15 Best Kids’ Bike Gloves

Riding your bike during a sunny day with friends is one of the best memories many of us savor from our childhood.

You’d undoubtedly want a similar lively childhood for your kids too. Due to this, I handed my little one a bike and taught him to ride one from an early age. 

My kid was fully equipped for a safe riding experience, but a riding gear I had missed was biking gloves.

When the little guy started biking with his friends, he noticed that they had their biking gloves on. And as kids go, he wanted one for himself.

So, I got him a random pair of gloves as I did not know about different biking gloves suitable for kids back then.

But after just a week of riding, the gloves were starting to wear off. This had me worried and led me towards the research on kids biking gloves. 

The one I bought later was way better in terms of durability and other aspects than the former one.

So if you, too, are looking for some of the best pairs of kids’ bike gloves, you’ve come to the right article.

Why would my Kid need Gloves while Riding a Bike?

Unlike many other biking gears, such as helmets, pads for knees and elbows, or riding goggles, gloves might not seem as important to a regular person.

But when you start riding regularly, you would begin to realize its importance.

The followings are the reasons why the use of riding gloves would be beneficial for your young one.

  • Biking gloves protect the hands against the constant effects of sunlight. As a result, the skin of your hands would not suffer sunburn or get an unwanted tan.
  • In case of an accident, gloves would reduce the damage or bruises to your hands. 
  • The constant bike ride is likely to cause blisters in the underside of your palms. Suitable biking gloves would protect your hands from blisters.
  • Gloves protect your hands from dust and pollution. In addition, they would prevent skin damage.
  • These gloves provide a better grip on the handlebars and give warmth to your fingers during winter.

If a pair of gloves is unavailable, using sunscreen or moisturizing cream would also be preferable.

But even when you decide to get a pair, choosing between a full-fingered glove and a half-fingered one would also be a question that you should consider.

Which would be Better: Full Fingered Gloves or Half Fingered Gloves?

Both the gloves have their pros and cons. One might be suitable for your kid, but the other might not, or even both of them could be equally effective.

Here are a few of the features of both the full-fingered and half-fingered kids biking gloves.

Full Fingered Biking GlovesHalf Fingered Biking Gloves
They provide warmth during the winter season.
More coverage of the skin in case of an accident.
Better protection against blisters than fingerless gloves.
They provide better ventilation during summer days.
Not compatible for riding during the cold weather.
Your fingers feel free while riding the bike, and if your hand gets wet, they’ll dry up faster than full-fingered gloves.
They look much better and are more compatible with the little hands and fingers of a kid.
Comparison Table of Full & Half Fingered Biking Gloves

Choosing among these two types of biking gloves would depend upon your wish and your kid’s preference.

Furthermore, before the process of gloves purchase, you should correctly measure the size of the bike gloves that would fit your kid.

You can learn to correctly measure the size of bike gloves from my article How to Measure Bike Gloves? If you do not know-how.

Here is a list of 15 types of the best Kids Biking Gloves:

List of 15 Best Kids Bikes Gloves

S.N.GlovesPrice RangeCompatible Age (Years)Brand
1Youth Air Gloves$24 – $251-10 Troy Lee Design
2Gearonic Cycling Gloves $8 – $323- 14Gearonic
3Youth Cycling Gloves$12 – $202-11Finger Ten
4ZippyRooz Toddler and Little Kids Gloves$14- $241-8 ZippyRooz 
5Kid’s Prodigy Cycling Gloves$15 – $251-10 Dakine
6DND Jr II Youth Mountain Cycling Gloves$14 – $ 292-8Giro 
7Unisex Multipurpose Cycling Gloves$12 – $203-12 Mifulgoo
8YTH Dirtpaw Gloves$24 – $321-12Fox Racing
9Youth Gel Padded Gloves$16 – $200-12Aero Tech
10Brisker Cold Weather Youth Bike Gloves$30- $351-16100% Brisker
11Junior MTB Glove$15 – $202-12Pearl Izumi
12Bravo Junior Youth Road Cycling Gloves $12 – $220-8Giro
13Kid Cycling Gloves$14 – $211-8Louis Garneau
14Seiberton Dirtclaw Youth Bicycle Gloves$12 – $320-16Dirtclaw
15Freehawk Kids Cycling Gloves$12 – $321-14Freehawk 
A table showing List of 15 Best Kids Bike Gloves

Let’s discuss them further in detail.

