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Complete Guide To Rogue Trader Pasqal Quest

Rogue Trader Overall Guide To Complete Pasqal Quest
Players can complete the Rogue Trader Pasqal Quest by helping Pasqal through battles, exploring Ark Mechanicus, and defeating Nihel.

Rogue Trader has been providing different unique quests to the players, including Pasqal Quest.

Moreover, players must encounter many extreme challenges while completing this Quest in the game.

Players can complete the Rogue Trader Pasqal Quest by helping Pasqal through battles, exploring Ark Mechanicus, and defeating Nihel. Moreover, they must face challenges, including dialogue sequences and fighting. 

Continue reading to explore more about the Pasqal Quest and how to complete it.

What Is Pasqal Quest In Rogue Trader?

Players can start Pasqal’s Quest once they complete the main quest, The Siege, near the end of Chapter 4.

As players make their way back to Footfall, they should talk with Pasqal, and they can begin this quest in the game.

Pasqual Haneumann is a Companion in Rogue Trader and an Operator of venerable Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Companions in Rogue Trader assist players by joining their party, supporting them in battles, and providing motivation.

So, Pasqal’s companion quest, also known as Let the Cycle Be Discontinued, can be acquired in Act 4.

Moreover, this quest will be triggered when traveling to the Koronus Expanse.

Finally, completing this quest in Rogue Trader requires players to invest time and effort during gameplay.

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How To Complete Pasqal Quest?

Firstly, as soon as players talk with Pasqal, they must head toward the System Speculo.

Similarly, they can locate System Speculo on the map north of the Footfall System.

Starting Quest Rogue Trader
Starting Pasqal Quest or also known as Let the Cycle Be Discontinued.

When players reach here, they can find several Explorator Flotillas and must enter Ark Mechanicus Hermetico ship afterward.

As players enter the ship, they notice Tech-Priest Able is also in the sip and can find a lot of loot in this area.

Afterward, they should approach the Chief in the northeastern corner and go through the conversation.

Move to the east, find the hidden wall, and open it to discover a container with heavy lifters and a Mark 8B3-5 Filter Gas Mask.

Again, head towards the northwestern corner of this area and try to use the elevator.

Players won’t be able to go up with the elevator, so they must talk to the Tech-Shaman and go through the dialogue.

Unable to use elevator
Unable to use an elevator during this quest in Rogue Trader.

Now, players can save their game and engage in a fight with the Tech-Priests, as the battle is not so brutal.

After defeating the Tech-Pirates, engage in a battle against Nihel and a group of enemies.

Players must focus on Nihel, who can heal the enemy by 20% of their health at the start of each turn.

Finally, after defeating Nihel, players can enjoy valuable weapons specially designed for Pasqal.

Recruiting Pasqal In Rogue Trader

Below are some of the points on how to recruit Pasqal in Rogue Trader:

  1. Become a Rogue Trader (RT).
  2. Follow the initial steps as a Rogue Trader.
  3. Go to Rykad Minoris planet on the star map.
  4. Deal with a rebellion at the spaceport.
  5. Talk politely to Pasqal there.
  6. Ask Pasqal to join your group.
  7. Choose Rykad Minoris in Chapter 1.
  8. Engage in a conversation with Pasqal.
  9. Option to have Pasqal join your team.

The Bottom Line

In short, the Pasqal Quest in Rogue Trader can be completed after the main quest, The Siege.

However, there are many challenges, like needing help to use the elevator and fighting against tech priests and Nihel.

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