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How To Unlock Council Tribunal Locked Doors In Remnant 2?

remnant 2 council tribunal locked doors
How to open locked door in council tribunal?

In Remnant 2, opening the Council Tribunal Locked Doors requires matching the pillars’ keys.

Players must inspect the dagger in the late King’s eternal slumber with the key from each Fae to unlock the secret room.

The Remnant 2 Council Tribunal Locked Doors can only unlock after players place the right colored/patterned keys on the pillars. It will unlock the door to the Fae king, who is betrayed by one of the members.

Further, you can also find the traitor among the Fae counselors at the end of the mission.

Please continue reading to discover more about Remnant 2 Council Tribunal Locked Doors and how to unlock them.

Council Tribunal Locked Door: An Overview

It is a secret dungeon in Remnant 2 located by the Council Tribunal.

Further, players must navigate the map until they reach the Fae Council again.

The room is dark this time, and the door behind them closes until they solve the puzzle.

Remnant 2 hosts one of the most mysterious repayable events in the Council Chamber.

The traitor is randomly selected in each attempt. This feature makes the traditional walkthroughs futile.

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Council Tribunal Event In Remnant 2

The Fae Council event lies at the Council Chamber dungeon’s heart in Remnant 2.

Players must unravel the shroud and identify the traitor in the fae council.

Importantly, it requires players to accuse one of the Council members of the imposter.

There are essentially two approaches to this.

Further, the prize players will receive at the end depends on their chosen option.

council tribunal
Council Tribunal Event in the game.

Additionally, players cannot blatantly choose the imposter.

They also are required to present the evidence of the killer.

Further, this is where the locked doors need to be unlocked.

Moreover, the dead king and the Assasin’s dagger can be behind his throne.

How To Unlock The Locked Doors In Council Tribunal?

Players must solve a simple key puzzle to open the locked doors in the Council Tribunal.

If players unlock the locked doors, expose the traitor among the fae councilors.

However, as described below, a few key steps to complete the mind-bending puzzle of Remnant 2.

1. Head To Council Tribunal

Once you converse with the Fae Council, head to the Council Tribunal.

Kill all enemies encountered
Kill all enemies encountered on your way to the Tribunal.

Players will encounter many enemies along the way. Make sure to kill them all.

2. Gather Keys Below The Pillars

In the Council Tribunal, each of the three high councilors’ pillars.

Further, each has a rectangular key with a unique emblem and color.

Gather the keys from each Council member
Gather the keys from each Council member.

However, these keys are not in the correct order.

Furthermore, you must remove the keys from the seats and add them to your inventory by interacting with them.

3. Correctly Place Keys

The keys of each Council member are as follows:

Left Most ChairMiddle ChairRight Most Chair
High Councilor Savan's KeyHigh Councilor Oniril's KeyHigh Councilor Nyele's Key

The door will open when the keys are appropriately placed in the seats.

Place the correct keys in their respective places according to the table.

Furthermore, this leads to another chamber with a statue.

Lastly, the Assassin’s Seal and the Assassin Dagger may be found behind the statue.

4. Retrieve The Assassin’s Dagger And Seal

The mystery door opens for players to enter. There, they will find the King in his eternal slumber.

Note: The door to the bedchamber in the Council Tribunal will only open if you successfully match the keys to the reflections.

Finally, you can go inside to look out for the Assasin’s Dagger.

You have to build your case with evidence of the traitor.

King in his throne
Get behind the dead The King’s throne.

Once inside, climb the throne and jump to the wall behind them.

Here, you will locate two items: A dagger and a seal.

5. Accuse The Traitor

Players can now accuse the traitor Fae with evidence of their dagger.

Bring the dagger back to the Council room as evidence of treason.

Further, inspect the dagger from the inventory under scrutiny.

Importantly, notice the crest at the bottom of the hilt.

Accuse the traitor
Accuse the guilty traitor among the Fae Councilors.

Importantly, their murder weapon will also have their emblem engraved on the hilt.

It is also the same symbol in their respective keys; remember the symbols and accuse them.

After you prove your claim with evidence, the traitor will get executed and vanish.

The traitor vanished.

The Bottom Line

The challenge in the Council Tribunal requires opening a locked door behind the Counselors.

Moreover, it can be unlocked after placing the correct keys in the pillars of the Counselors.

After, you will eventually accuse the traitor with solid evidence to complete the challenge.

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