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Lethal Company Bigger Lobby Not Working: Causes And Fixes

bigger lobby mod
The reason why the bigger lobby mod of Lethal Company is not working is due to mod version mismatch or incorrect extraction of the file.

The Lethal Company’s bigger lobby mods are constantly optimizing their versions, which sometimes results in them not working.

This can happen due to user or program faults, making the bigger lobby mod unplayable.

Recently, players have frequently complained that the bigger lobby mod of Lethal Company is not working at all. However, this can be fixed after downloading and extracting the correct mod version in the correct directory.

Continue reading this article to learn why the bigger lobby mod is not working in Lethal Company.

Bigger Lobby Mods In Lethal Company

Lethal Company is a co-op horror game originally designed to allow four-player gameplay.

However, players can play in the same lobby with upto 40 players, adding more fun elements.

Also, here is one popular mod distributor for bigger lobbies in Lethal Company: Thunderstone.

Bigger Lobby mod lethal company
Process of launching the game using bigger lobby mod in Lethal Company.

Here, players can navigate and come across two additional mods to function the bigger lobby feature.

In fact, these mods are BepinExPack and LC_API, which players can find on the same page on the Thunderstone website.

Then, players must install and extract these mods in the game directory to set up the mod files.

Finally, players can open and play the bigger lobby version of the Lethal Company.

Bigger Lobby Mods Not Working In Lethal Company

Online players complain that their Bigger Lobby mods are not working in the game and wonder why.

However, this is a difficult question to tackle as there are many possible causes why this might happen.

Therefore, players must learn to pinpoint the type of the cause to find its solution.

Some of the reasons for the bigger lobby mods to malfunction are:

  1. Firstly, Thunderstone, BepinExpack, and LC_API are not the official devs of the game, hence, it is bound to crash sometimes.
  2. Also, players usually download only one mod for the game, which does not run the modded game.
Additional mods for lethal company
These two mods must be installed to avoid any bigger lobby issues.
  1. Additionally, players cannot run the bigger lobby mods if the extracted files are in the wrong directory.
  2. Sometimes the mod does not function properly if a new version is released.
  3. Mod version mismatch is the most common reason players can’t play with each other.
  4. The mod will not function properly due to some undiscovered bug in the backend of the file.
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How To Fix The Bigger Lobby Mod Not Working Issue?

Players must note that there are specific solutions to each type of issue for the malfunction of the mod.

Hence, here are some solutions for the aforementioned causes of the mod issues:

  • Firstly, players should only seek help at Thunderstone’s official discord and website to seek help for encountered issues.
  • Secondly, players must always download the recent version of the bigger lobby mod.
  • Thirdly, players must always extract the mod files in the Lethal Company’s game directory.
  • Also, all the players must run the same version of the mod to be able to play together.
  • Players should visit the change log to see all new changes and adjustments in the current mods.
Change log lethal company
Example of visiting change logs to solve some bigger lobby ‘not working’ issues.

These are some of the best solutions to tackle almost every issue of bigger lobby mods in Lethal Company.

However, players should always be on alert for new mod updates to counter more issues in the future.

The Bottom Line

The Bigger Lobby mod in Lethal Company is an open-source file that constantly undergoes updates, causing it to malfunction at times.

However, there is more to this topic, as players are unaware of how to install the mods properly in the first place.

Therefore, players should seek guidance from Thunderstone’s official discord servers and website to address these problems.

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