1. Gearonic Biking Gloves 

As an avid biker, gearonic gloves used to be my go-to biking gloves. So when I found out, they made these high-quality gloves for kids, and I was really excited.

These stylish gloves were a great birthday present for my son. Furthermore, he loved them as much as I loved my adult-sized ones.

Gearonic Biking Gloves (Source: Amazon.com)

The Gearonic Biking Gloves are shockproof, foam padded, and outdoor sports and biking gloves.

After that, these gloves provide one of the best assists among any biking gloves regarding bruise, blister protection, or sun protection. 

If your kids have sweaty palms, it can be challenging to have a tight grip on the bike’s handle. But, rest assured these sweat-absorbent gloves would provide a comfortable grip and handling for your kids.

Furthermore, it can be worrying that these gloves would wear off in a quick time, but that’s not the case.

They are cheaper than usual biking gloves, but they’re highly durable. And, once your kids get used to them, they’ll love it too.

Price Range: $8.00 -$20.00

The Gearonic biking kid’s gloves are available on Amazon.

2. Troy Lee Designs: Youth GP Gloves

If you have a habit of riding your bike even when it’s cold outside, you must’ve felt its effect on your hands. When I was a kid, I use to feel like my hands were frozen due to a habit of riding during winter. 

Unlike me, if you want your kids to enjoy their winter on bikes, get these Troy Lee Design gloves for your kid.

These silicone applique full finger keep your kids warm during winter and protects their fingers from sun and dust during summer.

Youth GP Gloves (Source: Amazon.com)

Their acute attention to detail, added with their fantastic design and style, make for an exceptional product.

With a multitude of selection of construction techniques, colors, and levels of protection, they stand out from other biking gloves for kids and are some of the best fit for any user.

Price Range: $24.00- $25.00

The Troy Lee Designs Youth GP Gloves are available on Amazon.

3. Zippyrooz Little Kids Finger Bike Gloves

Kids love cartoons. If they get to have a fantastic pair of biking gloves, along with attractive cartoon designs, that’s all they’ll be thinking about them the whole day.

Likewise, you can choose a pair of Zippyrooz biking gloves with a dinosaur, monster, flower, or unicorn design as per your kid’s liking.

Zippyrooz Little Kids Finger Bike Gloves (Source: Amazon.com)

Zippyrooz manufacture comfortable, easy-to-wear, and durable, long finger gloves for toddlers and youngsters aged 1 to 8. 

The little kids biking gloves are great for bike trails and road rides or any other variety of sports for your little ones.

This provides your kids with warmth during colder weather, and they’re easy to clean as well.

Price Range: $14.00 – $24.00

The ZippyRooz Little Kids Gloves are available on Amazon.

4. Dakine Kid’s Prodigy Cycling Gloves

If your kids are learning to ride a bike, they might fall quite a bit. So these Dakine Kid’s prodigy gloves came in handy when they are in the phase of bruising their palms.

If you want the same safety along with superb comfort for your kid, these high-quality mountain bike gloves are available at an affordable price.

Dakine Kid’s Prodigy Cycling Gloves (Source: Amazon.com)

The kid’s Prodigy biking gloves offer all-mountain bar-gripping versatility. Unfortunately, this does not allow the user to lose grip of the bike in rough terrain.

Price Range: $15.95 – $25.00

The Dakine Kids Prodigy Gloves are available on Amazon.

5. Giro DND Jr. II Gloves

If you’re in search of simple biking gloves for your kid, you’re where you should be. Giro gloves, despite looking simple in design, provide essential safety for your young one’s hand. 

Even for young kids, they’re easy to put on and off with the help of hook and loop closure. Furthermore, your kids would better control the bike with 2mm Eva crash pads and a fantastic grip.

These are full-fingered gloves from the Giro brand that provides the utmost comfort and protection for kids interested in biking.

