7 Reasons to Buy a Fat Tire Bicycle

7 Reasons to Buy a Fat Tire Bicycle
7 Reasons to Buy a Fat Tire Bicycle

If you’re a Biking enthusiast, you’re highly likely to have heard of the trend that’s been sweeping the nation lately. You guessed it- Fat Tire Bicycle.

While many Bikers have been quick to hop into the trend and explore its opportunities, some of us have had, well, our reservations.

As someone who feels passionately about bikes, it’s not just another passing trend, after all. It’s a long-term investment and might as well be a good one.

You landing this page probably means that you’ve had your fair share of confusion about whether you should get these bicycles or not.

If so, don’t worry- I’ll guide you through everything you need to know to help you make a good decision. 

Breaking Down The Fat Tire- What exactly is it?

Fat tire bicycle combines the look and frame of a mountain bike with wider tires. The width can range anywhere from around 3.8 to 5+ inches. 
Bicycle with Fat Tire
Would you love to have a fat Tire Bicycle? (Source: Pexels.com)

Their frames have many differences to distinguish them from road bicycles, dirt bikes, etc. 

The major reason why they got trending is due to the massive comfort they provide and how versatile they could be. Is it meant for you, though?

Here are the seven reasons that will make you want to switch!

7 Reasons you should Buy a Fat Tire Bicycle

Unparalleled Comfort 

A good fat tire can make you feel like you’re flying, and no, I’m not exaggerating. The soft tires can absorb just about any bump you come across on your ride.

They avoid any shock that the frame encounters, no matter how raggedy the terrain gets. So you can roll over the obstacles. 

They also have an integrated suspension system. This means that the lower the pressure on the tire, the squishier they get and the more comfortable the ride gets.

So next time you hit the road, forget about ditching the bumpy route- and go for the most adventurous and fun one!

The All in One Bicycle!

As great as bicycles are, there is one catch. One fit for the road will bite the dust on rough terrain and vice versa. But that problem might have a solution now- all thanks to the Fat Tire bicycle. 

Sand, mud, pebbles- fat tires provide impressive grip and traction in even the most troublesome terrains. It’s not just the rough that these bikes conquer, however.

You’re good to go, even in wet stones and snowy paths. No more leaving your bikes to rust in winters anymore!

Fat tires decrease the accumulated pressure by adding extra contact surfaces. So sand, snow, or rain, get ready to bike your way to anywhere, anytime!

Does this excite the explorer in you? Then this might be the bicycle for you. 

Little Maintenance Required

Is the price of a fat tire bike setting you back from buying? It turns out it should not. Fat tire bikes are not only a great investment, but they are also extremely pocket-friendly in the long run. 

Generally, the framing of the bike is pretty simple without the addition of complicated parts that get damaged and require constant replacement or maintenance. 

Learn more about Fat Tire Bikes by watching this youtube video now!

Further, you don’t even need to worry about refilling the tires now and then. They even work great under low pressure, so the chances of you requiring an emergency fill round are also less. 

Overall, flat tire bicycles provide great value for money. 

Level Up your Bicycle Game

Do you know how they say you don’t really learn until faced with a real challenge? Get ready to grow your bicycle skills massively with these.

Whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn or a skilled rider wanting to hone up your skills- these tires are willing to go anywhere you take them.

In traditional tires, a single obstacle can lead to severe injuries. But the fat tires are designed to take up bumps.

The traction they provide can help you master even the most rugged trails comfortably, expert or not. You don’t have to worry about an unseen rock or pebble that might unseat you on your ride. 

Increased Accessibility

When the fat bikes rolled out initially, there was a lot of hesitation in the market, and the options were limited. But along with its popularity and demand, the variety has also increased.

There are plenty of options available on the width you want to choose for your tires. You can also go for an extensive tire without compromising the weight as frames have also become lighter. 

Additionally, the rise in demand for fat tire bicycles has led manufacturers to produce them at mass, drastically reducing costs. Fat tire is not a narrow niche anymore, and you can take advantage of the popularity greatly. 

Get ready to become your Fittest

Whether or not you bike for fitness, get ready to burn some calories, and train some muscles with the fat tires. The heaviness of the bike compared with the softness of the tires makes each ride an intense session. 

Fat Bike Tires
Fat Tire Bicycle (Source: Pixabay.com)

Most of them also have only one-speed function, and they require great muscle strength to move forward. Due to its weight, this bicycle also runs slower than other thinner ones available in the market.

Rest assured that you’re in for a sweaty challenge that works both your upper and lower body. Anyone setting their fitness goals already?

A safe option for the City

We’ve already talked about how smooth and comfortable the rides are off-road. But that’s not where flat tires get a plus-point. They are also a great option for city rides, especially due to how safe they are. 

Any pothole, drainage system, or pipes that can throw you off-guard? Not a problem!

The fat tires absorb the impact and glide right over the obstacles. There are lesser chances of them getting punctured by shards of glass or sharp pebbles as well.

Another advantage is that you can put the brakes more easily on the bikes. Since the speed is comparatively lesser, you can stop in case of an emergency. You can even ride them on the sidelines if the area does not have a dedicated bicycle lane.

5 Best Fat Tire Bikes

Here is a quick list of 5 Fat Tire Bikes of my pick.

S.N.NameBrandTop FeaturesPrice
1Mongoose DolomiteMongooseSteel Framed Body
All-Terrain knobby Tires
Lightweight Alloy Rims
Rear derailleur with 7speeds
Lifetime Warranty
2Trek Farley 5TrekAlpha Platinum Aluminum Body
All-Weather Beefy Tires
Internal cable Routing
Lightweight and Attractive
3Surly Ice Cream TruckSurlyChromoly Steel Body
Largest Tire Clearance on Fat Bikes
Internal Dropper post routing compatible
4The DudeCanyonFull Carbon Body
Maxxis Minion all-terrain tires
Ergonomic and slimline design
5Fatboy Comp CarbonSpecializedFull Carbon Body
Maxxis Minion tires
Internal Cable Routing
Alloy Rims
Table showing list of 5 best fat wheel bikes.

My Opinion on Fat Tire Bikes

These were the top reasons why you should consider buying a fat tire bicycle.

Fat tire bikes not only look fascinating but also come with a few plus points. As I keep saying, safety and comfort are my top priority while cycling. And, these bikes fulfill both my demands satisfyingly.

I hope it helped you in making your decision. So what do you think? When are you getting your brand new bike home? Let me know!

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