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What Is Remnant 2 Red Throne Choice?

remnant 2 Red Throne Choice
Remnant 2 Red Throne Choice

The Red Throne choice is one of the events that can be explored on Yaesha in Remnant 2.

However, it is the hub of the Eternal Empress, who has absolute control over the kingdom of Pan.

The Remnant 2 Red Throne choice is one of the most crucial choices for players in Beatific Palace, Yeasha.  It includes deciding whether to aid or fight the Empress and what to do with a quest item, Thaen Seed.

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Remnant 2 Red Throne Choice

After you enter the throne room and meet the empress, you can choose to be respectful or confrontational in dialogue options.

You are placed with two choices.

If players behave properly with respect, the Empress will assign them a task to kill the Corruptor, a world boss who Root corrupts.

And, if you become aggressive with Empress, she will order her guards to assault you.

When you defeat the guards, the empress will send you to slay the corrupted. You will end up in cages below the throne room if you lose.

However, you’ll be freed by the rebel spy impersonating an empress if you get caged.

What Is Thaen Seed In Remnant 2?

The Thaen Seed is a rare quest seed that can grow a Thaen Tree, an enchanted plant that yields a healing fruit.

It is found in an area called Widow’s Court on Yaesha. It is a useful magic item in the game if you sow it in Ward 13 properly.

The most common way to get Thaen Seed in Remnant 2 is to kill the enemy and collect the drops. You can be lucky enough to get the Thean Seed.

Another way to get Thaen Seed is by unlocking an Ornate Lockbox which can be found in the Widow’s Court section of Yaesha.

However, players can also use 10000 Scrap to buy Thaen Seed from the Ward 13 merchant, Warden Thrall.

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The Thaen Seed Option

When you have acquired the Thean seed and reached the empress for the meet, you have two options.

However, you can give it to the Empress or hide it from her.

Moreover, players receive rewards based on what they decide to choose, ranging from a ring to Exp points.

Nonetheless, both the rewards are equally useful and can help them in combat or battle they face in the further story.

1. Gift The Seed To The Empress

If players decide to give the seed to the Empress, they will receive a ring called Burden of the Rebel.

The burden of seed will reduce the skill cooldowns by 15% but also reduces relic use speed by 25%.

The empress will reward the player with the Burden of the Rebel ring.

However, after giving it to the empress, Pan Warriors won’t attack the player on sight and make them your ally.

This will make exploring the Yaesha easier and gain more Exp points.

2. Hide The Seed From The Empress

Players can hide the seed from the empress and keep it for themselves.

Later, they can find a suitable spot in the Ward 13 garden where they can plant it.

However, you can always return and harvest the fruits after it grows.

Moreover, these fruits produce a healing effect that can revive players in battle even after death.

Nonetheless, the longer you wait to harvest the fruit, the more HP it will have to restore your health.

Here is the list of Thian Fruits with their revival and effect time.

Thean FruitRevivalEffect Time
Mature Thaen Fruit30% of max HP30 sec
Elder Thaen Fruit40% of max HP30 sec
Celestial Thaen Fruit50% of max HP30sec

The Bottom line

The Red Throne choice is one of the most essential choices a player must make in Remnant 2.

However, giving Thean Seed to the Empress will grant them access to Burden of the Rebel.

Moreover, keeping it for themselves will grant them access to Ward 13 garden, where they can plant and grow a Thaen Tree.

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