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How To Rescue Grand Duke Ravengard Baldur’s Gate 3?

grand duke ravengard bg3
Grand Duke Ravengard BG3 is a major NPC character in BG3.

Grand Duke Ravengard BG3 is a major NPC character and lifelong soldier who leads the Flaming Fist.

You should rescue the Grand Duke and complete the quest in the game.

In BG3, Grand Duke Ravengard is abducted by Drow from Waukeen’s Rest and taken to the Moonrise Towers. There he is held prisoner by an evil cult called the Absolute. 

Continue reading to discover more about Grand Duke Ravengad BG3 and the steps to rescue him from the kidnappers.

Who Is Grand Duke Ravengard In BG3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Grand Duke Ravengard is a character abducted by Drow from Waukeen’s Rest and taken westward.

He is the father of Wyll and also a champion of Baldur’s Gate.

Additionally, Counsellor Florrick gives the player information related to the kidnapping of the Grand Duke.

Further, she asked the player to locate and rescue him.

The player agrees to assist Counsellor Florrick in locating and rescuing the Grand Duke from his prison.

How To Rescue Grand Duke Ravengard BG3?

In the game, there is a quest to Rescue Grand Duke Ravengard, which helps to locate him. You can complete this quest in Act 1.

To rescue Grand Duke Ravengard in Baldur’s Gate 3, you need to follow these steps:

  1.  Go to Waukeen’s Rest and help the Flaming Fist recruits open the door to the burning villa.
  2.  Alternatively, you can use the house on the right to get inside and jump to the second floor.
grand duke ravengard bg3
You must rescue Grand Duke Ravengard.
  1. Rescue Counsellor Florrick from her room on the second floor.
  2. Talk to Counsellor Florrick and agree to help her find Grand Duke Ravengard, who Drow abducted.
  3. In the Goblin Camp, you will find out that the Grand Duke has been taken to Moonrise Tower.

Furthermore, players must go from Flymm Cargo to the Iron Throne to save Grand Duke Ravengard.

Upon arriving at the underwater prison in Iron Throne, you will have only six opportunities to save prisoners.

You can use spells such as Dimensional Door and Teleportation Circle or a Potion of Speed to increase your success rate.

Defeat Mizora’s creatures and protect the duke from the explosion if you decline her offer.

After escaping from the Iron Throne, return to your camp and talk to the duke.

But sometimes, the Irom Throne prisoners are not moving in the game.

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Why Are Iron Throne Prisoners Not Moving?

Players have reported an issue where civilian prisoners in the Iron Throne remain inactive until the timer runs out.

The phenomena can disappoint those aiming to free the Grand Duke, dismantle the Steel Watch, and defeat Gortash.

If you heed the initial warning while approaching in the submersible, leave, and return, this bug seems to occur.

The prisoners remain rooted in their cells even after being released, causing frustration for those trying to finish the quest.

How To Fix Iron Throne Prisoners Not Moving?

The company hasn’t released an official fixation for this bug yet.

However, many players tried different methods to fix these bugs.

Some of the solutions explained by the player are listed below:

1. Don’t Turn Back

While playing the quest, Gortash tells you to turn back at a time.

You must avoid turning back as it can trigger the bug to operate.

Gortash and others
Don’t turn back when Gortash calls you.

If you do that, prisoners won’t stay still in prison, and you can solve the quest easily.

Try to reload the saved game files to fix the bug if you have turned back when he called you.

2. Wait For Update

Developers fix the bug on the release with a new update every time.

People have to wait for the developers to fix the problem.

There’s a suggestion from some players that this bug might be addressed in an upcoming hotfix.

However, there is no official notice about the release of the fixation of the bug.

3. Online Communities

Many online communities like Steam and Reddit discuss this problem on their platform.

Players can look around the online committees for new techniques to solve the problem.

online community
The online community posts new updates about the bug.

Many players try different ways and post solutions in those communities.

In the meantime, players may need to find a workaround.

Rewards After Rescuing Grand Duke Ravengard

Players in Baldur’s Gate will get various rewards after completing the Rescue Grand Duke Ravengard quest.

The rewards are below:

1. The Joltshooter

After you free Grand Duke Ravengard, you will receive unique longbows weapons called The Joltshooter.

Also, it has the ability to shoot a bolt of lightning once every short rest at a target within 18 meters.

2. The Sparky Points

The Sparky Points are a rare and powerful trident weapon in BG3.

It is helpful for any character who prefers melee combat and wants extra damage and mobility options.

Similarly, when this weapon delivers damage, the wielder receives two lighting charges.

3. The Spellspakler

The Spellsparkler is one of the three possible rewards for completing the quest “Rescue the Grand Duke.”

Additionally, it is a two-handed melee weapon, and it is rare in Baldur’s Gate.

The Bottom Line

Grand Duke Ravengard in BG3 is a character and a quest giver who Drow kidnaps from Waukeen’s Rest and takes to the Moonrise Tower.

Similarly, players have to complete the quest and rescue the Grand Duke.

Moreover, after completing the quest, you will get some interesting rewards.

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