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Remnant 2 Extraction Hub: Find Hidden Items

remnant 2 extraction hub
Remnant 2 consists of extraction hub, a location.

Remnant 2 Extraction Hub is a location in the game that is inside the N’Erud, a world in the game.

After the game’s recent release, the location has been the subject gamers discuss the most on Reddit.

In Remnant 2, Extraction Hub includes hidden items such as Blasting Cap Ring, Navigator Helm, and Detonation Trigger. You must go below the Extraction Hub waypoint to obtain all of this.

Similarly, this new game is gaining popularity among gamers and receiving many great reviews.

Continue to read more about Extraction Hub in the game.

What Is Extraction Hub In Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 contains six locations where players can explore different environment items, enemies and secrets.

The six locations are Ward 13, Losomn, Yaesha, N’erud, The Labyrinth and Root Earth.

Among all six locations, Extraction Hub is located in N’erud.

N’erud is a massive alien ship that travels through the cosmos and is a second home for the Drzyr.

Whether you are exploring the Eon Vault of the Timeless Horizon, this hub remains accessible in either location.

remnant 2 extraction hub
The extraction hub is located in Remnant 2.

Furthermore, the extraction hub is a large facility used to harvest the energy of N’erud.

But sometimes, players can see several infected and abandoned zombies in the area.

Hidden Items In Remnant 2 Extraction Hub

Extraction Hub contains many hidden items that players can find more interesting.

Players can obtain these items by dropping them into a small hole in one of the crushers and battling through a tunnel filled with foes.

Below are some names of hidden items are given below:

1. Navigator’s Helm

In the Extraction hub area, players can discover Navigator’s Helm, a helmet with 12 armor and eight weights.

It also offers two shocks and three corrosion resistance.

Navigator’s Helm in Remnant 2 Extraction Hub
You can find Navigator’s Helm on the timeless horizon.

The pilot of N’erud utilizes this particular helmet. Similarly, it can be found on a random zombie within the N’erud region.

To acquire it, you must defeat the Navigator Zombie wearing the Navigator Helm at Extraction Hub.

Players must locate a piston with cracks beneath it and a hole in the ground to get it.

Furthermore, they will encounter multiple zombies during this process, all of which must be destroyed.

2. Blasting Cap Ring

In the game Remnant 2, players can locate the Blasting Cap Ring within the Timeless Horizon near the Extraction Hub checkpoint in N’erud.

This accessory is accessible through a problematic path under the region with enormous pistons.

Furthermore, this ring boosts explosive damage by 10%.

Blasting Cap Ring
You will find the Blasting Cap Ring in the Extraction Hub area.

Similarly, you must be cautious while navigating to prevent being killed.

Once you’ve reached the designated spot, look for a hole with cracked ground and drop down to acquire the Blasting Cap Ring.

3. Detonation Trigger

The Detonation Trigger is an advantageous accessory for players once equipped in Remnant 2.

Similarly, an amulet is in the Extraction center near the timeless horizon and is a powerful item.

Detonation Trigger
The Detonation Trigger is located in the Extraction Hub.

Additionally, it has a red blinking button and offers a substantial 25% increase in explosive damage.

Moreover, confirmation can be achieved through various modifications or items. Here are a few examples:

  • Helix
  • Star Shot
  • Space Crabs
  • Song of Eafir
  • Guardian’s Call
  • Prismatic Driver

The Bottom Line

Within Remnant 2, numerous locations exist, and the Extraction Hub finds its place in the N’erud area.

Additionally, players can discover various hidden items, weapons, and accessories throughout the game.

Moreover, they contain grenades, mines, and modifications that cause powerful explosions and are suitable for people who prefer explosive methods.

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