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What Is Stinky Stick In Dark And Darker?

Stinky Stick Dark and Darker is the newest weapon in the game Dark and Darker.

It is the most important artifact that has been added to the game in the latest update.

Stinky Stick Dark and Darker is a rare and powerful weapon that can grant special abilities or effects to the player. Moreover, it deals poison damage and has a chance to inflict the Stinky debuff on enemies. 

Some players think that it is too powerful and needs to be nerfed, while others enjoy using it as a fun and unique weapon.

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How To Obtain Stinky Stick In Dark And Darker?

The Stinky Stick is a rare and powerful artifact that can be obtained from the Ruins Golem.

Nonetheless, if you manage to defeat the Golem, you will have a chance to loot the Stinky Stick from its corpse.

Appropriate builds for using Stinky Stick.

However, Stinky Stick can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Completing the quest “The Stench of Evil” in the Goblin Caves, where you have to defeat a giant stinkbug and collect its stinger.
  • You can find it as a random drop from any enemy in the Goblin Caves, especially from stinkbugs and goblins.
  • Also, you can buy it from the merchant Gobbo in Hopetown, who sells various goblin-related items.

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How To Use Stinky Stick Effectively In Combat?

Stinky stick can be an effective weapon in the game to fight off enemies.

If used properly, it can deal massive area damage to enemies if they don’t have anti-poison perks.

Moreover, you can use Stinky Stick properly in combat effectively by following ways:

1. Use The King Strike

Players can use the king strike, which is a downward strike. It targets your enemy’s head or face.

However, this is one of the best strikes in stick fighting, as it gives you the advantage of owning the center line.

Playes can defeat formidable enemy like Ruin’s Golem.

Stinky stick can deal poison damage and inflict the stinky debuff with this strike, which can reduce your enemy’s defense and accuracy.

2. Use The Spring Semi-Forward Stepping

It is a way of moving that allows you to close the distance with your enemy quickly and efficiently.

Consequently, Stinky Stick can help you surprise your enemy with a sudden attack.

Moreover, it also keeps you out of range from their counterattacks and helps to gain your hp.

3. Use The Figure-Eight Patterns

Meanwhile, Figure X shows swings that form an X or an 8 in the air.

However, these swings can create a cloud of stink around you.

It can deter your enemy from approaching you or make them cough and gag.

4. Use Stinky Stick As A Distraction Or A Trap.

You can throw the stinky stick at your enemy, drop it on the ground, and lure them to pick it up.

Additionally, Stinky stick can release a burst of stink when it hits something or when someone touches it.

Consequently, it can stun your enemy or make them drop their weapon.

Pros Of Stinky Stick In Dark And Darker

Sticky Stick is a two-handed quarterstaff that can be used by Barbarian, Wizard, Cleric, and Warlock classes.

Additionally, it has a 15% chance of emitting a poisonous cloud. It also deals 6 magical damage per second to enemies and grants immunity from poisonous clouds to the wielder.

Sticky Stick has various advantages and here are some of them:

  1. The weapon deals poison damage, which can be effective against enemies with high health or armor.
  2. It has a chance to inflict the Stinky debuff on enemies, which reduces their defense and accuracy, making them easier to hit and damage.
  3. It has a passive effect that makes you immune to poison and stink, which can be useful in certain areas or situations where these hazards are present.
  4. It is easy to obtain, as you can complete a quest, find it as a drop, or buy it from a merchant.

Cons Of Stinky Stick In Dark And Darker

While Stinky stick in Dark And Darker has various pros, it has cons too.

One of the most noticable cons of using Sticky Stick is that it is overpowered and it ruins the gameplay.

Here are some other cons of using stinky stick:

  1. Players cannot use a shield. Moreover, they also cannot use another weapon in their off-hand, limiting options and defense.
  2. It may not be very effective against enemies that are resistant or immune to poison or stink, such as undead or robots.
  3. It may be too powerful and need to be nerfed, as some players think it is unfair or unbalanced.

How to Counter Stinky Stick Users in PvP Mode?

Stinky Stick users in PvP mode can be a challenge to deal with, as they can deal extra damage and protect themselves from poison.

However, there are some ways to counter them effectively

Some tips for countering stinky stick users in PvP mode are:

1. The Anti-Poison Perk

Using Anti-Poison perk reduces the poison damage you take by 50%.

However, it also gives you a chance to cure yourself from poison every few seconds.

Moreover, this can help players to survive longer against stinky stick users who rely on poison damage to kill them.

2. The Shadow Gas Mask

The Shadow Gasmask is a headgear item that protects you from stink and other environmental hazards.

However, Stinky Stick users often create a cloud of stink around them with their swings which can deter you from approaching them.

Moreover, the shadow gas mask can prevent this effect and also give you a slight boost to your perception.

3. The Firecracker/ Fireball

Fireball is an item used by wizards that creates a loud noise and a bright fire when thrown.

However, Stinky Stick users often have low perception and rely on their sense of smell to locate their enemies.

In addition, fireballs can confuse them and make them lose track of you, giving you an opportunity to attack them from behind or from a distance.

The Bottom Line

In the game Dark and Darker, the Stinky Stick is a unique mace that deals poison damage and can inflict the Stinky debuff on enemies.

To use it effectively, players can employ various combat techniques and strategies.

However, it has pros and cons, including its poison damage and immunity to poison, but limitations in terms of using a shield or off-hand weapon.

Ultimately, the Stinky Stick adds an interesting dynamic to the game, with both advantages and disadvantages for players to consider.

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