11 Medical Supplies on Kids Bike For Immediate Treatments

One thing that I love to do during the summer is watch my kids ride their bikes while I sit outside my porch sipping on a nice cup of coffee.

While it does seem calming, I too get scared for their safety.

What if they miss the pothole? What if someone overtakes them with their vehicle? All those questions make me doubt my intuition of letting them ride in the first place.

But keeping a child away from their bike is like a husband trying to win an argument. Those things will never happen.

So, the next best thing to keep yourself and your child safe is to have medical supplies with you in case of emergencies.

One thing that you cannot avoid when letting your kid ride their bike is that they may fall into an accident.

How much you try, there will be a time when they will have to face this event. But instead of fearing it, I think it’s better to think of it as a learning opportunity.

My kids have been riding bikes for over 3 years now and I for one have learnt that carrying a number of supplies definitely comes in handy.

So, here are some of the medical supplies that you should consider stacking in your cabinet in case of immediate treatments.

1. Adhesive Bandages (Band-Aids)

One of the most common thing that could happen when your little one is riding is that they might fall off their bikes. This happens especially if they are a newbie to the whole riding experience.

Adhesive bandages are used for minor injuries which do not require the use of a full-size bandage. They are helpful in healing the wounds and cuts present on the skin.
Adhesive Bandages from Band-Aid (Source: Amazon.com)

So, having that pair of adhesive bandages in your medical kit will come in handy. You can stock up in various sizes so that you have enough kinds for all sorts of cuts and scraps.

You can also find various colored band-aids which might be pleasing to the eye for your kids.

2. Antiseptic Wipes

These are one the most used items in my cabinet. The antiseptic wipes helps you to clean all the wounds and cuts making it free from various germs.

Antiseptic wipes are used on the surface of the skin making you free from any possible contamination of bacteria, viruses and fungi. 
BZK Antiseptic Wipes (Source: Amazon.com)

There are plenty of wipes found in Amazon which are easy to use and your kid will not feel any pain. The fear of burning sensation will be long gone. You might want to keep the infected area wet to get a better application of the wipes.

3. Tweezers

I hope that you won’t need to use these but in case of emergencies, these do come in handy. When you fall off a bike, chances are you’ll get tiny little twigs and sticks stuck to you skin.

While they may look painful and dangerous, there is really nothing to fear. You can easily take those things out with the help of tweezers.

Precision TweezersMiracle Point$9.71
Surgical TweezersMajestic Bombay$9.97
Slant TweezersMudder$9.99-$10.99
List of various kinds of Tweezers

I prefer using tweezers instead of my bare hands because it is much more sterile and easy to use.

But remember to clean them before using them. You can easily clean the tweezers with the use of alcohol wipes or even sanitizer if you are out of luck.

4. Disposable Instant Cold Packs

If your kid is anything like mine, chances are they will try and race their way down the streets. The likeliness of them falling and hurting their hands or legs becomes more than ever.

Disposable cold packs are used especially to reduce down swelling that may have caused from a fall. The ice-like material in the pack helps to reduce bleeding in the tissue.
Type Size (inches)Price
Medi 55 Instant Cold Packs5″ x 6″$9.95-$16.55
Medpride Instant Cold Pack5”x 6”$16.45-19.49
Medpride Instant Cold Pack5”x 6”N/A
General Medi Instant Ice Cold Pack4”x 5.5”N/A
Ever Ready instant Cold Pack4.5″ x 7″$6.95-$69.95
List of Cold Packs available in Amazon

At times like that, disposable instant cold packs are a god send. To reduce down the swelling and the pain that may have cause from a sprain or injury, these packs are just what they need.

I use disposable ones because it is way easier to carry and I find it more efficient.

When using the disposable packs make sure you throw it in a safe place.

5. Calamine Lotion

Yes I understand, you must be thinking, how could calamine lotion possibly be one of the medical supplies for immediate treatment.

When I did my research for the best medical supplies, I too was shocked at first.

Turns out calamine lotion is of great use, especially during times of discomfort. There are several poisonous ivy and oaks around.

Calamine lotion is used to treat itchiness and skin irritations usually caused due to allergic reactions. It also helps in drying the weeping caused by poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac.

There is high chance that your kid might come across one and when that happens, they will get somewhat of a minor skin irritation.

Caladryl Lotion (Source: Amazon.com)

Calamine lotion really helps to soothe the itchiness as well as provides relief to your child. You don’t necessarily need a lotion, there are various sprays available in the market too.

You may even choose the calamine lotion of your preference. Here are the top of calamine lotion that I would prefer.

Type (Brand)WeightPrice
Caladryl Pink Calamine Skin Protectant Plus Itch Relief6 ounces$5.99
Aveeno Anti-Itch Concentrated Lotion4 ounces$9.15
Humco Calamine Lotion6 ounces$3.99
Swan Calamine Lotion6 ounces$6.23
Types of calamine lotion available on Amazon

6. Alcohol Wipes or Ethyl Alcohol

Whenever my kids come from their ride, there is a high chance of them bringing in the tick bites. I try to make them wear long sleeved clothes but somehow those nasty little creatures do manage to stick.

