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Precious Hand Persona 3 Reload: How To Defeat?

In the later phase of the Persona 3 reload, players encounter one of the formidable enemies known as the precious hand.

The precious hand belongs to the Rare Shadows community and is capable of posing a great threat to the players.

Players can defeat the precious hand by targeting its weakness, for instance, bringing teammates specializing in darkness.

Continue reading to learn more about how to defeat the Precious Hand in Persona 3 reload.

What Is Rare Shadows?

Among the various adversaries that players need to face in Persona 3 reload, Rare shadows pose a significant threat.

Players come across these adversaries during the later phase of the Tartarus in Persona 3 Reload.

Similarly, to defeat the rare shadows, players must know their weaknesses.

Defeating Rare Shadows requires learning its weaknesses and exploiting them in the real battle.

Rare Shadow In Persona 3 Reloaded
Players must engage in a battle with formidable rare shadows in Persona 3 Reloaded.

In Persona 3 Reload, players come across three different Rare Shadows that emerge as a great threat to the players.

All of these Rare Shadows are unique and have their weaknesses and strengths, so it is better to know them all.

Here is the list of all the Rare Shadows that players come across during their journey:

  • Wealth Hand ( Weak To Strike Attacks)
  • Treasure Hand (Weak To Light)
  • Precious Hand (Weak To Darkness)
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1. Wealth Hand

The Wealth Hand is the first Rare Shadow that players encounter during their gaming adventure in Persona 3 Reload.

Similarly, players can find the Wealth Hand at the location of Thebel Block from the 1st floor to the 20th Floor.

To defeat the Wealth Hand, players should focus on gathering teammates specializing in striking attacks.

Since Wealth Hand is weak to the Strike Attacks, teaming up with Akihiko can be the perfect choice to defeat him easily.

2. Treasure Hand

The Treasure Hand is the second Rare Shadow that players should battle at the location of Arqua Block.

Similarly, players only get to battle with these enemies upon reaching level 7 in the game.

During the battle against the Treasure Hand, players should focus on bringing light spells.

The Treasure Hand is weak to the Light attacks and players can use attacks like Kouha and Light Insta Kill Spells.

Moreover, make sure you team up with Ken as he personalizes in the light attacks to defeat this Rare Shadow Easily.

Defeating Precious Hand In Persona 3 Reload

Precious Hand is one of the Rare Shadows that players have to face during the later phase of Tartarus.

Their gold appearance can be recognized and is mostly spotted in the locations of Arqa and Yabbashah Blocks.

Likewise, players can spot the Precious hand from the 43rd floor to the 69th floor in the Arqa Block.

Precious hand In Persona 3
Players are battling with the Precious Hand in Persona 3 Reloaded.

Simultaneously, to spot and from the 69th Floor to the 75th Floor in the Yabbashah Blocks.

However, players must be quick enough to kill the Precious Hand because they might run away later.

Moreover, players must plan accordingly and learn their weaknesses before battling with them.

Learning Precious Hand Weaknesses

Similarly, Precious Hand poses a great threat to the players, and it is essential to learn its weaknesses before engaging with it.

Like other Rare Shadows, Precious Hand also has its weaknesses: the darkness.

Since The Rare Shadow’s weakness is darkness, players should focus on bringing the teammates that excel in it.

You can bring along Personas and teammates like Koromaru, who are experts in using the Dark Attacks.

Their powerful attacks, such as Eiha and Darkness Insta, kill spells and deal heavy damage to the Precious Hand.

Hence, always prepare yourself with the warriors of darkness to defeat the Precious Hand without any trouble.

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