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Access Navigation Room In Remnant 2 And Get Rewards

The Navigation Room In Remnant 2
A guide for the navigation room in Remnant 2.

The Navigation Room is an in-game event that can provide players with special items.

Likewise, the events are usually randomized so the players can have a different experience in the same place.

The Navigation Room event in Remnant 2 can be started by locating a crashed ship in the Second Overworld area of N’Erud. Additionally, a navigation eye verifies your identity upon finding the navigation room.

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What Is The Navigation Room In Remnant 2?

The Navigation Room is an event in the game that occurs on a crashed ship in the Second Overworld area of N’Erud.

Moreover, this room can be identified by the structures of the ship’s control area and a pilot seat.

navigator room in Remnant 2
Way to the Navigator Room in Remnant 2.

However, players must collect an item called Navigator’s Helm to go through the scanner eye.

This item helps players to disguise themselves as the ship’s pilot, leading them to the room with items.

How To Find The Navigator’s Helm?

The Navigator’s Helm is a type of armor that boosts your resistance against both Shock and Toxin.

Additionally, players are required to defeat the Navigator Zombie to get the Navigator’s Helm.

Follow the steps below to find the Navigator zombie in the game.

  1. First, navigate to the Extraction Vault and go to the place with large pistons.
navigator helm location
The map location for Navigator’s Helm.
  1. After that, search for a piston with a hole below it and dive in the hole with the correct timing.
navigator helm location
Crouch and navigate this hole below the piston.
  1. After diving in, defeat all the zombies. A zombie with a white helmet will appear as you go through the water-clogged zone.
Navigator Helm below the piston
Find the Navigator zombie below the holed surface.
  1. Lastly, you will instantly receive the Navigator’s Helm upon killing that masked zombie.
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After Finding The Navigator’s Helm

Once you find the Navigator’s Helm, head to the Navigator Room to finish the event.

Follow the steps below to reach the Navigator Room.

  1. Go to the Timeless Horizon in the Second Overworld of N’Erud.
  2. After that, locate the ship and enter through the side hole, as shown below.
enter the crash ship
Use the hole in the ship to enter.
  1. Remember to equip the Navigator’s Helm before the scanner scans you.
equip the Navigator's helm
Equip the Navigator’s helm.
  1. After that, get scanned to unlock the door.
Scanner eye in the Navigation room.
The scanner eye in the navigation room.

Moreover, after completing these steps, players will get many rewards.

Also, you should be careful of the enemies that will spawn inside the room and outside the ship.

Rewards In The Navigator Room

Players who reach the Navigation Room can receive two rewards upon completing the event.

The rewards are given below:

1. Hardcore Metal Band

The Hardcore Metal Band is a withered and decayed ring that grants players the Bulwark effect when worn.

Hardcore metal band
The Hardcore Metal band in the game.

The Ring accumulates a stack whenever the wearer takes damage.

Further, up to five stacks, each lasting 10 seconds, can be obtained.

Moreover, this ring can be useful for tanking hits and staying alive in tough situations.

2. The Plasma Cutter

Plasma Cutter is a long gun that causes significant damage when focused on a target.

The gun is most effective in close-range confrontations, as its precise cutting power can cause immense damage.

plasma cutter in remnant 2 navigator room
The Plasma Cutter in the Remnant 2

Additionally, its damage is 7, RPS is 13 and Magazine is 100.

This long gun has a heat sink, generating 50% less heat and increasing the ramping damage cap to 3X.

Similarly, players can use Plasma cutter in High-Tech Sentinel Build.

The Bottom Line

Events like the navigation room are spawned randomly in the game, so reroll the map if you don’t find the event.

Also, make sure to upgrade the earned plasma gun to unleash its maximum potential.

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