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Is The Lock On Pistol Still In Fortnite?

Lock on Pistol Fortnite
Is Lock On Pistol Still In Fortnite

Fortnite’s Chapter 5 has brought about various surprises, including the unexpected return of the Lock on Pistol.

The game community is now starting to wonder if the Lock on Pistol is still available in Fortnite.

The Lock on Pistol in Fortnite had been in the vault soon after its debut in Chapter 4: Season 2. Despite the addition of plenty of fun items, Chapter 5 has still made room for older items like the Lock on Pistol to be Unvaulted.

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What Is The Lock On Pistol In Fortnite?

The Lock on Pistol’s distinguishing feature is that it can track players by locking onto them when aiming down sights.

This weapon has a tracking range of around 50 meters, with a blue circle appearing around the crosshair during combat.

The weapon allows players to charge up to four bullets, with the final shot being a critical hit.

Lock on Pistol FORTNITE
The Lock on Pistol available for Fortnite Season 5.

To compensate for the limited range of the pistol, players can make use of either a Marksman Rifle or a Sniper Rifle.

The Lock on Pistol can be used to aim down sights during jumps or fly in creative mode.

However, its charge time makes it less effective in life-or-death situations.

This weapon is useful for players using ODM gear, as they have a higher risk of dying from fall damage.

Moreover, it is undeniably a great addition to the players’ weaponry to defeat airborne enemies with undodgeable shots.

Also, it can be incredibly useful in Team Rumble to defeat the opponents flying down without an additional shield.

This weapon is preferred in Zero builds as it is great for finishing off low-health and inattentive players.

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Is The Lock On Pistol Still Available In Fortnite Chapter 5?

Despite residing in a vault during Chapter 4: Season 3, Fortnite Chapter 5 unvaulted the Lock on Pistol on January 9th.

After its initial release, developers enhanced this weapon by increasing its damage rate, reducing reload time, and more.

It earned the nickname ‘aimbot pistol’ due to its tracking feature, but later faced criticism for being overly powerful.

Lock on pistol fortnite
The Characters in Fortnite Chapter 5: Season 1.

Its return suggests that developers see a place for this unique weapon in the current meta.

Chapter 5 indicates the developer’s intention to maintain a balance between old and new items in the game.

As the Lock on Pistol finds its place among the game’s diverse weaponry, players can explore its unique abilities.

This has added a new layer of excitement to the Battle Royale experience in Fortnite Season 5.

Seeking The Lock On Pistol: Where and How To Find It?

Those seeking it can use strategic landing spots and loot-rich areas to succeed.

A good strategy is to land at places with rich chests like Lavish Lair, Reckless Railways, and Grand Glacier.

This handgun will mostly be available in ground loot, chests, and supply drones.

Is The Lock On Pistol Still In Fortnite
The new map for Fortnite Season 5: Chapter 1.

Looting from other players drops across the Battle Royale Island can be useful too.

Players can look out for supply drops to increase the chances of securing the weapon.

The Bottom Line

The game developers, despite the weapon’s surprise introduction, have not yet disclosed its availability duration.

Its reintroduction adds a touch of unpredictability to the ever-changing world of Fortnite.

Moreover, this stirs a mix of nostalgia and new strategies for the players in Season 5.

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