9 Best Kids’ Full Face Helmets

A helmet is essential in safeguarding kids from crashes and prevents serious injuries.

You can find decent half-face helmets for the junior. Such helmets are all good, from starting on balance bikes to casual trail riding on BMX bikes.

But when it comes to saving the chin of the kids during crashes, half-face helmets fail miserably.

As a result, your kid might have to get stitches which can be ugly. So better to be safe than sorry.

If the little one pushes the limits to get into track racing, downhill riding, and learning tricks, then it is time to buy a decent full-face helmet.

The trend of wearing full-face helmets has been a positive influence on the enhanced safety of the kids.

If you are unsure about the different forms of helmets, check out types of bike helmets and their safety quality.

Pros and Cons of Full-Faced Helmets


  • Besides the head, the extended coverage can safeguard the mouth and chin during collisions.
  • Perfect for young rippers trying out track skills or downhill racing, or high-speed riding.
  • It ultimately keeps away bugs and other objects from the rider’s face.
  • It provides better protection from sun, wind, and rain compared to half-face helmets.


  • Sometimes the rider may feel invincible with the full face protection, which can lead to trying out riskier things.
  • The full-face helmets are high priced than half-shell helmets.
  • Riders may feel hot and uncomfortable in the beginning due to the enclosed settings of the helmet.
  • With the bulky inner paddings, goggles, and helmet weight, such helmets can be heavier for kids below 4-5 years.
  • Not easy to wear and remove like the regular helmets.

Now you have learned about the pros and cons, and the second thing is to consider few things before buying one in real life.

Size and Weight of Kids’ Bike Helmet

It might be a little tricky with the full-face helmets to get the right fit by looking.

A simple way to tell the appropriateness of the fit is to observe the helmet position from the eyebrows.

The front of the helmet lying below the eyebrows hanging over the kid’s forehead says the helmet may be oversized.

Likewise, in a small-sized helmet, it lies high above the eyebrows and feels tight and uncomfortable.

You can better understand kid’s helmet size in another article: What Size Bike Helmet Does My Kid Need?

Weight is a trickier issue than size. A helmet may look good and fit your kiddo perfectly, but it won’t be that safe and convenient for the kid if the helmet is heavier.

Taking weight into consideration, you are bound to have fewer options without a doubt.

However, we always encourage the parents to purchase a lightweight helmet. Heavy helmets can strain and impact the developing neck muscles of your little one.

I recommend getting helmets less than 2 pounds for kids below 5 years. Kids more than 6 years can go for a little heavier helmets.

Without further ado, move on to the list of the best 9 kids’ full-face helmets.

Comparison Chart of 9 Best Kids’ Full Face Helmets

HelmetsPriceWeightAvailable sizes
Bell Sanction helmet for kids with smaller heads$89.95 – $1051.87 lbs. (850 gm)XS: 49 – 50 cm S: 52 – 54 cm
Kali Zoka full-face helmet for mountain bikes$1202.9 lbs. (1315 gm)YM: 50 – 51 cm YL: 52 – 54 cm
Bell Super 3R MIPS helmet with excellent ventilation$2251.73 lbs (784 gm)S: 52 – 56 cm M: 55 – 59 cm
Giro Switchblade for 2 in 1 helmet$269.95(964 gm)XS: 47 – 51 cm S: 51 – 55 cm
Fly Racing Default for races and tracksN/A2.5 lbs (1134 gm)YS: 47 – 48 cm YM: 49-50 cm YL: 51 – 52 cm
Demon podium helmet for cool kids$89.99 -$149.992 lbs (907 gm)XSM Junior: 49 – 53 cm S: 54 – 55 cm
IXS Xact helmet for park rides$1492.22 lbs (1007 gm)XS: 49 – 52 cm S: 53 – 56 cm
100% BMX Helmet for kids$212N/AS: 47 – 48 cm M: 49 – 50 cm L: 50 – 52 cm
Top 9 Full-face helmets for kids

Now, let’s get on every items on detail:

1. Bell Sanction

The helmet is undoubtedly one of the genuine full-face helmets for cycling purposes, especially for kids. In fact, it was my choice for my elder kid when he loves doing tricks with his Mongoose Legion.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Bell-Sanction-1024x865.jpg
Nitro Circus Gloss Bell Sanction (Source: Amazon.com)

The comfort and fit of the Bell Sanction Helmet persuaded my kiddo too. With just 1.87 pounds, the kiddo has never complained about the heaviness of the helmet.

The helmet has stuck for around 2 years now and has survived crashes. The ABS shell has proved its durability.

More importantly, the helmet sizes are very likely to fit the kids, unlike other large helmets advertised for kids.

2. Kali Zoka Full Face Helmet

Kali Protectives has always been famous for mountain bike parts and accessories. There is no debate on the safety of this helmet.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Kali-Zoka-1024x1024.png
kali Zoka Full Face helmet (Source: Kaliprotective.com )

In addition, the additional padding feature is available to help the kid attain a snug fit.

