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Remnant 2 Soul Spark Cylinder: How To Find It?

remnant 2 soul spark cylinder
Remnant 2 contains an key item, Soul Spark Cylinder.

Remnant 2 Soul Spark Cylinder is an exclusive item in the Eon Vault’s V-shaped vault in N’Erud.

Players can enjoy many hidden treasures, secrets, and powerful items in the game by exploring different worlds and area

To obtain the Soul Spark Cylinder, travel to the Forgotten Prison and reach Putrid Domain in Remnant 2. Afterward, complete The Domain to access the Eon Vault, where the desired item can be found.

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Remnant 2 Soul Spark Cylinder

Soul Spark Cylinder is a quest item in Remnant 2, a third-person shooter action video game.

Players can find this item in Eon Vault, one of the overworld areas in the N’erud.

remnant 2 soul spark cylinder
Soul Spark Cylinder is inside the Eon Vault.

Moreover, the item is hidden in the underground vault, Eon Vault, somewhere in the toxic desert filled with fog and hostile creatures.

Players can obtain the Soul Spark Cylinder by exploring the Green Capsule Room Event in the game and finding an audio recording and a green capsule.

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How To Find Remnant 2 Soul Spark Cylinder?

Players must enter the dangerous desert to obtain the Soul Spark Cylinder quest item.

Similarly, they must search for pyramid-like structures leading to underground facilities.

Here’s the step-by-step process for finding the Soul Spark:

  1. After completing the first world, either Rhom or Earth, players should navigate through N’erud.
N'Erud area in Remnant 2 to find soul spark cylinder
N’Erud area in Remnant 2.
  1. To access the Soul Spark Cylinder, they must experience one of two storylines in N’erud: Tal’Ratha and The Shining Essence Echo.
Tal'Ratha to find remnant 2 soul spark cylinder
Tal’Ratha is one of the storylines in N’erud.
  1. The starting point for this storyline is the Forgotten Prison. A voice behind a glass chamber will request players to retrieve the Soul Sparks to aid the Drzyr.
Forgotten Prison.
Go through the other side of Forgotten Prison.
  1. Exiting the Forgotten Prison, players should go to the Abyssal Rift.
Abyssal Rift
You should go to the Abyssal Rift.
  1. Further, they must go down the elevator and reach the Hatchery or Putrid Domain.
go down the elevator
Then, go down the elevator.
  1. Completing the main dungeon in these areas, players should exit to the Eon Vault, the second overworld area in N’erud.
the Eon Vault in remnant 2 soul spark cylinder
You should exit the Eon Vault.
  1. After entering the Eon Vault, you will encounter the pyramid structure with yellow lights and an airlock door.
yellow lights
There is a pyramid structure with yellow lights.
  1. Reach the end of the hall by entering the vault. A Soul Spark Cylinder will be visible as a glowing cylinder on a pedestal.
remnant 2 Soul Spark Cylinder
You can see Soul Spark Cylinder.

After successfully getting the Soul Spark Cylinder, players must defect off waves of zombies that spawn upon taking the cylinder.

The Bottom Line

Players must traverse various locations in the scary N’erud desert.

Similarly, in Remnant 2, you can defeat the enemies after getting the Soul Spark Cylinder within the Eon vault.

After successfully defeating the enemies, players can leave the vault and return to the Forgotten Prison.

Moreover, the Spark Soul Cylinder can unlock another airlock door, providing access to Tal’Ratha’s Refuge.

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