Giro DND Jr. II Gloves (Source: Amazon.com)

They are available in a range of sizes for your toddlers to teens. Additionally, DND junior gloves are made with high-quality and durable material compatible with long riding sessions. 

Price Range: $14.00- $29.00

The Giro DND Jr. II Gloves are available on Amazon.

6. Finger Ten Youth Cycling Gloves

Some biking gloves are designed for use on normal roads. Some are intended for use while going mountain biking.

But if you want durable and safe gloves for your kids that can be used in both the situations mentioned above, these gloves are for you.

Finger Ten Youth Cycling Gloves (Source: Amazon.com)

Finger ten provides one of the best choices for kids’ road and mountain cycling with their youth cycling gloves. 

The non-slip Amara palms provide extra grip and durability. Also, they consist of silicone finger strips for additional fingertip control.

So, your kids can even use these gloves while using a smartphone or when they’re not on a bike.

Price Range: $12.00 – $20.00

The Finger Ten Youth Biking Gloves are available on Amazon.com in various sizes and fit kids aged two to eleven. 

7. Mifulgoo Unisex Kid Biking Gloves

Uniquely, I’ve found Mifulgoo biking gloves highly reliable and durable, especially for a low priced and affordable price.

So if you want terrific biking gloves at an affordable price, these gloves are perfect for you.

Mifulgoo Unisex Kid Biking Gloves (Source: Amazon.com)

The Mifulgoo Boy Girl Biking Gloves are made with an unmatched blend of style, quality, and function.

The added dexterity and reduced fatigue help your kids ride with ease and comfort.

Additionally, the lightness and relaxation provided by these gloves make your kids unaware of having the gloves on. 

Price Range: $12.00 – $20.00

You can purchase Mifulgoo UnisKex Kids Biking Gloves are available on Amazon.

8. Fox Racing YTH Dirtpaw Gloves

I’d say that Fox Racing produces some of the best biking gloves available out there for my money. Likewise, their youth dirt paw gloves are top-class biking gloves for your young ones. 

The Youth Dirtpaw Gloves by the famous Fox Racing company are shockproof, foam padded, and outdoor sports and biking gloves.

Fox Biking Gloves for Kids (Source: Amazon.com)

These gloves provide one of the best resistances among any biking gloves in case of a bruise, blister protection, sun protection, and comfortable handling.

Furthermore, their new designs and slick color patterns would make your kids look cool.

Despite the protection and comfort these gloves provide, their slick design would surely make your kids stand out from their friends in a cool way.

Price Range: $24 – $34

The Fox racing youth dirt paw gloves are available on Amazon.com in multiple colors.

9. Aero Tech Youth Fingerless Gloves

Usually, when kids start a hobby, they can forget about it after a few weeks. Sometimes, they might take up biking, and next thing you know, they’re hanging by the monkey bar.

These multi-purpose Aero Tech Youth Gloves are compatible with all sorts of other fun activities for your kids besides biking. 

So, with these high-quality, durable gloves, you can rest assured that your kids would enjoy a comfortable biking experience as well as their other hobbies.

Aero Tech Youth Fingerless Gloves (Source: Amazon.com)

These fingerless gloves are made from the highest quality spandex fabric that provides a great stretch and comfortable fit. 

The reflective closure tab in these gloves adds an element of safety during conditions with low light.

With material that matches their seat covers and biking shorts, Youth gloves are made of the highest quality leather.

Price Range: $24.00 – $34.00

The Aero Tech Youth Fingerless Gloves are available on Amazon in different sizes.

10. 100% Brisker Cold Weather Youth Bike Gloves

If you want durable and reliable biking gloves that provide warmth for your kids during winter, Brisker Bike gloves would be perfect for you.   

Cold Weather Youth Bike Gloves from the brand 100% Brisker is a biking gear that provides warmth for your little ones.

100% Brisker youth Bike Gloves (Source: Amazon.com)

They provide the perfect amount of insulation to block the dampness and cold temperature despite maintaining exceptional control of the bike and dexterity. 

Despite the protection and comfort these gloves provide, their slick design would surely make your kids stand out from their friends in a cool way.

Price Range: $28.00 – $36.00

The 100% Brisker Bike Gloves are available on Amazon.

