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Escape From Tarkov: Intelligence Center And Intelligence Folder

Escape From Tarkov Intelligence Center and Intelligence Folder
In Escape from Tarkov, The Intelligence Folder is essential for upgrading the Intelligence Center, improving tasks, and Hideout features.

In Escape from Tarkov, the Intelligence Center is an important module within the player’s Hideout.

Players can upgrade the level of the Intelligence Center by collecting the Intelligence Folder in the game.

In Escape from Tarkov, the Intelligence Folder is essential for upgrading the Intelligence Center, improving tasks, and Hideout features. Moreover, players can find it across different parts of the map in the game.

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What Is The Intelligence Center In Tarkov?

The Intelligence Center in Tarkov is a module within the Hideout that offers various functions to the players.

Moreover, this function includes gathering information, generating Intelligence, and managing tasks.

Upgrading the Intelligence Center improves the quality of available tasks and provides better security for the Hideout.

Similarly, it provides access to Scav case tasks for the players and allows the installation of security systems.

Players must complete the minimum requirements to obtain the Intelligence Center in the game.

Furthermore, it can also be upgraded with the help of the vital item Intelligence Folder

The following are the Tarkov Intelligence Center’s level-one requirements:

Level 1 Requirements:

  • 1 Factory plan map
  • 1 Intelligence folder
  • 1 Topographic survey map
  • Level 2 Security
  • Level 2 Vents
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What Is Tarkov Intelligence Folder?

Intelligence folder, also known as Intelligence, is an essential item in Escape from Tarkov.

Likewise, it’s a folder filled with documents that hold significant value and are beneficial to third parties within the game.

Players can find the Intelligence Folders at various locations across different maps.

Intelligence Folder
Image of the Intelligence Folder item in Escape from Tarkov.

Similarly, it is one of the most essential items to increase the level of the Tarkov Intelligence Center.

Different levels of the Intelligence Center require a certain number of Intelligence Folders for their upgrade.

Additionally, they can be used as a form of payment for the Scav case module in the Hideout.

The main characteristics of the Tarkov Intelligence Folder are given below:

  • Type: Info item
  • Weight: 0.23 kg
  • Grid size: 2×1

Locations Of Tarkov Intelligence Folder

Some of the prominent locations for obtaining the Tarkov Intelligence Folder in the reserve map are given below:

1. Southern Guardhouse:

To find the first spawn of the Intelligence Folder players need to move towards the Southern Guardhouse.

For that players must move towards the back room to the left on the desk in the far southeastern part of the map.

2. Queen (Server Rooms):

The second item can be found inside the first floor of the Queen room also known as the Server Room.

Go through the front entrance of the building and down the hallway to the right, and players can find it on the table.

3. Queen (Server Rooms Third Floor):

The other spawn of the Intelligence Folder is on the third floor of the same Server Room.

Players need to go to the eastern room on the third floor and find the folder under the lamp on the table to the right.

Intelligence Folder Location Queen Server Rooms Third Floor.
Intelligence Folder Location Queen Server Rooms Third Floor.

4. Helicopter In The Pond Square:

Now, inside the big helicopter in the middle of the pond, players can locate the Intelligence Folder.
For that players have to move inside and look for the first set of crates.

5. Underground Tunnel:

At this point, players must take the tunnels from the dome to the North Pond,

After that, they have to follow the path to the desk with a duffel and finally, they can find the Intelligence Folder.

The Bottom Line

There are several uses for the Intelligence Center in Escape from Tarkov, which can be discovered in the Hideout.

Moreover, the Intelligence Center can be upgraded with the help of specific items like the Intelligence Folder.

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