Which is Better for Kids, BMX, or Mountain Bike?

Which is Better for Kids, BMX, or Mountain Bike?
Which is Better for Kids, BMX, or Mountain Bike?

Buying a bike is an enlightening experience. One needs to understand and have practical knowledge in the vicinity before making any decision.

There are a plethora of different bikes on the market for all age groups. You require to conduct a personalized need analysis to ensure buying the perfect bike. 

Kids’ bikes are no different. Try googling kids’ bikes, and you will be bombarded with thousands of varieties for selection.

The numbers are so huge that any new individual in the bicycle world will feel a sense of confusion.

Majorly, I have witnessed parents or guardians scratching their heads to decide between a BMX or a Mountain bike. New to the world of bikes seems pretty confused by their terms of differentiation.

Is one Bike Better than the other for Kids?

The answer to that question is rooted in the terrain and style of riding your kid chooses or enjoyed.

To better understand, you need to be aware of the differentiation between both BMX and mountain bikes.

Through this article, I will try to answer all these questions, so hopefully, you might have some relief while making a decision.

Even though they are pretty different, we cannot deny the few similarities between BMX and Mountain kids’ bikes.

BMX bicycles are for riders who perform stunts, leaps, acts, urban riding, or simply flaunting at the skate park.

They include a standard casing size regardless of the rider’s size (except if you settle on a BMX designed for children), smooth tires, and a one-speed gear framework for developing momentum over brief distances. 

You can use mountain bicycles for riding on more complex territory or trails. They include bigger wheels, multi-speed gears, and conceivably even suspension to retain blows from rocks and tree roots.

They aren’t as reasonable for stunts at the skatepark. However, they are similarly energizing on downhill tracks and trails.

Difference Between a BMX and a Mountain Bike


Smooth BMX tires look a great deal distinctive to the knobbly, profoundly notched tires you’ll see on mountain bicycles. 

Even though the grip is as significant to attain friction in the wheels, an alternate sort of grasp is required on the landing area, wood, concrete, and other smooth surfaces you’ll discover in skate parks. 

Thus, BMX bicycles don’t need extra tires that permit off-road bikes to grasp sloppy ways, free rock, and elusive grass.

BMX Bikes
BMX Bikes (Source: Pixabay.com)

Mountain bikes are designed to have more spacious and knobby tires to conquer the rock terrains they discover.

Both provide the needed grip, but mountain bikes are designed to better friction for a better road biking experience.

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Numerous mountain bicycles highlight hardcore plate brakes for incredible halting on sharp plummets.

These plate brakes highlight a link framework from the brake handle on the handlebars to the actual brakes that are cut set up on the bicycle outline. 

On BMX bicycles, you’re bound to track down a V-brake (a brake highlighting two squares that crush on the tire, with grind giving the halting force). It keeps, generally speaking, lower bike weight.

Perhaps the most remarkable contrast between BMX bicycles and Mountain bicycles is the gyro braking mechanism. 

A flexible and robust locking instrument on the BMX bicycle’s handlebar post helps it move and turn at a 360-degree angle without the brake link getting contorted and easy moving through and through. 

It is significant because specific stunts expect riders to twirl the handlebars around. Hence, a brake link that doesn’t disrupt the general flow is substantial for youngsters who’ll flaunt at the skatepark.

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You would assume that all bikes will have the same kind of gear, but mountain or trailblazing bicycles are for sure intended for going up and down slopes. 

Getting up extreme slopes is made very simple and easy with reasonably strong gear, with a wide choice of cogwheels assisting mountain bikes with trekking riders to keep up force from the level to uphill or downhill terrain during their rides.

The above paragraph implies the mountain or off-road bicycles typically have a focal gear-tooth and back tire machine gear-piece to assist their riding ability.

The chain is moved onto various levels on the gear-tooth to make the bike more manageable to ride on multiple slopes. 

BMX bicycles, then again, are intended for speedy runs between hops or on free-form ⁄ dirt trails.

It implies a solitary gear framework is considerably more typical, so you will not get a broad scope of gears like in the mountain bike to make slope climbing simpler. 

Assuming whoever is riding is imagining long, wide-open rides or downhill slaloms, a trailblazing bicycle might be a preferred decision over a BMX intended for stunts and tricks either on the level or at the skatepark.

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The Frame 

The development of the frame for both these bikes fluctuates as the requests of each are unmistakably unique. Throughout, BMX bicycles are gotten through unexpected consequences that they should support. 