11. Pearl Izumi Junior MTB Gloves

If you’re a mountain biking enthusiast, you might want the same for your kid.

But, getting said biking gear for kids can be complex. But, do not worry, as the team from Pearl Izumi has suitable biking gloves for your kids. 

The grip pad in the heel of these gloves provides excellent comfort for your kids while turning the bike. They are primarily designed for mountain biking.

Pearl Izumi Junior MTB Gloves (Source: Amazon.com)

The junior MTB gloves fit palm bunching for superior handlebar feels and grip comfort.

They do their best to offer first-class accessories with a range of premium designs that fit eminently and improve biking performance.

In addition, these gloves are affordable and provide positive change to your kid’s riding experience.

Price Range: $15.00 – $20.00

The Junior MTB gloves from Pearl Izumi are available on Amazon.

12. Giro Bravo Junior Youth Road Cycling Gloves

As a biking enthusiast, similar to how I wish for the best biking gloves for my own kid, you’d want the same for yours.

And, what I’ve found after trying out countless gloves from various brands is that Giro Bravo Junior gloves are one of the best pairs available in the market.

Giro designed the Bravo Jr version of biking gloves for young bikers with style and value that mimics their popular Bravo road biking gloves.

Giro Bravo Junior Youth Road Cycling Gloves (Source: Amazon.com)

Bravo junior gloves are made with excellent material compatible for long riding sessions. Additionally, they’re available in ranges of size for your toddlers to teens. 

These gloves contain optimized padding in the palm for enhanced comfort and a fingerless system that provides ventilation for your kids during hot summer days.

Price Range: $12.00 – $22.00

The Giro Bravo Junior Road Gloves are available on Amazon.

13. Garneau Kid Cycling Gloves

My kid can get a little whiney if he gets a toy with dull colors. But, on the other hand, he loves cartoons and prefers animated pictures in his toys.

So, the Garneau Kid cycling gloves are some of his favorite pairs of biking gloves. 

This is because of the comfort they provide my kid while biking for hours on end and the attractive and animated outer look in their gloves.

Garneau Kid Cycling Gloves (Source: Amazon.com)

There is optimized padding in the palm of these gloves for enhanced comfort even after hours of biking.

They contain their patented Ergo Air fingerless ventilation system that provides breathing room for your kids during summer.

Price Range: $14.00 – $21.00

The Garneau Kid Cycling Gloves are available on Amazon.

14. Seiberton Dirtclaw Youth Cycling Gloves

The Dirtclaw Youth Cycling Gloves from Seiberton are exceptional because of their attention to detail, added design, and style.

Additionally, they are made from the best-fitting fabrics for kids aged four or five to teens.

Seiberton Dirtclaw Youth Cycling Gloves (Source: Amazon.com)

The 3D injection mold S-Flexible rubber on the back of the hand provides anti-impact protection. So, you can rely on these gloves if your kid is new to biking and falls off them regularly.

If you have an active kid, the pulling tab on these gloves helps take them off quickly. 

Price Range: $12.00 – $32.00

The Dirtclaw Youth Gloves are available on Amazon.

15. Freehawk Kids Cycling Gloves

As mentioned earlier, it is not a rule that expensive products are always better than affordable ones.

Likewise, free hawk kids cycling gloves are a great example of a fantastic product with reasonable pricing.

Freehawk Kids Cycling Gloves (Source: Amazon.com)

These bike gloves are designed for maximum durability, comfort and have a fantastic look in addition.

These gloves are designed with high-quality materials of spandex and microfiber that provide a premium non-slipping grip.

So, riding the bike off-road would be more convenient if you intend to do so.

Price Range: $12.00 – $32.00

Free hawk kids gloves are available on Amazon in different sizes, suitable for kids aged one to sixteen.

My Conclusion

Among all biking gears, gloves might be easily overlooked. But now we know how essential it is to wear a pair of gloves while biking.

Likewise, wearing biking gloves is beneficial for kids as well.

Here we discussed 15 different kids’ bike gloves, from which you can choose one best suitable pair for your kid.

Furthermore, here is an article about 9 tips on cleaning and storing your summer bike gloves. You can have an idea about how to clean and store your gloves for better protection and longevity.

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