How to Measure Bicycle Gloves?

How to measure bicycle gloves?
How to measure bicycle gloves?

Riding a bike with all the gears, helmets, knee pads, proper shoes, and bicycle gloves would be one of the most incredible feelings, not to mention their comfort.

Though all of these accessories provide specific but important assist while riding your bike, it’ll create an uncomfortable feeling if you don’t have the correctly shaped or sized accessory.

Most bike riders choose their helmets and riding shoes very unequivocally as per their specific requirement.

But, when it comes to choosing bicycle gloves, people tack on any random gloves and head out to enjoy their ride.

But in order to have a quality riding experience and protect your hands and palms during long riding sessions, having a good pair of gloves that fit perfectly to your hands is an essential aspect of biking that not much consider.

To measure the correct sized bicycle gloves for you, you need to:

  • Measure the perimeter around the palm of your hands at the widest point using a measuring tape.
  • Furthermore, measure the length from the base of your hand to the tip of your middle finger of your hand.
  • Use the acquired readings and compare them to a sizing chart to figure the suitable gloves for you.

You’ll be able to figure out a perfect pair of gloves following the methods mentioned above, but there could still be slight problems if you’ve never done this before.

Additionally, few precautions and minute techniques can be applied to the steps mentioned above in order to figure out the best fitting gloves for you.

So why don’t we enumerate the ways to measure bicycle gloves.

Measuring Hand Alongside the Circumference

One of the crucial steps of figuring the best size for your bicycle gloves requires you to measure the palm of your hand correctly.

This process is the width measurement of your palms and is a simple process, but only if you know the proper method to follow.

Initially, it would be best if you had a reliable measuring tape. But make sure the tape reads in inches, as most bike gloves are measured in inches.

Here the Circumference of the hand is 8 Inch, So perfect Gloves size would be Middle (M)

Afterward, follow the following methods to measure the size of your hand for bicycle gloves alongside the circumference of your hand.

  • Place your hands, more importantly, the palms of your hand, flat in front of you, preferably on a couch or a table as it aligns your hands parallel to the ground making it easy to use the measuring tape.
  • Now, you take out the measuring tape that you picked out and started scaling the palm; having a family member or a friend member help you with it would be helpful, and you could get a better reading. But, measuring it yourself is not too bad of an option in itself.
  • You need to scale the widest part of your palms. Place the tape an inch under the base of your fingers as they’re usually the widest part of your palms. If your hand is a little different, figure where the 
  • You can place the zero reading of the measuring tape on any point of your hand, be it in the palms or the backside of your palms near the knuckles. 
  • When you figure out the broadest section of your palms, wrap the measuring tape around the sides of your palm, from right to left or vice versa. Start from the zero reading, and after a complete rotation, finish the measurement on the zero mark itself.
  • When you get the successful reading, jot it down on a paper so that you do not have to do it again if you forget the reading.

While scaling the hand measurements, you can apply this method for an adult, a kid, or an elderly individual.

Despite the convenience of the process, there still are some precautions to ensure the correct judgments of the size of the bike gloves you require.

Be sure to follow the following precautions while going through the steps mentioned earlier.

  • Do the measurement from side to side, having the measuring tape in a parallel position to the mark on the base of your hands. If the measurement is performed in a straight line, the readings will exceed the required size for your bike gloves.
  • Perform the measurements of your hands, just under the knuckles of your hand.
  • Exclude the thumb while measuring the circumference of your hand. The gloves are made without the inclusion of thumbs in their sizing process. 
  • Use of the dominant hand is encouraged during the process. 
  • While charting the measurement, if the readings are between two points, using the higher reading would be preferable. A small increment in the size would be much tolerable than slightly smaller gloves.

Administrating the aforementioned methods and precautions would provide you with the best measure of the width of the bike gloves that you wish to purchase.

Now let’s move on to the method of measuring the length of the bike gloves.

Measuring Hand Alongside the Length

Using a similar process as mentioned previously, we can measure the other part of the bike gloves. The length of your hand is the length along the hand parallel to your fingers from the base of your hand.

Here the length of the palm is 6 inch, so best Gloves size would be Extra Small (XS)

After correctly scaling the length of your hands, figuring the suitable gloves would be a walk in the park.

Follow the methods mentioned as follows in order to precisely measure the size of your hand alongside the length of your hand.

  • Use the same measuring tape you used while you measured the width of your palms.
  • Place the zero scale either on the natural mark at the base of your hand or at the tip of the largest finger in your hand, the middle finger. 
  • You can measure from top to bottom or bottom to the top of the finger as per your own wish. Additionally, measuring the length from the front of the backside of the palms would not affect the reading.
  • After scaling your hand from the top of the middle finger to the base of your hand, jot down the reading on the tape on a paper; using the same paper, just as earlier, would be preferable.

Just as similar to while scaling the circumference of a hand, you can apply this method for an adult, a kid, or an elderly individual.

Similarly, there still are some precautions to ensure the correct judgments of the size of the bike gloves you require.

Be sure to follow these precautions while going through the steps mentioned earlier. 

  • Measure from top to bottom from the tip of the middle finger to the center of the base of the hand, having the measuring tape in a perpendicular position to the base of your hand or parallel to the other fingers than the middle finger. This ensures the best reading on the measuring tape as no extra inches are wasted here.
  • Be sure to use the same hand you used while measuring the width of your hand.
  • Unlike the measurement of the width of your hand, you do not need to complete a full circle from the front side to the back of your hand. The reading from top to bottom of one of either side is what we require.
  • Suppose you wish to purchase a half glove or fingerless gloves, measure from the base of your hand to the middle part of your middle finger. You can decide for yourself how much length of the finger to take out as per your wish.
  • Use the larger reading if the measurement is in between two different numbers. Choosing the smaller one would make your bike gloves tight and challenging to use.

Finally, using both the process and precautions mentioned in this article, we hope you figure the correct measurement for your bike gloves.

Additionally, you need to compare the two measurements you have collected to determine your glove size. 

This process will assist you in figuring out the correct length for your bike gloves, but the gloves are not manufactured with length in mind.

Glove brands produce biking gloves with the intent of selling them throughout multiple countries, so specifying the length of the gloves in inches or centimeters would not be convenient for international consumers.

But, you can use the chart below to figure what size category you belong to:

Gloves SizeWidth Length 
Extra Small (XS)Less than 7 inch (17.8 cm)Less than 6.8 inch (17.4 cm)
Small (S)7 inch (17.8 cm) to 8 inch (20.3 cm)6.8 inch (17.5 cm) to 7 inch (18 cm)
Middle (M)8 inch (20.3 cm) to 9 inches (22.9 cm)7 inch (18.1 cm) to 7.4 inch (18.8 cm)
Large (L)9 inch (22.9 cm) to 9.75 inches (24.8 cm)7.4 inch (18.9 cm) to 7.8 inch (19.9 cm)
Extra Large (XL)9.75 inch (24.8 cm) to 10.5 inch (26.7 cm)7.8 inch (20 cm) to 8.3 inch (21 cm)
Extra Extra Large (XXL)More than 10.5 inch (26.7 cm)More than 8.3 inch (21.1 cm)

Finally, the methods mentioned above and the charts provided along with them would help you figure the correct sized bike gloves for you.

We expect you to find this article useful, and if it does, we hope you find the best bike gloves for you or your friends and family as well.

When you find the best biking gloves, enjoy using them to their fullest.

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