Slope jumping hops and jumps make up the existence of BMXers.

Usually, exercises of this power require the requirement for a solid casing and frame. The size of most BMX bicycles with a minor edge is essential for a comfortable and safe ride. 

Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike (Source: Pixabay.com)

The requests forced on mountain bicycles should be rigid; however, BMX bicycles’ harshness is less.

Vibration ingestion and usefulness is the overseeing necessity of the Mountain bike outline. It tends to adaptability, and the size relies upon that of the rider.


A bike’s suspension suspends the rider and the bike to protect from landscape or surface inconsistencies.

Thus, every rider expects bike suspension to be firm on mountain bicycles but is genuinely average on BMX bikes. 

BMX bicycles are not given any suspension. During the run, experienced impediments are defeated utilizing the power and maximal push. Their legs and bodies consume any effect. 

A mountain bike, then again, has either full suspension or, as in the hardtail, just front suspension.

It deciphers as more prominent padding for the rider as the tires follow irregular, uneven surfaces.


Mountain bikes present a far smoother ride than BMXs. It is the immediate aftereffect of the suspension present whether it is front suspension Back or complete.

BMXers have tragically no such fallback and need to permit their bodies to take it, particularly the arms and legs.

However, the more experience you heap on as a BMXer will make your expectation and skill quicker to carry the effects and shocks to a negligible. 

As BMX bicycles are related to more wellbeing chances, one should pick a BMX bicycle cautiously.

Both offer distinctive riding encounters, and both accompany their advantages and disadvantages.

BMX Bikes 

BMX bicycles are vigorous bicycles – numerous proprietors discover them practically indestructible. 

Their minimized edge makes them reasonable for youngsters, yet for grown-ups, notably taller adults, a more significant amount of the riding will be rising to arrive at higher paces. 

Bmx, Bikes, Metal, Tire, Sticker, Bicycle, Extreme
Do you like BMX Bikes? (Source: Pixabay.com)

Benefits of BMX Bikes 

  • BMX Bikes are for a pleasant ride and extensive stunts. They are lightweight and effectively adjustable. 
  • Economical. Quality BMX bicycles enter the market at about half the portion of a quality mountain bicycle cost. 
  • Requires inexpensive, easy servicing and repairs for single gear BMX bikes.
  • Fit for metropolitan conditions, including making stunts and moves in skate parks and BMX tracks

Drawbacks of BMX Bikes 

  • Not fit for longer drives or riding to work and recreational purposes.
  • They are not for ‘in the seat’ riding – making them not the most suitable choice. 
  • One speed implies that riding up slopes can be difficult. 
  • No suspension, which causes the body to ingest more effect contrasted with off-road or mountain bicycles. 

Mountain Bikes 

Mountain bicycles are the most flexible riding choice that regularly comes with 21-24 distinct cogwheels or gears, making them reasonable for all territories.

Due to their diverse tire sizes, they are appropriate for riders of all heights.

Benefits of Mountain Bikes 

  • Cogwheels or strong gears make for more straightforward riding and conquer various angles. 
  • Significantly more adaptable, the bike can be functional in a wide range of multiple settings, including transportation and recreation. 
  • Great dealing on various surfaces and territories and firm suspension makes for a more accessible form of riding. 

Drawbacks of Mountain Bikes 

  • More costly than BMX bicycles to buy. 
  • They don’t generally have the ‘road cred’ and coolness and style like BMX bikes that might be more interesting and attractive to children.
  • It can be heavier and more testing to move without eliminating a wheel. Kids might not be comfortable with the weight.
  • More maintenance and fixes are likely with regards to gears in comparison to BMX bikes.
Man Riding Bicycle on Off-road
Mountain Bike (Source: Pexels.com)


Deciding how frequently you will ride the bike is a significant central consideration for which bike you should choose.

We currently have a grip on central matters and the distinction between BMX versus Mountain bikes. We can see value in these glaring contrasts results from the utilization intended for them. 

So if you are in confusion about which bicycle to go in for, after perusing our guide, we trust you will have clarity enough to Understand the two sorts as individualistic varieties.

You need to choose cautiously for your children. 

Also, remember to wear appropriate security gear; a protective cap, kneepads, shin-cushions, and gloves. BMX trekking can give an adequate degree to substantial damage.

Both offer difficulties. Without a doubt, whatever your decision reduces to, an elating experience of biking with your kid is standing by. 

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