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Remnant 2 Stone of Continuance: How To Find It?

remnant 2 stone of continuance
Remnant 2 Stone of Continuance is a random drop ring.

Remnant 2 Stone of Continuance is a ring that is available in the Tower of the Unseen in the N’Erud area.

Rings are accessories when quip can increase your damage, speed, life steal, etc.

In Remnant 2, the Stone of Continuance is a randomly dropped accessory that increases the duration of any skills you presently have by 25%. You can equip four rings at once in the game.

Continue reading more about the Remnant 2 Stone of Continuance and some other rings that are available in the game.

What Is Remnant 2 Stone Of Continuance?

Remnant 2 contains many rings, such as Fire Stone, Guardian’s Ring, Stone of Continuance, etc. in various locations and worlds.

Similarly, the Stone of Continuance in the Remnanat 2 is located in the Tower of the Unseen in the N’Erud area and is a random drop.

Generally, the ring is a complex device but not a stone.

The device draws resources from the surrounding environment and feeds them directly to the wearer.

Remnant 2 Stone of Continuance
In Remnant 2, the Stone of Continuance is a ring.

The Stone of Continuance is also a handy ring that helps players improve their skills and abilities in the game.

It works well with skills like Dreadwalker, Electrified Rods, and others.

With this ring, you can deal more damage, heal yourself, summon allies, and avoid enemies.

Moreover, it also goes great with other rings like Soul Link, Ring of Omens, and Ring of Crisis.

How To Find Stone Of Continuance?

The Stone of Continuance is a valuable item players can find while venturing through the N’Reud Tower of the Unseen dungeon.

This unique stone is randomly dropped by enemies during gameplay, making it a sought-after prize for players.

Players must first enter the N’Erud area to locate the ring and explore through the Tower of the Unseen.

Tower of the Unseen
Explore the Tower of the Unseen.

Further, they will encounter various challenges throughout their exploration, including puzzles, chests, secrets, and powerful bosses that they must defeat.

Players can collect the Stone of Continuance and other valuable items, handguns, and accessories after defeating enemies and bosses.

One of the bosses they will face is E.D. Alpha, and defeating it will reward them with a Mutator called Refunder.

Players can attach this Mutator to their weapon to adjust the damage range of their handgun.

E.D. Alpha
Defeat E.D. Alpha to get rewards.

After fitting the Mutator, they can continue their journey through the dungeon until they find the Stone of Continuance.

This special item increases the duration of their skills by 25%.

Once they obtain the ring, players can explore the Tower of the Unseen, solving puzzles, defeating enemies, and earning many rewards.

Stone of Continuance
You will get the Stone of Continuance after defeating enemies.

Some Other Rings In Remnant 2

Rings in Remnant 2 are accessories that can grant you various benefits, such as increasing your damage, resistance, speed, or healing. 

Unlike the previous game, you can equip four rings simultaneously, where you only had two slots. 

The game has many different rings, each with its unique effect and location.

Some rings are given below: 

  1. Ring of Flawed Beauty 
  2. Ring of Malevolence
  3. Feedback Loop
  4. Flyweight’s Sting

Similarly, upon obtaining the rings, players can get the rewards through Random Events or purchase them from merchants.

Players can maintain their combat abilities by utilizing rings and customizing their playstyle according to their preferences.

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Ring Of Flawed Beauty Remnant 2

Players can find various rings in the game, including the Ring of Flawed Beauty.

This Ring can be appropriate if you like increasing your damage output and sharpening your ranged combat abilities.

However, its drawback is when shots miss weak spots, ranged damage decreases by 15%.

Ring of Flawed Beauty Remnant 2
It is available on Root Earth.

Similarly, the Ring grants 25-30 Mod Power to both weapons, with the percentage of Magazine reloaded determining the amount.

This feature allows players to generate more Mod Power, enabling them to use their mods more frequently, providing a significant advantage during combat.

Players can find the ring in two ways:

1. From Random Drops

In the game, users can get the Ring from a random drop from the enemies in the Root Earth dungeon.

Root Earth is a location that is an alternate version of Earth and is the final word in Remnant 2.

It is a challenging dungeon, so you must be well-prepared before you attempt to farm for the Ring of Flawed Beauty.

2. Purchase In A Shop

The Ring of Flawed Beauty is also available at Cass’s Shop. It is located in Ward 13, the game’s hub area.

Similarly, Cass’s Shop, run by a female merchant, offers a variety of items and materials within the game.

Cass’s Shop has a rotating inventory, so you might have to visit multiple times until the Ring of Flawed Beauty becomes available.

Remnant 2 Ring Of Malevolence

The other ring in Remnant 2 is Ring Of Malevolence, a powerful and expensive accessory that boosts the mod power elemental status damage by 15%.

Additionally, it is known that some of the King’s counselors would steal from him.

In fact, he was well aware of this and frequently displayed his awareness by purposefully scattering priceless artifacts as a type of assessment.

Stone of Malevolence in the game.
Image of Ring of Malevolence in Remnant 2.

Similarly, players can find this ring in Losomn Gilded Chambers, Forsaken Quarter and The Great Hall.

It may be a random world drop, which can be acquired as a drop from enemies or chests in the mentioned locations.

To obtain this, players need to venture into the mentioned areas and face the challenges that await.

To improve your chances of obtaining, diligently explorekill enemies, and open chests.

The Bottom Line

In Remnant 2, you can find the Stone of Continuance, Ring Of Malevolence, Ring of Flawed Beauty and many more.

Similarly, players are encouraged to explore the different locations in the game to obtain these rings.

Furthermore, equipping this ring will significantly improve your combat abilities and overall survivability.

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