Which is More Stable: a Tricycle or Bike with Training Wheels?

Which is More Stable: a Tricycle or Bike with Training Wheels?
Which is More Stable: a Tricycle or Bike with Training Wheels?

Getting new pair of wheels for a toddler might not seem as much of a deal. But on a closer inspection, deciding the right pair of wheels can put parents in a dilemma.

There are several types of bicycles available in the market that serve their specific purpose.

Likely, on the subject matter of both training wheels and tricycles, they have their own specific purposes and assistance. Aimed towards shaping your kid’s cycling skills.

You might be wondering, whether you should pick the kid bike with removable tricycle or training wheels for your children. Here we have listed the nature of both kinds of practicing wheels.


A tricycle is equipped with three wheels, one at the front and two at the back.

The riders can change the direction of the tricycle by rotating the rear wheels and shifting the center of weight to move to the desired direction.

Kid Riding Tricycle
Kid Riding Tricycle (Image source: Pixabay.com)

Similarly, in the case of the kid tricycle, the mechanism isn’t that complex. All that the kid needs to do is paddle the front wheel and taking control of the handling.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children are ready for a tricycle when they hit three years of age. In comparison, the average age can be above five for the kids to get the hang of other training bikes.

A tricycle effectively helps your kid to get over the fear of falling or balancing problems. The injuries and bruises could impact badly for them to continue cycling in the long run.

Slowly building their confidence and realizing that they can pull it off is the best way to excite them about the best cycling experience.

It may take some time for your kids to get used to the ideal three wheels. But, consequently they can even take sharp corners without any sweat once they get used to it.

Benefits of Tricycle

Riding a tricycle frequently improves the balance and coordination of major body parts of your kids.

It improves the arm-leg and hand-eye coordination of your kids. So, a tricycle makes it a worthy bet to get your kid a proper sense of paddling, balancing, and steering.

In terms of stability, tricycles have been proven to be more comfortable and stable rides for children than other bikes. It also helps them not to go out of balance, maintaining a firm composure.

This is mostly because of the design framework of the tricycle. Unlike other two-wheelers with a high center of gravity,  the tricycle’s low center of gravity architecture makes the bike feel closer to the ground and more stable.

In general, all the tricycle wheels touch firmly to the ground. Therefore, there is less possibility of falling from the bike or unbalanced bendings. 

Bike with Training Wheels

On the other hand, the training wheels which are also known as stabilizers are another popular choice for training kids.

These types of bikes were designed so that the kids could complete their training phase of the two-wheeler exploration and still use it as a normal bike after mastering the steering and balancing skills.

The training wheels serve one big purpose; helping the novices to learn cycling skills in a protected environment. It helps your kids keep them encouraged to stick with the learning to shape them into full-fledged bike riders.

Kids Bike with Training Wheels
Kids Bike with Training Wheels (Image source: Pixabay)

Frequent failures and not grasping the concept when trying to learn something new certainly leaves anyone in a state of confusion and frustration.

This situation can be more amplified in the case of children. They tend to give up quickly if things don’t go smoothly as expected. So the training wheels help them keep consistent with their learning process without worrying about failures.

After they learn balancing, you can remove the balance wheels. You can use it to the full functionality of a normal bike. 

Moreover, here is an article on “Are There Any Benefits of Training Wheels On Kids’ Bikes?” You can have detailed information about the benefits of them on your kids’ bike.


The essence of both types of training bikes maybe be different. However, both of them serve the purpose of turning your kid into a fine biker.

So, as a parent, you should decide which one suits best for your kid.

If your child is below the age of five, the durable tricycle will be the best choice.

But, you will also have to be careful about purchasing the type of tricycles. Some tricycles have thin wheels which might make your kids’ biking experience miserable.

So, buying a tricycle with big wheels built low to the ground gives more stability and control to the children.

As the tricycles can be used only in the protected areas, make sure your kid doesn’t drive towards runway, unbalanced surface, or close to the swimming pool, which can sometimes even be fatal. 

Talking about the training wheels, they might be more stable, and your kids can use the bike for a longer period than the tricycle. But, the stability is not up to par compared with the tricycles.

The training wheels on the kid’s bike are at equal height above the rear wheel. Although the training wheels themselves are even to each other, their attachment is slightly above the rear wheels. It makes the bicycle tilt to one side all the time making the rider feel uneven.

Your kid will have to ride the tilting bike and try to stay upright when the training wheels are touching either side of the surface. 

At Last: Tricycle or Training Wheels

The unnatural tilt of the kid bike with training wheels makes the kids balance their center of gravity on the tilted circumstances. It helps balance the two-wheelers later on.

Both of the tricycle or training wheels bikes bring their own element to the training ground. 

Rather than emphasizing the additional perks and twerks, it would be best for you to decide on the right bike that suits the needs of your kid. 

In both cases, make sure your kid is wearing approved safety gear that meets the consumer products safety commission standards.

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