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Should You Obey Or Deny Vlaakith Choices In BG3?

BG3 Vlaakith Choice
There are three BG3 Vlaakith Choice.

BG3 Vlaakith Choice is a major decision you must make in Baldur’s Gate 3, a role-playing video game.

The decision has several outcomes relying on the player’s choice.

Vlaakith choice involves the mysterious prisoner Dream Visitor, Lae’Zel and other Githyanki warriors. Players have different choices either to side with Vlaakith or defy her. If you side with her, you must kill Dream Visitor. 

Continue reading to learn more about Vlaakith Choice in BG3 and its consequences.

Who Is Vlaakith In BG3?

Vlaakith is the lich queen of Githyanki and a Deity in Baldur’s Gate 3. She is the only respected leader of Githyanki.

Additionally, she is a powerful lich who has ruled the Githyanki for centuries.

Queen of Githyanki, Vlaakith in Baldur’s gate 3.

Similarly, players can find the githyanki queen in Githyanki Creche.

You can communicate with her in the location through a device called Planecaster, which can transport you to the Astral Plane.

Furthermore, Vlaakith is violent and ambitious, and she is out to conquer Faerûn and bring the Githyanki back to their former majesty.

What Is BG3 Vlaakith Choice?

The Vlaakith Choice is a major decision that players must take in the game.

Similarly, Vlaakith’s choice involves the fate of the Artifact named Astral Prism and your relationship with the githyanki queen and your companions.

An artifact is a mysterious object which is found in a Nautiloid ship at the beginning of the game.

It also contains a secret prisoner Dream Visitor.

Furthermore, Vlaakith will ask you to enter the Planecaster and kill Dream Visitor.

Further, your choice will have different consequences for your character and your relationship with Lae’Zel.

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What Are The Possible Outcomes Of Vlaakith Choice?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, when players and their companions meet Vlaakith, she talks about the corrupted Astral Prism.

She said that someone is inside the artifact and they are an agent of the Grand Design.

As a result, Vlaakith ordered you to kill them and said she would cleanse you and your allies.

Thus, you could either side with Vlaakith, the Githyanki Queen or defy her.

Additionally, players have three options to choose from. 

They are as follows:

1. Leave Without Entering The Planecaster

If you decide to leave the area without entering the Planecaster, you will lose Lae’Zel as a companion. 

Furthermore, she will attack you, and you have to kill her.

2. Enter Planecaster And Try To Kill Dream Visitor

If you choose to enter the Planecaster and try to kill the Dream Visitor, you will fail and anger her.

She will tell you that Vlaakith has tricked you and that she will speak to you again later. 

Similarly, Dream visitor claims Vlaakith is lying to the githyanki.

They believe Vlaakith knows how Gith defeated the mind flayer empire, but Vlaakith does not know.

Moreover, you will also be attacked by the Githyanki camp when you return.

3. Spare The Dream Visitor

If you decide to enter the Planecaster and spare the Dream Visitor, she will appreciate your trust and reveal more information about Vlaakith. 

Similarly, when you return to the plane caster without killing Dream visitor, Lae’Zel will be angry.

However, you can  reveal all the truth about Vlaakith that dream visitor has said

In return, the Githyanki camp will attack you, but if you tell Lae’Zel that Vlaakith is lying, she will stay with you.

Which BG3 Vlaakith Choice Is Best For Your Character?

The best choice for your character depends on your preferences, playstyle, and alignment.

If you don’t care much about Lae’Zel’s mission, Vlaakith’s thoughts, or avoiding problems with the Dream Visitor, then it’s okay not to go into the Planecaster.

But if you go inside and fight the Dream Visitor, Vlaakith will be happy, and Lae’Zel will be too.

Whereas you won’t get help from the Dream Visitor and have a tough fight.

Astral Plane
All the characters are in the Astral Plane.

Another choice is to spare the Dream Visitor, which is good if you trust her or want to know more about the tadpole.

But Vlaakith might get angry.

If you leave the Githyanki camp, you’ll fight, and you might keep Lae’Zel if you talk her into it.

Also, you will have to fight out of the Githyan camp, but if you convince Lae’Zel, she may stay with you.

The Bottom Line

The BG3 Vlaakith Choice is a critical choice that determines your character’s fate and their connection to Lae’Zel.

Additionally, the decision has several outcomes depending on your choice.

Furthermore, the decision is not simple because it involves survival, loyalty, and trust.

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