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Ownership Policy

“The Riding Kid” is proudly owned and operated by Hansikar Technologies Private Limited. Our portal was founded in 2018 to provide our devoted readers with high-quality gaming material.

Hansikar Technologies oversees all “The Riding Kid’s” operations, including the website, social media presence, search engine visibility, streaming services, and partnerships with off-platform news partners. It’s essential to note that the editorial team of “The Riding Kid” maintains complete independence from Hansikar Technologies, ensuring that the site’s opinions and voice remain unbiased and uninfluenced.

Hansikar Technologies may engage in direct affiliate or content campaigns with third parties from time to time to present our readers with relevant and entertaining material. In these cases, we are committed to transparency. Any articles produced as a result of such collaborations will include a clear notice at the top of the post explaining the nature of the content and the parties involved in its creation.

Furthermore, we may participate in affiliate programs to earn a commission by promoting specific products. These cases will also be mentioned in the articles, ensuring our viewers fully know our involvement.

Please see our dedicated policy page for more details on our approach to sponsored and affiliate material.

“The Riding Kid” is committed to maintaining the greatest standards of journalistic integrity and providing our readers with factual and fair gaming information. We appreciate your trust and devotion to our platform as we continue to improve and expand.