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Destroy The Cannon Mission In Suicide Squad

In Suicide Squad, Destroy the Cannon is one of the first boss fights in the game that tests your skills and teamwork.

Furthermore, you will face various enemies and challenges, including the Cannon Boss, which you need to destroy.

However, you will need to kill all the surrounding enemies and collect Terminals to destroy the weak spot of Cannon.

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What Is Destroy The Cannon In Suicide Squad?

Destroy the Cannon is one of the first missions with a boss fight that has a massive health bar in Suicide Squad.

The Suicide Squad teams are tasked to destroy this huge cannon boss while eliminating all the other enemies.

Furthermore, the Cannon Boss is a massive weapon that Brainiac has deployed to destroy Metropolis.

Destroy The Cannon in Suicide Squad

It is located in the center of the city, surrounded by a force field and guarded by hordes of enemies.

Moreover, the Cannon Boss has multiple stages, which are divided into four segments.

Each segment represents a different stage of the fight and requires a different strategy to damage it.

How To Destroy The Cannon In Suicide Squad?

The Cannon Boss can fire powerful blasts that can damage you and your teammates, so you need to avoid them and take cover.

The strategy to defeat the Cannon Boss involves several steps:

1. Defeating Enemies

Initially, you need to eliminate all the surrounding enemies to trigger a transition in the fight.

Furthermore, there are also new characters who will help you in this battle such as Flash.

He will run around while killing enemies everywhere.

2. Terminal Collection

During the fight, you need to collect Terminals, which are small explosive devices that can damage the Cannon Boss.

You can get Terminals by killing enemies, especially the ones with yellow icons above their heads.

Defeat the enemies
Defeat the enemies to collect Terminals.

Furthermore, you need to collect a specific number of Terminals for each stage of the fight such as

  • Five for the first stage
  • Ten for the second stage
  • Twelve for the third stage
  • Sixteen for the final stage

3. Attacking Weakness Of Cannon

Once you have enough terminals, you need to throw them at the Cannon Boss’s weak spots, which are marked by red circles.

You can do this by looking at them and holding down the action button (X on an Xbox controller).

This will open up the weak spot and allow you to inflict damage on it.

However, you need to repeat this process until the health bar of the current stage is depleted.

Weak point
Attack at the weak point of Cannon to destroy it.

4. Multiple Stages

The Cannon Boss fight consists of four stages, each with a different weak spot and a different number of Terminals required.

You need to follow the same pattern for each stage: kill enemies, collect Terminals, and throw them at the weak spot.

The difficulty will increase as you progress through the stages, as more enemies will spawn and the Cannon Boss will fire frequently.

5. Survival Tactics

To stay alive during the battle, you need to use your skills and abilities wisely.

You can switch between the four characters at any time, and each one has a unique weapon and a special move.

Moreover, you can also perform Shield Harvest, which is a melee attack that restores your health and shields.

You also need to take cover, dodge, and heal your teammates when they are downed.

6. Destroy The Cannon

Once you have completed all the stages of attacking the weak spot of the cannon the health bar will decrease accordingly.

Afterward, the cannon will destroy and throw its part everywhere in the nearby surroundings.

This will complete the mission and will give an exclusive reward.

Destroy the Cannon
Destroy the Cannon after destroying all the weak points of Cannon.

Rewards For Completing Destroy The Cannon

After you defeat the Cannon Boss, you will complete the mission and unlock new content in the game.

You will get the following items:

  1. Unlock Notorious weapons and items
  2. Receive one exclusive Notorious weapon such as a Pistol, Sniper Rifle, etc.
  3. Level up with XP, 1 Talent point and 10% Lives boost.
Receive one of the exclusive Notorious weapons as a reward.
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