You know how smelly the full-face helmets can be with all the enclosed settings. Well, this helmet comes with anti-odor pads making the ride fresh and enjoyable.

You can buy this awesome bike helmet from its official website KaliProtectives.com

3. Bell Super 3R MIPS

The Bell Super 3R may seem expensive at first when compared to other helmets. But the features justify the cost of this helmet.

With the detachable chin bar, you can convert the helmet into a full face or modular one. The setting up process is straightforward and requires no sophisticated tools.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Bell-Super-3R-1024x845.jpg
Bell Super 3R Bike Helmet (Source: Amazon.com)

Likewise, the helmet is way too breathable, with 29 vents and 4 brow ports. Your kid can even tape their practice session with a camera attached at the break-away mount.

Overall, the convertible helmet is an excellent 2 in 1 option cutting down the expense of buying two helmets.

4. Giro Switchblade

The Giro Switchblade is another great convertible helmet that is more applicable for downhill riding. The Roc Loc Air DH fit system to prevent unintentional change in adjustments is noteworthy.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Giro-Switchblad.jpg
Giro Switchblade MIPS Full -face helmet (Source: cambriabike.com)

Even without the chin-bar, the ASTM-certified helmet works for aggressive descending actions. Equipped with MIPS, this helmet is great for kids older than 5 years who are into track tricks and all.

You can buy this bike helmet from its official website CambriaBike.com.

5. Fly Racing Default

With super sharp graphics, the Fly Racing Default is an excellent helmet for young kids. The Polly-shell helmet is lightweight like high-priced carbon helmets.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Fly-Racing-Default-1-1024x951.jpg
Fly Racing Bike Helmet (Source: Amazon.com)

The helmet is best for kids who love short races in BMX tracks and ramp practices. One does not have to bother about the sweats and dust inside the helmet.

The EPS liners and internal pads are completely removable and washable. However, the helmet can get a bit hot when going for long downhill rides.

6. Lixada Kids Bike Helmet

Sometimes your kid might be into multiple sports, from cycling to rollerblading to skating. Consider Lixada Kids convertible helmet if you are Pondering on a full-face helmet for such kids,

The helmet comes with nylon straps with better chemical and moisture resistance. One hand buckle fit system comes in handy for the kids.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Lixada.jpg
Lixada Kids Bike Helmet (Source: Amazon.com)

Flashy graphics and lightness will contribute to more hours of wearing the helmet.

However, the helmet’s size range may not be suitable for kids below 5 years or older kids with small head sizes.

7. Demon Podium Full Face Bike Helmet

The Demon Podium is a fantastic helmet to gift your kid. Kids can adjust the visor as per the environmental conditions and their preferences.

The manufacturers also boast of the superior fit offered by the EPS foam liner. Installation of optional audio system makes the helmet alive with audio vibes.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Demon-Podium.jpg
Orange Demon Podium bike Helmet (Source: Amazon.com)

But note that music can be very distracting and can divert the attention required to control the bike. Take a note of the kids’ ability before buying any helmets and accessories.

Despite all the bike’s helmet-like appearance, the helmet is solely designed for cycling only. Make sure not to let your kids ride motorbikes with this helmet. Overall, it is a stylish helmet at a great price.

8. IXS Xact Bike Helmet

If you are looking for a helmet that will suit your kids who love riding in parks, you should check out IXS Xact.

The manufacturers integrated dedicated VORTEX ventilation channels into the helmet for airflow.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IXS-Xact-1024x1024.jpg
Grey IXS XACT Bike Helmet (Source: JensonUSA.com)

Along with ergonomic jaw padding for a snug fit, the Emergency Padding Release system facilitates immediate removal of jaw padding during emergencies.

It may take some time to get on with the Double D locking, but it has been proven safe as other lock systems.

You can buy this amazing bike helmet from JensonUSA.com.

9. 100 Percent BMX Helmet

The ultra-lightweight 100 % kids helmet is a good choice for kids with BMX bikes. The style of the helmet matches aggressive downhill riding.

The enhanced ventilation system cools the helmet in riding motion and a stationary position as well.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 100status-1024x697.jpg
100% Status Youth Helmet (Source: 100percent.com)

The solid chin bar is internally padded for jaw protection during crashes. In the sudden event of the crash, the inflatable emergency release system comes to rescue the kid.

However, the outer shell is composed of fiberglass. The counterpart, polycarbonate, is relatively more effective in reducing impact than fiberglass.

If you are interested in this helmet, you can visit the 100%percent Store.

Final Tips

Finally, selecting the one from the list depends on the preference and the ability of the kids. Choose one that suits the riding locale as well.

Look for downhill certified helmets for kids above 7 years participating in hilly rides. Bell Sanction is the most appropriate for first-timers.

Although, full-face helmet offer extra safety, do not force it upon the kid. The kid needs to keep on to regular helmets if they do not find full-face helmets comfortable.

However, in this riding era where 5 years old’s are doing ramp tricks, you will come across full-face helmets once in a while.

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