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WOW SOD Desecration: A Powerful Unholy Talent

WOW SOD Desecration
WOW SOD Desecration an unholy talent.

Desecration is a talent in the Unholy specialization of the Death Knight class in World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery (SOD).

It is a passive ability that creates a zone of unholy power around the Death Knight’s enemies, reducing their movement speed.

In WOW SOD, Desecration is an ability that triggers a spell that deals damage and hinders the movement of enemies. Furthermore, Desecration is a talent that specializes in unholy classes such as Death Knight.

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What Is Desecration In WOW SOD?

Desecration is a talent that can be learned by Death Knights who choose the Unholy specialization at level 10.

It is in the second tier of the Unholy talent tree and requires two talent points to be fully unlocked.

Desecration of unholy talent in WOW SOD.

Desecration has the following effects:

  1. Whenever the Death Knight uses a melee attack or ability, such as [Death Coil], or [Necrotic Strike], they create a desecrated area at the target’s location for 20 seconds.
  2. Enemies within the desecrated area have their movement speed reduced by 25/50% and take 10% increased damage from the Death Knight’s abilities.
  3. The desecrated area has a radius of 7 yards and can affect multiple enemies at once.
  4. The desecrated area is visible as a dark purple circle on the ground, with bones and skulls scattered around it.
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How Does Desecration Work In WOW SOD?

Desecration works by enhancing the Death Knight’s offensive capabilities and hindering the enemy’s mobility.

Death Knight can create a desecrated area around enemies to deal more damage and prevent their escape.

Desecration also synergizes well with other Unholy talents and abilities, such as:

1. Virulent Plague

A disease that deals damage over time and has a chance to erupt, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

The damage is increased by desecration, and the eruption can also trigger desecration on other targets.

2. Unholy Blight

A cooldown ability that surrounds the Death Knight with a swarm of insects, dealing damage to nearby enemies and applying Virulent Plague to them.

The damage is increased by desecration, and the insects can also spread desecration to other targets.

3. Army Of The Dead

A cooldown ability that summons a horde of ghouls to fight for the Death Knight for 30 seconds.

The ghouls’ attacks can trigger desecration, creating more zones of unholy power around the enemies.

4. Dark Transformation

A passive ability that transforms the Death Knight’s ghoul minion into a more powerful form, increasing its damage and granting it new abilities.

The transformed ghoul’s attacks can also trigger desecration, adding to the Death Knight’s damage output.

What Are The Uses Of Desecration In WOW SOD?

Desecration is a versatile talent that can be useful in various situations, such as:

1. PvE

Desecration can help the Death Knight deal more damage to single or multiple targets.

It can also help the Death Knight control the movement of enemies, preventing them from reaching allies or avoiding mechanics.

Desecration can be particularly effective in dungeons and raids, where the Death Knight can create multiple desecrated areas

2. PvP

Desecration can help the Death Knight secure kills and survive longer in PvP combat.

The Death Knight can disrupt the enemy’s positioning by keeping them in the desecrated area.

What Is The Best Class For Desecration In WOW SOD?

Desecration is a talent that is exclusive to the Unholy specialization of the Death Knight class.

Therefore, the best class for desecration in WOW SOD is the Unholy Death Knight.

Unholy Death Knight
Unholy Death Knight in WOW SOD.

The Unholy Death Knight is a melee DPS class that focuses on spreading diseases.

Further, it summons undead minions and unleashes unholy magic on their enemies.

It can benefit from desecration as it makes them a formidable force in both PvE and PvP.

The Bottom Line

Desecration is a powerful talent that creates a zone of unholy power around the Death Knight’s enemies.

It can be used in various situations, such as PvE and PvP, to enhance the Death Knight’s offensive capabilities.

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