shake the pen around the keyhole of your lock till you hear a click.

The click is the indicator of the opening of your kryptonite lock.

Request a Mechanic’s Assistance

I choose this method to unlock my bike. It was possible for me because I had a mechanic stationed near my house. Everyone might not be fortunate enough to have this facility. 

Bike Mechanics
Bike Mechanics (Source:

You can be cautious and be ready with your local mechanic’s location and contact number to solve future issues. Be sure to call for their assistance if you are not handy with the machines.

If you cannot find any assistance, then the above two methods are your choice of action in an emergency.

Contacting Kryptonite’s Customer Care 

    (781-828-6655 Toll-free number)

Kryptonite has provided its customers with a contact number to help them with issues that can arise while using their locks. 

To avail of the service, you need to be a registered customer of Kryptonite bike locks. While speaking to a representative, you need to provide the lock number mentioned on your key.

If you are not in an emergency, then you can choose this method. Kryptonite will mail you your keys in 2-3 business days.

Many Kryptonite locks are secured using a four-digit combination. If you have forgotten the combination or forgotten the key, Kryptonite may be able to help.

Kryptonite vouches to take full responsibility if the lock has some productional defect. Their policy will allow you to get a new lock free of cost.

There hasn’t been a lock invented that is indestructible.

Even though you might feel you are stuck, you have various options to choose to get out of that situation. Be extra cautious will using mechanical tools to cut your lock.

If you own a kryptonite bicycle lock, there is a fair chance that you have encountered such situations.

However, despite the possibility of the lock being jammed, locking your bike while you park outdoors is essential. Likewise, locking bike helmets is also another important thing that you should be aware of.

Comment down to us about your experience and what method you choose to get your lock to open.

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