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Remnant 2 Purple Orb Of The Dark Conduit

Dark Conduit Remnant 2
The Dark Conduit Purple Orb in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 purple orb is an immortal enemy that follows players into the dungeons.

The Dark Conduit purple orb randomly begins to follow the players in Remnant 2. The players should try to avoid the orb altogether until they’ve cleared the dungeon.
Continue reading to learn more about The Dark Conduit Remnant 2 Purple Orb and how to survive it.

What Is Remnant 2 Purple Orb?

In Remnant 2, Purple Orb following players in dungeons is actually an enemy that cannot be destroyed.

It is also called the gravity ball. Getting close to this will suck the player and deal damage.

There is more than one purple orb, making this map more challenging.

Many players are still unsure of why the purple orb appears.

One of the Purple Orbs in The Dark Conduit.

They think it is just another random occurrence that could happen while they are exploring a dungeon.

The only point for players is to avoid it until they complete the dungeon.

But still, in the end, you can not do any harm to the purple orb of the dark conduit as it is unbeatable.

Purple Orb Location And Pattern

The player once believes that the Purple Orb is one of the many random orbs.

However, this orb also appears while players explore a dungeon like other orbs.

Several players report seeing it spawn in a number of places.

Purple Orb cannot be destroyed.

Some places to find it are The Hatchery, The Vault of the Formless, and The Dark Conduit.

There is no such pattern on when or how this orb shows up.

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Why Purple Orb Follows Player In Remnant 2?

The Purple Orb’s sole purpose is to hunt down and kill players.

There is something that triggers this orb to follow the player.

Players might be trying to figure out what exactly the orb is there for.

Purple Orb follows the player in The Dark Conduit.

Since it just follows players with unlimited aggro and deals damage, it’s most likely to be an obstacle for them.

This has led some players to think they must lead it to a specific place i.e. secret rooms, as it appears like a floating key to unlock a door.

However, it is just an enemy that spawns randomly in one of the dungeon’s rooms and chases you.

How To Survive From Purple Orb In The Dark Conduit?

Since Purple Orb in The Dark Conduit is a gravity block that pulls the player into it and then harms them.

Players who are approaching the orb are at risk of being killed.

Hence, there’s almost no escape from it since players cannot be blocked or destroyed.

The Purple orbs will distract you and slow you down.

So, players get only one way to survive, that is by completing the dungeon without turning back.

Furthermore, they must avoid interaction with it and run away from it as far as possible.

While running, players must find the exit door in every room.

Also, they might have to collect keys from enemies to unlock some doors in the dungeon. So, players must carefully avoid the purple orb.

Once they pass through the dungeon, the orb will stop following.

The Bottom Line

Like The Dark Conduit Remnant 2 Purple Orb, many other purple energy game elements exist.

You can interact with all of them except the one in Tiller’s Rest or several floating purple orbs.

Further, you can destroy those elements in the Far Woods of Yaesha. They can earn you Blood Moon Essence by doing so.

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