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Remnant 2: Beating Root Nexus Alternate

Root Nexus Remnant 2 Alternate
Remnant 2 Root Nexus Alternate.

Yaesha’s Root Nexus is a boss that surprises players with a difficult battle in keeping with the well-liked Soulslike genre.

Remnant 2 Root Nexus doesn’t assault players directly to defend itself. Instead, it makes itself vulnerable to attack by doing so.

Remnant 2 Root Nexus alternate versions are Root Horror and Ravager which can be defeated by fighting in an open area, using guns to trigger waves and by avoiding Losing HP.
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What Is Root Nexus In Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 Root Nexus, or the demonic tree is one of the first challenging bosses you could run against while exploring.

This boss is unique because it summons a protection force, departing from the usual strong offensive strategies boss-type opponents use.

Map indicating Root Nexus.

You will encounter the Root Nexus boss while exploring the beautifully hostile Yaesha jungle.

This is the only boss enemy that does not attack openly.

Instead, the tree-sized root with a lava core uses protective measures and summoned minions.

Within the Root Nexus, two potential alternate versions exist: the Root Horror and the Ravager.

The Root Horror is more aggressive, capable of launching attacks using vines and fireballs.

When the health status is above 50%, the Root Nexus will summon the usual mobs to attack the players.

How To Defeat Remnant 2 Root Nexus Alternate?

Though it’s defenseless on its own, minions will do the defending for it.

It will begin summoning minions when its health reaches around a fifth of its maximum.

Root Nexus summoning minions.

There’s no point in focusing on the Root Nexus.

Firstly, you will quickly waste all of your ammo. This construction has a ton of health and is quite strong.

Secondly, eventually, the sheer number of enemies it spawns will overwhelm you.

Root Nexus summoning elite enemies.

Here are some helpful hints to assist players in defeating this rather difficult creature.

1. Fight In An Open Area

Find a wide place where you can move about freely before starting the combat.

Battling ads near the Root Nexus limits your space to dodge due to the circularly narrow pathway surrounding the tree.

Fight minions and elite enemies from afar.

Look around the clearing for any potential invisible collision barriers that might hinder your movement.

Moreover, keep your distance from corners during combat.

2. Use Guns To Trigger Waves

Shoot firing at the Root Nexus from a distance.

Once the first wave of spiked foes starts rolling in the literal sense, use your guns to take them down.

These archers got teleporting abilities.

The teleporting archers should also be eliminated with long-range weapons.

If you approach too closely, they may respond with a melee strike.

Melee attacks put you at risk of being hit and sacrificing health, which should be preserved for later waves.

3. Use The Open Space To Avoid Losing HP

No matter what level of difficulty you are playing on, you will probably make a few mistakes and lose HP.

To ensure that you have enough space to dodge easily, remain in the clearing far from the Root Nexus.

There are two exceptional foes that will undoubtedly cause you trouble.

They are the cleaver-wielding armored enemy and the underground Root monsters.

Defeating the Root Nexus successfully.

Think of this boss battle as a four-stage horde combat against various waves of foes.

Gather the ammunition that the first wave’s defeated foes dropped, then heal up and resume battling.

You will need to repeat this about four times.

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Remnant 2 Root Nexus Alternate Rewards

After defeating the Root Nexus in Remnant 2, it rewards you with Trait Blood Bond, a Hallowed Egg amulet, and Scraps.

Defeating the Root Horror rewards you with 300 Scrap and the Sporebloom Shotgun.

Conquering Ravager grants 300 Scrap and the Stalker’s Claw, a crafting item for the Eye of the Storm Rifle or the World Breaker Hammer.

Hallowed egg as a reward after defeating the Root Nexus.

You will only get a Hallowed Egg amulet after entering the Root Nexus.

The Bottom Line

The best strategy for taking down this boss requires strategic planning and patience.

Therefore, following an accurate and regulated combat strategy is vital for successfully overcoming Root Nexus.

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