Using alcohol wipes will not kill or detach the tick but will help you disinfect it. Personally, using alcohol wipes before has helped my kids from protecting themselves from ticks.

Hand Sanitizing Wipes (Source: Amazon.com)

You can also use them as a disinfectant after you’ve removed the tick. If you need help in removing the tick, just use the tweezers. They come in handy in cases like these too.

7. Elastic Bandage

This is for the major cases. While I do hope you don’t have to use this, saving this as a medical essential is extremely important.

Elastic bandages come in handy when your kid has sprained their leg. This is somewhat a common thing and there is definitely nothing to worry about.

Elastic bandages help to reduce the blood flow to the injured area and provides pressure which helps in reducing the swelling. 
Mighty X Elastic Bandage (Source: Amazon.com)

I would go for the elastic bandages than the regular ones because they are much flexible to use. Sometimes you need to wrap the bandages around the hand or the wrist for which flexibility is a must.

Make sure you choose the right kind of elastic bandage.

Premium Elastic Bandage Wrap3 inch- 4 inch$5.95/ 30
HOSPORA Cotton Elastic Bandage2 inch- 6 inch$10.19-$15.99
Cotton Elastic Bandage3 inch- 4 inchN/A
Best 3 Elastic Bandages available on Amazon

8. Cotton Balls and Cotton-Tipped Swabs

I consider cotton balls to be the secondary helping kit. When you need to apply any sort of ointment then it is better if you use something like cotton balls when applying.

Cotton balls are used for dressing and cleaning wounds. Their gentle application is suitable for padding as well as protection

While you may have washed your hands, it is always safe to use cotton balls. Also, they are way softer and wouldn’t cause any irritation or rash.

Cotton Balls (Source: Amazon.com)

While we are on the subject of cotton, I also consider cotton-tipped swabs to be useful as well.

In addition to being useful in removing ear wax, the cotton-tipped swabs can be much gentle to use when applying ointments. You can always use them alternately.

9. Sharp Scissors

You might think that having a tweezer is as equal to having a pair of sharp scissors. I too did not bother myself of getting a pair of sharp scissors until I absolutely needed one.

Most of the time these scissors are used for dissecting. But that is not what you will be needing them for.

Stainless Steel Scissors (Source: Amazon.com)

These sharp scissors come in handy when you need to cut off those bandages or even the band-aids. As the wound inside the bandage might still be raw, you need to be very careful while removing.

Premium Iris Supercut Micro Dissecting ScissorsHIGH TECH INSTRUMENTSStainless SteelN/A
Medical and Nursing Operating ScissorsMedical ProTitanium surgical stainless steelN/A
Iris Dissecting ScissorsA2Z SCILABStainless SteelN/A
Tungsten Carbide Iris Straight ScissorsSurgicalonlineTungsten Carbide$11.99
Types of sharp scissors available on Amazon

10. Hand Sanitizer

The use of hand sanitizer has become more than ever in the past few years. It is always better to be cautious when you go out especially in the open to carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer.

The use of hand sanitizer prevents the spreading of germs. It acts as a quick agent to kill the microorganisms counts on hands.

With most of the hand sanitizers being able to kill germs up to 99.99%, they will definitely help your kid from getting sick.

Hand Sanitizer for Kids (Source: Amazon.com)

While you definitely want them to enjoy, you also want to be well protected from germs and bacteria. You never know what they might have come across to when riding their bikes.

I personally try and give my kids those tiny hand sanitizers with silicon cartoons. Fun for the eye and helpful for the hands.

But if you don’t really care for the cartoons, here are some of the most sold hand sanitizers on Amazon.

Advanced Hand SanitizerPURELLN/A
Eco Finest Hand SanitizerEco FinestN/A
PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer Refreshing GelPurellN/A
Types of hand sanitizers available on Amazon

11. List Of Emergency Phone Numbers

I cannot stress enough how important it is for us to have a diary with emergency phone numbers. While you might be jam packed with medical aids, sometimes you will need professional help.

It is always better to call in the nearest health clinic for help. For that, you will need their contact details and well that is when the list of phone numbers come in handy.

I think it is always better to keep your child’s pediatrician’s number on speed dial. You might also consider jotting down the nearest hospital as well as the pharmacy’s number while you’re at it.

Now, there is no amazon link as to finding the list of emergency numbers. You will need to make it on your own.

Here are a list of emergency numbers that you must have with you at all times.

  • Nearest hospital (including address)
  • Personal doctor (pediatrician/ physician)
  • Nearest ambulance service
  • Nearest poison control center
  • Taxi service

You must also keep your child’s prescription card with you in a safe place at times of emergency.

So, after you have collected all the necessary medical equipment, maybe it’s time for you to look into some safety tips while riding. Here are some useful articles that might help.

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Before You Go

So, I did try to provide you with all my top 11 medical supplies for emergencies. While I do hope they were handy, I certainly think that you shouldn’t worry much.

Your child is still young and has a lot to learn. They will fall but you must remember that they will too learn to get up.

If you still have that little fear inside you that is stopping your kid from getting their first bike, then I would suggest you to go through these articles.

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