8 Best Kids Bike Saddles

Those days are gone when I took my kid for rides. What I mean I no longer have to put them in front of my bike while I ride along the road. My kids are all grown up and have successfully mastered the art of riding a bike. While I am a proud father, I … Read more

15 Best Kids’ Bike Gloves

Riding your bike during a sunny day with friends is one of the best memories many of us savor from our childhood. You’d undoubtedly want a similar lively childhood for your kids too. Due to this, I handed my little one a bike and taught him to ride one from an early age.  My kid … Read more

7 Best Budget Balance Bikes Under $200

Balanced bikes often offer more early childhood independence than traditional bicycles with training wheels. Their particular simplicity makes them weigh less than regular bikes and makes it easier for young children to grasp. Balance bicycle is very suitable for kids, as they usually grab the bike and rise. The best bike you can buy is … Read more

9 Best Kids’ Full Face Helmets

A helmet is essential in safeguarding kids from crashes and prevents serious injuries. You can find decent half-face helmets for the junior. Such helmets are all good, from starting on balance bikes to casual trail riding on BMX bikes. But when it comes to saving the chin of the kids during crashes, half-face helmets fail … Read more

Can Bikes Use Bus Lanes?

Cyclists riding in high-traffic areas with no bicycle lanes can find bus lanes too safe to travel. But some local laws may restrict riding on bus lanes marked “Bus Only.” The route does not allow the cyclist to ride side by side.  You can ride bikes on bus lanes with signs or roads marked “Bus … Read more

12 Best Kids Knee and Elbow Pads

Among all the bike accessories available out there, a reliable set of elbow and knee pads is really essential. Apart from a helmet, elbow and knee pads are some of the most significant gears. Using these gears can prevent a lot of damage to the limbs in case of an injury. They are especially important … Read more